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  1. the advantage of sovereigns is that during a crisis you can sell a quarter ounce of gold at a time, thus limiting your risk and commitment to sell. this would buy you time to gather more data and re-assess the situation. low premiums, high liquidity in a small package is worth it's weight in gold . variety is the spice of life but the safest choices are often the least exciting. HH
  2. have you tried the magnet test with both sterling and cupronickel versions? https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/40360-how-reliable-is-neodymium-magnet-test/?tab=comments#comment-447697 a few are saying that the magnet test might not be as amazing as some youtubers are making it out to be. bottom line is that I like things that make my life easier, otherwise it needs to be worth the effort. HH
  3. the problem I have with sterling silver commemorative coins is that they are too similar to the officially minted cupronickel coins of the same design. testing silver is hard enough as it is without perfect 'fakes' being officially minted. people need to be able to quickly and reliably tell the two apart. the way it is currently is just a pain to buy and sell. HH
  4. https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/39890-old-gold-vs-new-gold/?tab=comments#comment-442692 HH
  5. come to think about it, I've never used the paramagnetic test to test the silver content of an item. for me it's always been does it look right compared to photos of known genuine examples. then it's a specific gravity test on borderline cases. the problem I have with the paramagnetic test is that it's not easily conclusive. internal cracked coins might fail and the difference between copper and silver isn't that big, imo it's a judgement call similar to that of the ping test. the thing I like about the sg test is that it gives you a number which you can then comp
  6. I vote bullion sovereigns HH
  7. what/how you stack should be dependant on the purpose of the metal at hand. people who eat baked beans can stack that. those who don't eat baked beans probably shouldn't stack it(no matter how cheap others are claiming it is). stack metals for it's purpose and let your own uniqueness lead you to your own personal gsr ratio. HH
  8. https://www.apmex.com/product/65011/1-oz-silver-round-apmex-2012-year-of-the-dragon HH
  9. I don't think roy was being serious with the maths there. there is lot more to choosing a mining company than metal prices going up and down. HH
  10. you don't need to test every single coin in a bulk buy. just test a couple from each tube. visually identical coins that weigh the same are highly likely to be of the same alloy/mixture. HH
  11. a specific gravity test is much cheaper to perform and should be quite reliable in many cases. high tech gadgets don't come cheap. knowledge and experience is probably the key to getting by whilst some testing items are priced out of peoples reach. HH
  12. https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/38875-europeanmint-milk-spotted-silver-coins/?do=findComment&comment=443677 'I have seen that milk spots are not just on Silver, as the same can be seen on Platinum Piedfort Five pounds (EBAY has one listed now, A 2004 Piedfort Entente Cordiale)not sure if I could have shown a picture as it's not my listing ,I also have had a few that have the same problem.' unconfirmed possible milk spotting on platinum. fingerprints is a lack of care. platinum should be somewhat resistant to corrosion(tarnish). HH
  13. my guess for the future is that the intel nuc should be a good little unit. I'm thinking the 8th gen i5 nuc should be the the current sweet spot with it's up to +80% gpu performance over the 10th gen nucs. this is not just for gaming but I'm assuming any 3d apps becoming more mainstream(such as rendering apps for 3d printing) would benefit from such a large improvement in gpu performance. HH
  14. this is true. no longer is the premium expected to be minimal as when coins with silver content was minted for circulation as currency(many are still stuck in the past with this, or hoping that this will be the future). minting high purity bullion silver coins is a niche/specialist market and the royal mint(as well as everyone else on the supply chain) expect to be paid. I vote bullion gold sovereigns. HH
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