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  1. gold leads silver. imo gold maybe getting ready to challenge it's all time high is much more significant than silver making waves near it's lows. HH
  2. getting to know your local area(local coin shops) is still one of the best ways of getting started, both for buying and when the time comes to sell. HH
  3. it's an example of not too long ago how a beginner lost money buying physical gold. investing is about positioning yourself. it's never about how much you brought to the table. it's about knowing when to leave and how much you can leave with. if you can't see why deploying £200k over a relatively small time frame for a beginner is taking risks similar to that of gambling then someone else might explain it to you. (he's deploying many units of funds and he hasn't even thought through his exit strategy.) HH
  4. https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/17703-sold-all-my-gold-got-stung/#comments HH
  5. it's not calculated like that. if you have little to no previous experience of the market then you would want to enter a testing position with as little capital as possible. an amount much less than £200k is capable of doing this. stumping up sufficient funds to test the waters is being an investor. using way more funds than is required is called gambling. you should only invest in gold(pm's) up to what your understanding of gold allows you to. belangp youtube HH
  6. the key here is not the speed but the difference between investing and gambling. how long did it take for you to gather the knowledge/experience to make that 12k in 18 months? HH
  7. that is just one possible reward scenario, what about the risk? if price moves horizontal, where do you break even? what's your exit strategy? personal sales? lcs dealers? ebay? HH
  8. as it stands £200k is way too much to put into an 'investment' with an undefined risk to reward ratio. consider starting small and starting slow? (investing in pm's will not make you rich quickly, gambling in pm's is something else) HH
  9. similar reasons as to why some people store their valuables with others in things like safe deposit boxes. HH
  10. you might want to check your margin of error. notice how an error of 0.01(0.47 to 0.48) can result in a noticeable sg change (the 0.03g in air weight is a smaller % change) HH
  11. so in the case of a fiat currency default there is a price to pay and it's not just 'printed out of thin air'. having the government owning a percentage of their shares is not considered as the banks losing out? HH
  12. the government gives the banks an iou in exchange for bank shares. that iou is backed by real goods and services produced by taxpayers (past , present and future) HH
  13. did halifax(a large lender of mortgages) make losses during the last housing crisis? and of course they didn't need to bought out by lloyds and lloyds in turn didn't need government bailout funds? HH
  14. the currency is fiat, meaning the value is not carried within the currency tokens. the value resides within the ability to pay for goods and services(the non physical part of fiat currency 'I promise to pay on demand the sum of...', the legal bit). people losing currency have lost the ability to pay for goods and services equal to the amount of that currency. the banks take on the responsibility(risk) of the currency that they create. they need to be paid back equal to the value of the goods and services purchasable by the amount of currency on loan. currency is printed but it is not free. (the legal obligations is very real. it's a contract to pay with real world goods and services. the value of a contract is not equal to the value of the paper it's written on.) why would any company go bust if their fiat currency denominated debts are worthless? HH
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