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  1. I cant beleive nobody mentioned the fact that Brittania is actually sitting down. If im not mistaken hasent she always been standing and in a defensive position???
  2. Its not a fake unless the add claims its real. Nowhere in the ad does it claim to be real or .999 fine silver...
  3. Its the cleaning agent they use, they don't rinse the coins long enough so then the annealing process bakes the cleaning agent into the coin...
  4. Ex-Deutsche Bank gold traders found guilty in spoofing trial https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/ex-deutsche-bank-gold-traders-found-guilty-in-spoofing-trial-1.1499597
  5. Some 100 ozt. cast Johnson mathey bars to wrap around the edge of your stack...
  6. Ok, who has the stones to post this on the Kitco forums???🤣
  7. Does it get the ice cream out of the bowl? If yes then call it a day and carry on...
  8. Privy is a place you take a dump in.🤑
  9. Ping test is a joke, I would ditch it. The rate at which the silver is cooled after pouring varys substantially from refiner to refiner that the tones can be all over the place. Do a push pull with a strong rare earth magnet. If your still not satisfied then do a specific gravity. Weight test, push pull test and an ice cube test should be enough to satisfy any doubt but first and foremost buy from a reputable dealer... "OK issue with a couple of 1oz bars I've got my suspicions about them just done specific gravity test and their both coming up in the low 10.50s issue I've got with
  10. Rare earth, loads of information on this website: http:// https://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.asp?cat=1&pg=15 Get a decent size one like a disc that measures: 3/4" dia. x 3/16" thick ,Nickel Plated and that is Axially Magnetized. Learn how the push pull technique works...
  11. "Will silver hit previous all time highs by years end?" As valued in what? Federal reserve notes which have no value? The whole point of owning precious metals is to diverge from a failing monetary system. So to value PM's in worthless dollars defeats the intrinsic value within them.
  12. You just realized your first lesson in separating what is marketing hype and what has real value. If a story has to be attached to something for it to have value than the story is worth more than the item...
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