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  1. Got my 3GS back from grading and being conserved. I'm a little bit surprised and very happy with a 70 given the RM troubles. It just goes to show you never quite know what your going to get when grading a coin.
  2. Baird and co have them in stock at £1450 ish at the time of writing. https://www.bairdmint.com/products/1oz-gold-queens-beast-2021-completer-coin
  3. It's £5 delivery for the silver 1oz proof that costs £92.50 from the RM! 🤷‍♂️
  4. Congratulations to all who managed to pick up the gold and large silvers. I am jealous but this release completely passed me by. I've just ordered the 1oz silver proof.🙄 I'll be getting the gold bullion to when it hits the dealer's.
  5. If a dealer has one in stock £2000 plus. You just don't see them for sale anywhere nowadays.
  6. Jeez the white horse hasn't been out that long and they wanting £1575.. 😬 Cheers though Pete.
  7. I'm a bit of a fan of the Queen's beast's set. Since we lost Prince Philip it makes you wonder how long we will have her majesty with us. When she doesn't depart this world I'd imagine that the prices may increase again. I've been looking for a 1 Oz gold white horse of Hanover but can find one at a dealer anywhere for any price?
  8. So no buying monster box's of silver.😆
  9. I think even coin flippers with be reluctant to sell their freshly graded 3Gs at much less than the current/expected value. We aren't taking about some sovereign with a tiny privy mark or a Harry and the deceiver 50p.😆
  10. Awesome result and I've never had a issue with Atkinson's.👍
  11. I think it's a question of the time scale from the initial launch and what you can live with. I felt like it was worth returning my first coin with the hope of getting a decent restrike mainly because it was only just over a week out from launch. It turned out that I didn't get a coin much better than I returned. Many people did though.🤷‍♂️ You'd be incredibly lucky to get a immaculate proof coin from the royal mint. Especially given their reputation for duff QC. I decided against returning again because I was worried about getting someone else's return and it being even worse. I couldn't get any guarantees from the royal mint regarding a restrike second time around. I was told I'd probably be offered a refund or return my coin back to me. We have been lucky enough to get a 3Gs in the first place. Can you live with what you have? It might not be ideal but you're not going to be out of pocket if you keep it? Unless it's been used as a hockey puck? Only you can decide.🙂
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