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  1. and of course I'm the bad guy for helping to spread the word last year, that silver pumpers pushing for higher than $28 usd wasn't going to end well. HH
  2. I didn't call him stupid, he made a stupid post on how impossible it was to take advantage of the 2020 dip. if you are going to be stupid about it then it's going to be impossible. he was being purposely provocative with all of his fancy charts yada, yada. everybody can see the charts but apparently not everybody can see that sticking rigidly to physical silver was not the way to take advantage of the dip. HH
  3. it's called doing the maths so that you can compare the likely return on investment. something that you don't currently have with your hand waving 'it's a good time to buy silver'. the same as I told wonga that he doesn't know what he's on about with his 'silver will plummet to $4' you don't know what you are on about with your 'it's a good time to buy silver' and you are so vague, you don't even have a price target. HH
  4. have you looked at the yearly cost to vault silver? HH
  5. stupidly rigid as usual. only stupid people looked at the price drop in march 2020 and thought I cannot buy physical at these prices... I will let the opportunity pass and then make the excuse that it was impossible to buy silver and that I was right. those that are a little more flexible in their thinking will have realised that stupid people claiming 'physical silver is the only way to buy silver' is not the way to go. buying silver by taking out a paper position would have let you take advantage of the dips. just because you are too stupid to think past only buying physical silver it doesn't mean the whole world is stupid like you. if you rigidly live in the past then expect to miss out on current opportunities. HH
  6. for example with hindsight(or foresight at the time) the projected return on investment in gold from 2015-2020 would have been 8-10% on average per year. it requires a little insight into what prices you are expecting in the future and more importantly when it's likely to occur in the future. not some bs about now being the time to buy silver because it has dropped or even more bs about how valuable silver is against random goods and services. you don't even have any idea of a price target let alone a time frame for silver to reach that price target. you are clueless about silver so I don't know why you are telling people to buy silver now. HH
  7. only those lost in the past cling onto old data. absolute values such as $30, being too cheap?, too expensive? have no value in the changing world that we live in. I never once said 'it used to be cheaper back in my day' because it's not relevant. what I asked was have you worked it out what the value of your projected return on investment is if you were to buy now at $30 or is that a too unimportant a bit of information? HH
  8. so you don't have any return on investment data to back up your claim of silver being a bargain. HH
  9. nope, but I'm not the one calling the current price a bargain.(also I'm not exactly a genius ). how about any time between 2014-2020 when silver was priced below this bargain price? you didn't say what is the return on investment that makes the current price such a bargain? HH
  10. my mistake, it's been a long covid year and I've corrected my initial post to mean 2020 dip. HH
  11. you've already missed your chance to be a genius(that was two years ago when it hit ~$9 usd). for what purpose and return on investment is silver currently a bargain at $30 canadian? HH
  12. how is a mistake that takes years to correct not a mistake? you can only write off a mistake to inexperience if you first accept that it was a mistake. HH
  13. is that supposed to be funny, trying to mock a post purely because it implies that any who bought silver at $30/toz last year have clearly made a bad decision to do so? how many of last years 1 billion toz of silver did you buy at the bargain price of $30/toz? or is it the case of being a bargain only when others are duped into doing the actual buying? HH
  14. how has buying silver at $30/toz last year worked out for people so far? most/everything else on that list is performing as expected, except for the silver. does it do what is says on the tin or do you need to join the 'down with the silver manipulation' crowd, just to get what you paid for? (for any who think it's a bargain at $30/toz, no one is stopping you from buying out the years production of ~1 billion toz currently priced below 'bargain' prices) HH
  15. vat is not a government made up tax that only affects silver. vat affects lots of goods and services. some goods such as gold are vat exempt, but these are the exception not the rule. despite what many on the forum might say, it is correct to charge vat on silver. it is not a conspiracy that vat is charged on silver at the same rate as it is charged on many, many goods and services. people claim it's unfair that silver does not get the special treatment of being vat exempt. instead they should be happy that gold is vat exempt for better returns on any gold investments(as it was not always like this). paying taxes in the country that you live and trade in, is the default. nobody likes paying taxes, but when people make it out that they are being unfairly treated when they are asked to pay their share of taxes like everyone else is effectively claiming that they are 'entitled to special treatment'. HH
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