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Short Film on Gold


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i wonder how many people see what i see.

This feels like a BBC production. They just have to get the racial, gender and 'climate change', fiat Ponzi scheme spins on things.

No mention that in the section about Ghana that 'The economy of the Ashanti Empire was mainly based on the trade of gold and agricultural exports as well as slave trading, craft work and trade with markets further north.' - this is in Wikipaedia and they still point out it was a slave empire.

When we get to South Africa is concentrates on Apartheid rather than gold. It claims the condition were terrible. The workers were like slaves. You worked 5 says a week? (he knows the answer) - no 6 days a week. It doesn't mention that conditions would be comparable to just about every other mine in the world at that time.
The modern mine is a robot mine - so now Blacks are unemployeed i suppose since the White devils were got rid of. No mention the lot of Blacks has got a lot worse since those days. The violence, murders and rapes are off the scale. A very prosporus country is becoming a basket case - just like the former Rhodesia. 

We had to show a Black 'woman miner' - of course the film had to push the 'gender' thing. Sadly there were no gay or trans miners to interview - they'd probably be killed in South Africa these days. The woman says mining was predominantly men in previous years - well yeah of course, it is dirty hard dangerous work - like mining is. You can't expect women to do dirty, hard and dangerous work well can you.

Then we have the climate spin - the coal fired power stations - 'always breaking down' - i very much doubt that. I mean China is building several coal fired power stations a week - just the sort of thing they'd do if they were always breaking down. My grandfather worked in a coal fired power station and funnily enough he never mentioned it always breaking down. That is simply a climate cult lie. Essential for any good documentary these days.
Solar panels - the solution. Yeah, well we know that is a lie. Green energy is not green and it is no renewable. 

Gold is saving lives - a gold mine is going to save the world from malaria along with Dr Bill Gates i suppose. Handy way to get COVID, you know the testdemic mentioned and the other Tony Faunci scam, HIV. 

The joke of it - talking to the woman Chief Cashier at the BoE about her signature on the bank promissory note - promising to pay the bearer. No mention that's a lie. No mention the BoE has stolen Venezuelan gold. No mention of Brown's bottom. No mention of the role of the BoE is gold manipulation.  

Excepting the French Canadian chap at the beginning i didn't see a single living White man. Was that just happenchance? No this is a Woke anti-White man propaganda piece - hence it felt like a typical BBC production.

Always cast your vote - Spoil your ballot slip. Put 'Spoilt Ballot - I do not consent.' These votes are counted. If you do not do this you are consenting to the tyranny. None of them are fit for purpose. 
A tyranny relies on propaganda and force. Once the propaganda fails all that's left is force.

COVID-19 is a cover story for the collapsing economy. Green Energy isn't Green and it isn't Renewable.

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All valid points.  Inclusivity, wokeness bordering on being rayciss towards evil white males.

But then again it was made and paid by the World Gold Council - not exactly truth-obsessed bean spilling whistle-blowers eh..

Everybody knows the war is over / Everybody knows the good guys lost
                               Everybody knows the boat is leaking / Everybody knows the captain lied..   Be seeing you2 sm.jpg

                                                                                                                                 “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent”

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Do people who are woke know that they are woke? Or is it a term used by people that are not woke to describe those that are woke.

Am I woke if I disagree with those that are not woke? Can I be partly woke? Is there a term for on the fence woke? 

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