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  1. I'm quite fond of the royal mint Britannia bar's.
  2. Not a bad idea but the slippage could work for you and against you. Good way to avoid any tax related penalties.👍 ***Just noticed your in Cambodia?***
  3. What's the chances this will shut up Sturgeon Krankie for a while? She's obsessed with breaking up to UK and oil was a good part of her ammo?
  4. Scratch this comment I've found some. The premium's sting but I guess that's the same for everything from dealers at the minute.
  5. Did anyone manage to get their hand's on the gold? I wonder how long till the mint start's making them again?
  6. Lots of media and influencers saying recession and possibly a depression on the card's. They're already debasing the currencies across the globe. Housing market crisis and a few bank's collapsing? If you haven't any exposure to gold it might be prudent to buy some?
  7. Normally the coin connection are one of the cheapest if you preorder or buy close to the release date.
  8. I shifted a few ounces for this with a few Jerry cans and some tinned dog meat.
  9. I've only had a quick skip through but it looks like they are literally spring cleaning out their c**p.
  10. Robert kiyosaki say's everyone should try and buy Gold, Silver and Bitcoin.
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