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  1. Royal Mint has this: 2017 UNC Five-Sovereign Piece MS70 Deep Proof Like, for £3395. Is it worth? https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/historic-coins/historic-sovereigns/2017-UNC-Five-Sovereign-Piece-MS70/
  2. I just want to share my story in here. I know someone think I am silly that is too good to be true (the price I paid). From my point of view, as a commercial dealers, everything needs to be precise. I do not think it is a simple mistake, why not show a 2020 lion photo and send me a 2016 lion. that is about honesty and trust. I know there are lots of their fans here will not agree what I say.
  3. they just rang me and apologised , and they said they will cover the postage cost and full refund. fair enough.
  4. it was spot price plus around 11%, I think it is too much for 2020 lion. I am sending it back.
  5. Yes. I am sending it back, but postage is in my cost. Lesson well learned.
  6. Hatton Garden metal website showed they have one: 1oz Queens Beasts Lion (with 2016 Lion photo) yesterday, and I bought it, the listing web page is gone. Today, when I received the parcel, and found out they sent me the 2020 Lion, so I rang them ask why. She said the photo was just a reference photo, and it can be a different coin. Therefore, it shows you an expensive coin photo, and sent you a cheaper version of the series. Beware this company!!!! Never buy anything from them. Con.
  7. As the gold price is over $1800, I am happy to keep mine for a long time. I wonder how long the glory will last in this ML series. Will the third one be as success as Queen or Una?
  8. My 1/4 oz EJ gold coin arrives this morning, thanks for RM super fast delivery. However, the 1/4 oz EJ gold coin in ebay only 699 pounds, not as much as Queen 1199 pounds. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elton-John-2020-UK-Quarter-Ounce-Gold-Proof-Coin-Royal-Mint-SOLD-OUT/333646456800?hash=item4daee0e7e0:g:TZcAAOSwqOVfAuWa The 1 oz EJ gold only 3995 pounds. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elton-John-2020-One-1-oz-Gold-Proof-Coin-Royal-Mint-Music-Legends/114291430473?hash=item1a9c4cd449:g:muUAAOSwPxdfAum0 Do I smell something is burning badly
  9. personally, it is just another Sovereign, a lead balloon.
  10. I think after the success of the Queen and EJ gold proof coins, RM will issue the Beatles, the Take That, The spice Girls, etc.
  11. I cannot believe, within one hour, the 1oz and 2oz gold proof all sold out. and the 1/4 oz has 90% reserved. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/music-legends/elton-john/
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