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  1. I think even coin flippers with be reluctant to sell their freshly graded 3Gs at much less than the current/expected value. We aren't taking about some sovereign with a tiny privy mark or a Harry and the deceiver 50p.😆
  2. Awesome result and I've never had a issue with Atkinson's.👍
  3. I think it's a question of the time scale from the initial launch and what you can live with. I felt like it was worth returning my first coin with the hope of getting a decent restrike mainly because it was only just over a week out from launch. It turned out that I didn't get a coin much better than I returned. Many people did though.🤷‍♂️ You'd be incredibly lucky to get a immaculate proof coin from the royal mint. Especially given their reputation for duff QC. I decided against returning again because I was worried about getting someone else's return and it being ev
  4. I kept this one. I didn't fancy returning another and ending up with something worse. I've sent it off to be conserved and NGC graded. 🤞
  5. I sent my 3Gs off this morning for grading and conservation. Best case scenario is maybe a PF69 hopefully.
  6. Nice one glad you got something better.👍 What are the reeded edges like on this one?
  7. I didn't feel good about returning the first coin. I definitely don't feel like third time is lucky. What you said sounds feasible. The question is? Have they done the final product run yet? Is there still another final run? I think they stated up to 4 weeks dispatch time which should give enough time for the last run? I'm pleased to own one either way. I believe they will only become more sort after and valuable as time goes by. I just can't believe how little pride in their work the royal mint has. Given it's heritage and prestige it's shocking QC that doesn't seem to imp
  8. Yep the RM is full of.💩
  9. Yep I believe your correct. I've been on the phone with the mint and basically I was told if I send it back I'll probably just get a refund. I said pretty much everything that we've been talking about here. Including the first conversation with the mint about returning my first 3Gs and getting a new restike. The lady said she'd inquire if anything could be done. She called back and told me to return it with no guarantee of a restrike. So basically I'm 🤬. My thoughts are that by now the pool of damaged coins is saturated. All the best of the bad ones have been sent back
  10. Okay it's back... First impressions are it looks good. Especially compared to the first 3Gs I received. On closer inspection not so good. The edge of the coin looks a little deformed or a metal burr. There's also what looks to be a hair or a very faint scratch.🙄 I've only looked at it will the naked eye and phone at this point. I didn't get the same COA back! Does this mean anything I'm unsure? Do they just put the coin in any old box and COA who knows? 🤷‍♂️ Have they done a returns switch..... Probably? The first coin for comparison
  11. Just received a email to say my " new " coin is on it's way back. I'll let you know what my thoughts are when it arrives. I did take a note of the COA.
  12. Cheers for the info. My coin went back late last week and everything has disappeared in the closed order tab. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Did you call them for confirmation of the return or is it listed in the open/closed order page?
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