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  1. This was bought at a coin show so unfortunately either way its mine to keep. 🤪 Guy was asking $125 for it and I got it for $100.
  2. This coin should be 90% silver and yes I have used all the pre 64 90% settings, wands and main sensor.. Best it shows is two marks to left outside brackets..
  3. Good Afternoon Guys - So I bought this coin this past weekend at a coin show and didnt give it a second thought until today when I tested it with my sigma pro and it is coming up less than 90% silver on the test. Now its not fully off the screen just two bars. The guy I bought this off is a good seller so I dont think he is willing selling fakes but the reading did lead me to question it. Can anyone that is a guru with these old Trade Dollars chime in and tell me what they think? 39MM on the button, weighs 26.59 grams. Thanks!
  4. I checked all engelhard for you and i do see this type bar listed as pop under 100. So you might have a very nice rare pour there. Congrats! Check this link below for some additional information,. https://allengelhard.com/the-collections/ag-12-kilo-kilo/
  5. Provident metals earlier this year confirmed with me the series would continue and then once covid hit and the shortage appeared the series seemed to die.. I hope they keep going as I like these rounds.
  6. Only two are out thus far, the spartan and aztec.
  7. I saw APMEX was asking $999 for the Geminus 2 coin set! Holy smokes! haha Pretty happy I got it from Bold for $312.
  8. Yeah they are slow in the shipping department for sure but usually offer some of the best issue prices. I have about 6 pre orders with them now 😭😂
  9. How much did you get them off Apmex?
  10. yeah i never got the alert from Apmex and ended up getting lucky and ordering from Bold Precious Metals.
  11. Nice grab, still not available anywhere in the states yet...
  12. Morning BYB, I would love a 2020 bar. If i could grab #17 again that would be killer. I just hit you up on instagram this morning as well. TY 🙌
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