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Unethical practices by the U.S. Mint!

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I received a promotional email from the U.S. Mint stating free shipping (screenshot attached) and nowhere in that email it says within U.S. only! So I placed the order for 10 Peace Proof Coins + 5 Liberty 2023 Silver Medals, and I noticed that the shipping is not completely free as the mint claims in the promotional email, as the surcharges for International shipping still applies, and in my case to Canada the surcharges for 15 coins was $44.25, I placed the order anyways since I want those coins.

However, when the package arrived in Canada, I noticed that the 5 Liberty 2023 Silver Medals were missing, and when I checked online on the mint website, I noticed it was on BACKORDER status for my order! However, when I placed the order on November 20th, the webpage for the Medals did not state it's on Backorder (screenshot attached) otherwise I wouldn't have added them to the cart at all!

I opened a case with the U.S. Mint support asking them when are they expecting to ship the Liberty 2023 Silver Medals, and they replied that they do not know! Then I explained if I can change the shipping address to my 2nd home address since I will not be available on my primary home. And the mint support said no they cannot do this, but I can cancel the order if I want and order it later on!

So I did cancel the order for the Liberty 2023 Silver Medals, and I asked for a partial refund for the shipping (as I have been charged to ship 15 items in advance). But the mint support refused to do this!

Yes; the refund should be a little amount, but this is not the right practices by the mint to do this to me and refuse to refund shipping charges of coins they did not ship! When we view U.S. as a country we consider it as a role model for all the countries around the world, so this is not expected from a government agency like the U.S. mint!



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16 hours ago, SilverPlatinum said:

When we view U.S. as a country we consider it as a role model for all the countries around the world

This may well be a contentious idea, but I'll leave this alone.

16 hours ago, SilverPlatinum said:

so this is not expected from a government agency like the U.S. mint!

This, however, could warrant much more dispute. Government agencies and state-owned enterprises are know for a long time to be inefficient and arrogant to customers (with some notable exceptions). In the UK one could think of the NHS and NatWest, in the US there is the USPS. Because they know they're backed by the governments they don't have to worry too much about other things.

If we do the right thing this time, we might have to do the right thing again next time.


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First mistake is thinking the US is a role model country 🤣 


shoddy practices definitely.. but as stated it’s exactly what I would expect from a government agency. Esp an American one. 

RMint no better .. I ordered a 10oz silver something (something around the jubilee I think) and it said post within 10 days… never got shipped. I asked the mint and just got generic replies. Same has happened so many times, I often end up cancelling and buying elsewhere. But not this time… the order showed as a £0.00 value which was strange. Still not arrived. 

Don’t order from organisations that treat you like sh!t.  It’s a shame, and even then they don’t care, but at least you stay happier. 


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