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What Other Silver Stackers Won’t Talk About


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Under water? not always. I buy a lot of silver below melt value. In the last ten day on auction I bought franklins for $5.50 each, walkers at $5.10 each and mercury dimes at melt. There are lots of small auction houses out there that sell with no buyer premiums. And others with small buyer premiums of 10%. I watch 30 to 35 auction houses and sellers each month. I have been a stacker for 53 years (started at age 7 ) and found silver at gold at melt each month, it takes a lot of time and hard work but can be done. Contacts come with time and going to lots of shows here in the states. I  think you do a fine job on your videos but for guys my age you are new to the game.

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Click bait title, he has not thought these through. 

1. Underwater on the investment when you buy - he is talking about buying physical metal with the premium and then selling to a dealer for spot I guess? If you sell privately you can sell above spot (the prices you paid/more), we have all done this. The issue is not being underwater it is that silver is less liquid compared to gold because you want the premium back.

2. Using silver as an emergency fund - agreed not the best idea there are better alternatives, for example currency :P

3. People are underwater since stacking at the last high - fair enough. I disagree with him I don't think silver is a good hedge against inflation, good against currency collapse but so are eggs (see Venezuela). 

4. Playing the gold to silver ratio when it falls - not a good idea. When GSR is high like now both metals are cheap, when GSR is low both metals are usually at the peak and its time to sell (historically speaking), this is due to silver outperforming gold right at the end of the previous tops. People wanting to trade silver for gold - this is not a good idea there are better places to go once metals are at their top. Even if you are young and have a very long time horizon, its still a bad idea. 

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Instantly under water? Tell me what you can buy in life where depreciation doesnt set in at point of sale... Has he never considered that just maybe the spot price goes up the next day????  This is why i avoid these incredibly redundant and regurgitating videos. Stop valuing silver against your local currency. Brainwashed... Silver IS MONEY debt based currencies that are backed by nothing are NOT...

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On 02/08/2019 at 22:42, HighlandTiger said:

Whisky stored in barrels before bottling. ;)

Now you’re talking.

A large Balvenie doublewood for me please, no ice or water.

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