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  1. Goofy gimmick for the most part. IMHO
  2. I have the same gold proof and i did not send it in because the raw coin itself carries such a large premium is there really any room for a 70? What if it grades a MS68? I dont think its worth it but I am getting excited to see what i can get for it when I do sell it.
  3. I am in the states and use these dealers all the time. Apmex - Of course, who doesnt get from them. Largest selection out there! Monument Metals - Not the biggest selection but usually good prices and they dont play stock/pricing games Provident Metals - Used to be my go to until JM Bullion bought them out. We will see if they remain in my top. Cool silver series from Provident. JM Bullion - Usually buy from them when they are the only one with the stock or have a great deal going on Bold Precious Metals - Have a great selection of foreign bullion and always deals on Komsco Mint and Germania Mint stuff Gainsville Coins - Smaller shop that carries limited pieces no other dealer has. Really cool silver rounds from the mason mint. BGASC.COM - Sometimes they have killer deals on gold and 10 oz bars
  4. Have you guys seen these? Oh man, it arrived this past weekend and this thing is insane! So killer, quite the premium but oh so cool to have. 👍 Wished I had gotten the 30 oz version but that price was off the deep end. This is the 15 oz version. What do you guys think?
  5. Love these, my LCS had these last summer and I bought 20 for $365. Hope the premium continues to raise! 😀
  6. Im in, sent you info on IG. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love these!
  7. meh, another series... Too many series and I am getting tired of them coming out every month... These mints need to slow down. Too much of a good thing becomes boring...
  8. Looks like normal toning to me in the pits and if I saw this in my LCS I would not even question that coloring for a minute. If you are that worried about it test it with a sigma metalytics machine. I think you are fine. Who is really going to counterfeit bison bullion?
  9. very cool, all mine is a mint cloth bag... 😂
  10. I pre ordered some of each size from Monument Metals but these are selling out quickly everywhere!!
  11. Great looking round and hope to pick all variations for sure.
  12. Just wanted to let you know guys the coin arrived and it tested out fine and actually looks way better in person. Pics below. Thanks guys!
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