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  1. when zimbabwe had their currency collapse in 2008 they panned gold and traded droplets of gold for loaves of bread.(they weighed it on precision scales) gold is dividable and fungible, being priced high doesn't change this. HH
  2. for me, cgt free coins is about strategy. they cost a little more,... but they offer peace of mind from cgt when it comes to selling.(no need to keep paper work) flexibility if physical metal does spike momentarily to silly highs(technically possible, isn't that what we are all trying to achieve? buy in 2002 and sell in 2011?) imo holding the lion's share of your investment coins in cgt free coins is forward thinking. HH
  3. if it's not a massive amount then hmrc probably won't care as it's likely to be within your yearly allowance. the problem comes if you need to raise funds for something like a deposit on a house. HH
  4. people know the mechanics of how a margin call works. the question was why would anyone be so stupid as to take a sizable long position on a commodity and not have sufficient buffer for temporary volatility spikes down. it's not like the silver price can get to zero and stay indefinitely at zero, it's not like silver is not known for being able to be extremely volatile. anyone who wants to take a sizable position in a volatile commodity like silver can simply buy physical and not have to ever worry about margins calls. the simple answer is that silver is sh
  5. which margin calls will it trigger? who is going long silver from below $20/toz with insufficient margin to buffer against a temporary drop? (the theory sounds great but none of it makes any practical sense) HH
  6. bartering is trading without the use of money. it's a straight swap, not requiring a medium of exchange to facilitate the trade. not everything is money. HH
  7. try to work out the purpose of each metal and buy as much as you need of each one independently. this will allow you to create a correct ratio that is unique to you. recognising the gsr is one thing but sticking rigidly to it is probably not the best way to go. HH
  8. I was trying to show you how the value of money differs from the value of a commodity. as it stands, silver is just another commodity as it has lost it's money status. HH
  9. missing the point I made completely, made up what you thought I said and claim that you are right. gee, really? HH
  10. zimbabwe government has not adopted the gold standard(something you brought up). this is irrelevant however, as zimbabweans were using panned gold as payment for bread (they are not using fiat currency) which is what I said. the point being they moved from currency to no longer using currency, then they moved back to using currency. are they all retards by moving back to using fiat currency? please don't mis-read what I post and then claim that I'm wrong because you mis-read the post. HH
  11. it's not simple like you are claiming it is. you haven't said whether a pear is worth one apple(valued on nutritional value)? or, a pear is worth 20 apples(based on arbitrary production level)? HH
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2009/feb/11/zimbabwe-gold-panning-starvation-food panning gold as payment for bread. trading without currency? HH
  13. that's not where value comes from. value partly comes from utility. what about if there was 100 pears and 2000 apples? would a pear be worth 20 apples? what if 1 pear has the same nutrients as food as an apple? HH
  14. zimbabwe went onto a gold to replace currency when the zimbabwe dollar failed. then they went on to use the us dollar as payment for trade. are we calling zimbabwe as a whole are retarded? 'war is delightful to those who have no experience of it.' desiderius erasmus. is the gold standard the miracle that fixes all of the monetary systems problems, or is it another system that has been tried before that has it's own set of pros and cons? HH
  15. 100 barrels of oil, 200 apples, does that make each barrel of oil worth 2 apples? there is a big difference between a commodity and money. HH
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