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  1. Hello everyone. Here i have some eagles and krugerrand for sale. 5x 2020 eagles £157.50 + postage 5x 2019 eagles £157.50 + postage 5x 2020 krugerrand £150 + postage all coins in good condition and in capsules. Bank transfer or PayPal friends and family.
  2. Hello everyone. i have for sale 20x 1oz silver nhs heroes coins for sale. I only purchased them on the forum a couple of weeks ago. Reluctantly selling to raise funds for another purchase. i would like to start by selling in 4’s and 5’s. if they are not sold in 24/48 hours i will sell in less quantities. some do have light scratches, marks and slight spotting but most are in great condition. £26.50 each plus postage of your choice. Which is what i paid. Bank transfer or paypal friends and familly.
  3. Hello everyone, I have the following for sale. 5 x 2020 Tokelau £32.50 each 5x 2021 maple leaf £29 each 5x 2020 krugerrand £30 each 5x 2013 philharmonics £27.50 each 5x 2014 philharmonics £27.50 each all coins are plus postage of your choice. there are some marks on the capsules most coins are in excellent condition apart from the philharmonics which have some milk spotting around the edges of the coin. all coins come in capsules. payment via bank transfer or PayPal friends and family please.
  4. Hello everyone. I am looking to exchange some 2021 half sovereigns I have for silver. Preferably 1oz coins. There is 10 total but Im happy to split them. I haven’t stated how many oz per half sovereign as that would depend what it is, condition etc. If I have to to the please let me know and I will give a rough guide. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hello everyone. i have 10x 1oz silver Britannia in capsules for sale. £28 each + postage of your choice bank transfer or PayPal please.
  6. Hello everyone. i have 2 half sovereigns (2000) (2018) i would like to sell. I am looking for £185 each or £365 for both plus postage of your choice. the 2018 half sovereigns capsule does have some cracks on it so it may not last long. i also have 1x 1oz 2017 silver panda for £29 plus postage of your choice. £392 + postage for both half sovereigns and panda. Bank transfer or paypal friends and family.
  7. We have to keep this thread going it’s good for Graham’s blood flow 😂😂
  8. Hello everyone. I'm looking to sell my 1oz gold maple leaf 2020. I’m hoping to get £1420 + postage which is what I paid, I am open to sensible offers. i would also be open to exchanging for silver. bank transfer preferred but will accept PayPal friends and family.
  9. Hello everyone, this will be my first for sale listing so fingers crossed I've done it correctly. I have 23x 1oz 2011 silver maple Unfortunately most have milk spots. 10 x 2010 philharmonics Very light spotting on a couple. 5 x 2011 philharmonics 4 are pretty good 1 has quite a lot of milk spotting. £26.50 each + postage of your choice Bank transfer preferred but will accept PayPal friends and family. any questions please feel free to ask. Please let me know if there’s anything about my post that I should/ shouldn’t have done thanks.
  10. Haha I’ll join you then, they can laugh at us together 😂😂
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