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Sound Advice :-)

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When I say this, I don’t mean marry a financial genius or someone who is wealthy. Marry someone

who has good financial habits. This personal quality is often ignored during the “courting” process. In

fact, you are usually trying to impress the opposite sex with expensive dinners, extravagant dates, and

impressive presents.

If you can’t afford something when you’re dating, you most likely won’t be able to afford it when

you’re married. Show your partner who you really are financially, and make sure he or she shows you

who he or she is before marriage. Don’t surprise your partner by changing your financial habits when

you’re married (and ask the same of your spouse). At that point, it will cause significant issues.

Money is one of the biggest things couples fight about.

Talk about your “money philosophy.” Are you a saver? Is she a spender? Do you believe in debt? Do

you want to own a home? What are your assets? What is her salary? Does she owe money? What are

the credit histories and credit scores for both of you? Does she have a budget and adhere to it?

These are easy questions to answer but not so easy to ask. They are so important, though. You need to

have full disclosure of your past, present, and future financial lives. You will learn not only a lot

about your potential future spouse but quite a bit about yourself.



The quickest way to a financial downfall is divorce. Think about it: Besides the emotional turmoil, at

best you split your money in half. At worst, you lose almost all of it through legal fees, administrative

costs, excess living costs, alimony, and child support. The grass is rarely greener on the other side.

 Make sure your spouse is frugal, shares the same “money

philosophy” as you, and understands that marriage is forever. Have honest discussions about your

financial life throughout your marriage. By this, I mean write down and talk about your monthly

budget, net worth, financial problems, opportunities, and future financial goals. These need to be

ongoing discussions—not once a year, but monthly or more often.

This thought process will extend to other aspects of your marriage. If you do this, you’ll be setting

yourself up not only for financial success but also for an open marriage.


Why Didn't They Teach Me This in School?: 99 Personal Money ...

Technically, alcohol is a solution..

'It [socialism] poses a growing threat, however unintentional, to the freedom of this country, for there is no freedom where the State totally controls the economy. Personal freedom and economic freedom are indivisible. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t lose one without losing the other.'

"There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers' money"

Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live.

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I went out with a girl once who ordered chicken and chips.  She only drank Lambrini as well.

Do you think that I probably should have stuck with her then Roy?

Currently stacking 1/4 oz (22ct) and Sovs.

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I only posted this as a joke...the link is at the bottom.

It's one of those 'I retired at 45' type of guides. Typically American :)

@BaldyBob I hope you put a ring on it! :D

Technically, alcohol is a solution..

'It [socialism] poses a growing threat, however unintentional, to the freedom of this country, for there is no freedom where the State totally controls the economy. Personal freedom and economic freedom are indivisible. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t lose one without losing the other.'

"There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers' money"

Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live.

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Whilst not wanting to be labelled a misogynist, I could only think of ONLY 110 reasons not to marry before I stopped typing

1.You get the whole sofa to yourself. 

2.There's half as much housework, cooking, and cleaning to do. 

3.You can watch whatever TV channel you like, without arguments. 

4.You can get home from work at whatever time you like. 

5.You get to eat the whole meal for two by yourself. 

6.There are fewer important birthdays (spouse, kids, spouses parents, etc) and no anniversaries to accidentally forget. 

7.Without a spouse you have can still have a decent social life in your 30s. 

8.You don't keep catching every sniffle, cold and flu bug that your spouse brings home. 

9.You don't have to live halfway between your workplace and your spouse's workplace. 

10.Once you're married most of your friends will also be married, and coincidentally (like you, if you marry) they will mostly be staying home with their own spouse's instead of hanging out with you. 

11.You can lie in bed in the morning for as long as you like. 

12.Nobody sees what you look like first thing in the morning. 

13.No soap operas EVER - PERIOD !

14.You can throw your dirty socks on the floor where they belong. 

15.There's no pressure to make the bed in the morning 

16.You don't have to worry about what the bathroom smells like when you walk out of it. 

17.You know where the bar of soap has been 

18.You don't have to put out Christmas lights if you don't want to 

19.When you're single the lawn looks a lot better when the grass is longer 

20.No one snores. 

21.Folding clothes?? No thank you 

22.There's no fight for remote control ownership. 

23.Smelly socks and skiddy underwear are not that big of an issue when you're only washing your own. 

24.On your way out you know that you're shoes are right where you took them off yesterday. 

25.We can stay in the shower as long as we want and don't have to worry about conserving hot water for a spouse (or kids). 

26.You can do laundry or not. 

27.You don't have to shave if you don't want to. 

28.You don't have to share your razor with anyone 

29.You don't have to buy Valentines/birthday day cards gifts, bells & whistles cash and prizes. 

30.You won't have anyone saying 'you're not going to wear that, are you?' 

31.If your married and no fashion sense your spouse thinks you're a moron. If you're single and have no fashion sense people think you are eccentric. 

32.Burning the food is not a big deal. 

33.You're not as accountable to anyone - if I want to do something, I just do it! 

34.If you mess up your finances you have no one to blame but yourself. 

