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1911-B Great Britain Trade Dollar (Real or Fake) Need an Expert Opinion

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Good Afternoon Guys - 

So I bought this coin this past weekend at a coin show and didnt give it a second thought until today when I tested it with my sigma pro and it is coming up less than 90% silver on the test. Now its not fully off the screen just two bars. The guy I bought this off is a good seller so I dont think he is willing selling fakes but the reading did lead me to question it. Can anyone that is a guru with these old Trade Dollars chime in and tell me what they think? 39MM on the button, weighs 26.59 grams. 









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There are 3 options I recommend:

1) I would send an email to Sigma Metalytics with your results and see what they say.   

2) contact a local coin dealer who are experts on old coins and have them check your coin for authenticity

3) If you know anyone with the same or newer version of the Sigma, have them test your coin and see if you get the same result.  The newer Sigma machines might work better (?) than the older ones.  

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I have seen plenty of fakes of these but i've never come across one that has actual silver content. It looks genuine to me and the mintmark appears properly struck - a lot of counterfeits have no or unreadable mintmarks.

Maybe someone at the mint was using less than 90% silver either accidently or for nefarious reasons.....

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My Trade Dollar has a worn mint mark on the trident and it is slightly 'coppered' but I have an attached, physical COA from Baldwin's on the Strand😊. How much did you pay for it? Did you obtain a receipt?

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