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  1. futures contracts were created for securities to add to the breadth of the trading and thus improve the price discovery mechanism. the fact(assumption)that they are used for manipulation has nothing to do with the futures contract. criminals will commit crimes with whatever tool they have at their disposal. similarly knives were created as a tool to make things easier. the fact that it is involved in knife crime as the main criminal weapon is not the knife being at fault. HH
  2. the point I was making is that it was never the futures contract that was evil. just as knives are not evil but (knife using)murderers probably are. therefore futures contracts are not proof of wrong doing as @Minimalist was suggesting. HH
  3. so futures contracts are evil and it's existence is proof that banks are scammers. miners that use futures contracts however are not scammers? is this the logic here? you're a thief if you steal but it's ok for me to steal as stealing doesn't make me a thief? HH
  4. you need to think of currency as not a store of value(that would be money) but an address written on a piece of paper of where the value can be located. a £1 coin is not a store of value but I can exchange it for a loaf of bread which does have value. currency is an accounting mechanism that helps trade to flow. HH
  5. so we've gone from bank are fraudulent because they print currency(eg £'s), to banks are manipulating the paper gold market because they don't create currency? 'all silver forum members don't create currency', this is proof that silver forum members are all paper gold manipulators? claiming something is an 'undeniable fact' is not proof. on the contrary paper gold or futures contracts are an important part of the price discovery mechanism. remember that some miners hedge part of their production using your so called scam that is the futures contracts. so in addition to bankers being scammers miners are also scammers? HH
  6. all @sixgun talks about there is currency. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/knowledgebank/how-is-money-created notice how the title of the link has the word 'money' and not 'currency'. how 'money is created', really, shouldn't someone proof read that to 'how currency is created' ? (the article is so godlike it doesn't even need to use the correct terms) we already know currency is created. how is that proof of manipulation of pm's ? so when gold coins were used as money and circulated as currency, the minting of gold coins(how money is created) would be considered proof that food prices are manipulated ? without using your imagination how exactly is it proof? exam papers are printed therefore it's proof that exams are manipulated ? (there's a lot of things that are printed) HH
  7. this highlights one of the questions about fractional coin liquidity. do you sell at full premium to those willing to pay it? or do you sell at a lower premium to a wider set of buyers? I only get fractionals that are lucky buys. if I manage to sell them at an increased premium then it will be a bonus. I don't wait patiently to stack fractionals or buy them at the higher premiums. HH
  8. bullion sovereigns are one of the most liquid coins in the uk. additionally their low premiums over spot, makes them one of the most competitive choices for ease of selling. for added flexibility you can keep a mixed bag. HH
  9. re-read my post including the part that was quoted. why should I repeat myself if you are too lazy to read the whole post? HH
  10. re-read my comment. HH
  11. you can have your opinion on whatever you want, until you can prove it's true it doesn't make it a fact. HH
  12. also @5huggy currency is the flip side of price discovery. recognising it for what it is, not what it is currently. for example recognising interest rates can go negative (what it is currently for some circumstances) is recognising that interest rates might go back positive(historically interest rates are usually positive). what it is now is only part of the entirety of what it actually is. those who recognised that futures oil contracts can go negative could have dodged the negative oil futures bullet(never happened before but it only takes the one time to wipe out some peoples accounts). differentiating what is possible but unlikely to what is actually impossible. HH
  13. mike maloney is always pushing the line that banks are fraudulent because they can now lend more than they have in deposits. ie create currency out of thin air. this is only partly true. the important part is that it is a zero sum process. they can create currency(fractional reserve banking) but it's only there for the convenience of accountancy. the only reason why currency is created when you spend on a credit card is because it's convenient for it to be so,(due to there being more loans than deposits). this is not part of the way that the credit card system must work. you can allocate existing currency to credit card balances. HH
  14. says the person that started a 'gold will crash' thread over two months ago. so far not even a sausage, I've seen paint dry faster than this. HH
  15. one of the best things about currency is it's flexible. a £10 does exist in my hand before I spend it. currency can be in the credit card account waiting to be spent. in it's physical form the £10 note was printed as currency before the bank lent me the physical note. the bank did not print the £10 on demand for loans. it already printed the £10 note waiting to lend it to someone(like me). this is banks borrowing and lending the old fashion way. banks borrow from depositers and lend to people. when they don't have the physical currency to lend out, they use a technique to create additional currency/credit by creating currency against the assets. they could create additional currency against assets for each loan that they give, but it's a zero net sum accountancy manoeuvre that only affects the internal structure of the accounting so doesn't affect the loan. it's like slicing up a cake is arbitrary if you are going to eat the whole cake anyway(it's just convenient to slice it into more practical sizes). the problem is the likes of mike maloney is skewing your understanding of currency. the printing/creation of currency is a lot more complicated than they make it out to be. part of the complexity involves the application of time. the mechanics is nowhere near as simple as printing out of thin air(but then that would not sound as fraudulent). HH
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