35.You ALWAYS know EXACTLY how much is in your bank account and what your credit card bill is at. 

36.You get the whole bed to yourself. 

37.You can watch a late show on the bedroom TV and no one complains. 

38.There are no unexplainable moods to contend with. 

39.You have much more freedom to choose. 

40.If there's dribble on your pillow you know where it came from. 

41.You never have to say where you've been or what you've been doing. 

42.There's no curfew - EVER ! 

43.You never have to hide anything in your shopping trolley under other stuff. 

44.You can spend all you want or all you have and it doesn't matter. 

45.You never have to worry about saying what you think, or having to pretend you're thinking something that you're not. 

46.You can be rude if that's in your nature. 

47.You can eat what YOU want. last nights garlic laden Pizza for breakfast - bring it on

48.You can join a gym because you want to, not because your spouse is embarrassed by the way you look. 

49.If you get fired from work you're not considered a loser just unemployed. 

50.You can have friends over who behave outrageously whenever you want.

51.You don't have to worry about what sort of food to buy and you can eat whatever you want, whenever you choose. 

52.You can surf the internet till you're eyes fall out if you want to or your wrist becomes tired/limp. 

53.You can listen to your favorite tunes in the house or in the car and no one fiddles with the station or complains about your taste in music. 

54.You can spend all night on the phone without having to justify it. 

55.You can go to bed when you please or not. 

56.You can read all night if you want to. 

57.No one criticizes the condition of your car or expects you to wash it. 

58.There's plenty of space in the wardrobes & drawers

59.You don't have to pretend that you're interested in what happened to your spouse at work today. 

60.When you're single there is a LOT less drama in your life! 

61.You can make a mess and leave it that way. 

62.You can drink wine out of a bottle or milk right out of the carton whenever you like. 

63.You don't have to write cards on anyones behalf for birthdays or Christmas. 

64.You don't have to excuse your behavior to a spouse. 

65.You dont waste petrol money going to stupid fayres/shopping centres

66.When you're single your opinion is always the best opinion. 

67.You never have disagreements with what a spouse when you're single. 

68.When you're single you can enjoy great performances of musicians and actors without getting that eye-rolling thing from your spouse. 

69.You don't have to listen to your spouse pant every time their favorite actor or musician comes on the television. 

70.When you're single you can have 100% freedom. 

71.You can put the lid up or put the lid down, it's up to you. Whatever you did last is exactly how it will be when you return next time, just the way you like it. 

72.10 pints & a curry breath in the morning is no big deal when you're single. 

73.If you're single you can eat right out of the fridge and no one cares. 

74.You don't have to share ANYTHING with ANYONE. 

75.No in-laws (this one speaks for itself) 

76.Las Vegas is back on the list of holiday considerations. 

77.Grow your nails, cut your nails, it doesn't matter. 

78.Pyjamas or naked - it doesn't matter. 

79.jogger pants indoors and baggy shirt and no one cares. 

80.The best parking spot is ALWAYS yours for the taking. 

81.Cooking your own meals never ceases to be an adventure, and never starts becoming punishment. 

82.You can tell the bar staff, "If anyone calls asking for me, tell them I'm HERE !" 

83.When you're single you can paint the town instead of paitning the house. 

84.When you get home after work, you don't have to start work again. 

85.You can tell people you're single and not have to lie about it. 

86.You'll never have to trade your interest in miniskirts for people carriers. 

87.You'll save about £100,000+ in grocery bills alone over the next 20 years if you stay single. 

88.University? You didn't pay for yours so why would you volunteer to pay for someone else's? 

89.When you're single you get to keep ALL the money. 

90.When you're single you get to hold the actual credit card and not just the bill. 

91.If you are so inclined you can see a different face when you wake up in the morning, every day of the week! 

92.When you're single going to a strip club doesn't have to be a covert mission. 

93.You can come home drunk and not have to pretend you're sober. 

94.You can use your own name at hotels. 

95.When you're single you can tell the person criticizing your driving to get out!? 

96.When asked for their opinion, a single person can say "Yeah, you ARE fat!" 

97.When you're single you can lick the spoon and keep on stirring like nothing happened. 

98.When you're single you never miss all the things you used to be able to do before you got married. 

99.Married people with gray hair are thought of as old and tired, but single people with gray hair are considered wise and distinguished. 

100.Finally, when you're single you can enjoy the silence any time you want. 

101. You won't get financially arse raped in the 50/50 chance of divorce. 

102. No never ending "honey do" lists. 

103. You won't be living with someone who despises you. 

104. You don't hear any nagging, bitching, moaning, and whining about everything all the time. 

105. No hypersensitive, over-emotional hag that gets bent out of shape over every imagined and petty slight. 

106. When you are single, you are NOT always wrong! 

107. Your money doesn't get spent on worthless crap like handbags, shoes, new towels and daft scented posh £20 candles

108. You won't go insane trying to fulfill every single one of her mindless wants and needs. 

109. Your wife/girlfriend will NEVER be satisfied....ever! 

110. Your weekends won't be spent at every shopping centre and out of town retail park 

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