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  1. random, irrelevant and vague rubbish as usual. it's not like we don't have figures for since 1971 bretton woods or 1947 last date for british silver coin minted. what's wrong, can't bring yourself to say that it's been 50 years since bretton woods as that would put a time perspective into how silly it would be to expect a complete failure of the american $ within the next few years? HH
  2. always dodging the essence of the question. (people don't take you seriously because you are acting childish when confronted with a serious question) you are either holding metals long term like china and russia, which you should not expect high short term gains(moon shots) alternatively, you are expecting high short term gains, in which case don't use china and russia's long term positioning in metal as a way to defend your short term positioning. long term and short term positioning are very different things. HH
  3. once china and russia call it in decades time because they both play the decades long game. @Minimalist question is, are you playing the decades long game that china and russia are playing? timing is everything? HH
  4. china and russia are playing the long game. decades long game. HH
  5. so basically you are saying 'its different this time because...' the £ has taken over 70 years to fail(I'm counting from 1947), and counting... if history rhymes/repeats then should the american $ be expected to take over 70 years to fail? HH
  6. no one here is denying that fiat currencies will all fail. historically, how long has it taken for a world reserve currency to fail? the £ has seen decades of failing and each £ is still trading above each $(current world reserve currency). people are claiming that there is going to be more of the same for many years to come. you might find that it is you who is in denial with 'its different this time because...' HH
  7. more contradiction of terms. supply is about numbers. when someone has the lion share of supplying the market, they are the most important part of supply. if the miners average 80%+ share of each years mining supply is not the most important part of supply, then you really need to state with figures what is? 'an important part of supply' sounds like keith neumeyer is claiming that he is important because the figures are obviously not highlighting how important he is. talk is cheap. stump up the figures if you want to be taken seriously. HH
  8. how convenient he is not disputing the numbers that have annual production accounts to back them up. but he's vague about which numbers he's does think they are making up. (he can't be wrong then can he, ... it's not those numbers either, so keep on guessing) sounds like he's full of ****. and you openly dismiss thesilverinstitutes figures knowing that at least their mining production figures are close enough to being correct. and you base this on a keith neumeyers word? his word that is so vague it cannot be verified either way? (doesn't knowing the mining production mean that you know most of the supply side of things? there's only two sides to the equation, demand and supply. and you already know most of the supply side.) HH
  9. this is a real problem if one of them happen to be keith neumeyer talking about silver demand. let me spell it out what I'm thinking so it's clearer. keith neumeyer has no honour as, he is bad mouthing thesilverinstitute to have untrustworthy figures, figures which are identical to his own. all of which I can''t prove. you can look up the data but I tallied the figures for one of the years of all of the significant silver mining production(official annual report figures). the total came close enough (%) to the number shown by thesilverinstitute for that year. feel free to do the maths yourself if you don't believe me. I expect the 1 billion toz figure is correct or close enough. anyone can prove or disprove this but nobody here seems to be willing to spend the time to do the maths. but then again people here are full of talk. unwilling to do the maths. first to dismiss the findings of someone who has done some of the maths, purely on the basis that it's result doesn't fit the prejudice. HH
  10. there is a time and a place for everything. nothing goes up in a straight line. for metals to correct might take years/decades. consider this, it's been decades since the height of the british empire. yet each £ is still worth more than $1. currently the top economy in the world yet each $ can't buy a £. how is that logical? answer is it's not. but it takes time. the decades that have past is not yet enough time. unless an emergency, in the night, if you run out of milk, it can wait till the morning. there is a time and a place for everything. (just so that you know that I'm not having a go at you personally. we've all been known to only hold rock, come hell or high water. there is no shame in holding rock, everyone has done it. once you've learnt to hold rock, you can use it as a stepping stone to discover more.) there is a time when it's favourable to hold physical silver. but the charts say that that time is not here yet. I never heard any forum 'price suppression' objections a few years ago when I said it was favourable to hold gold for at least a few months or more. why do all these objections suddenly appear when I say the price is likely to (overall)fall over the next 6 months or so? for the trading of gold, a century amounts to next to nothing. for a person waiting, a century is a lifetime wasted. HH
  11. keith neumeyer must be right, but you can't explain to me why his figure of 1 billion toz in demand is correct when the same 1 billion toz in demand claimed by the thesilverinstitute is made up? and yet you insist on taking his word as if it were gospel? you know what is actually virtually worthless?... HH
  12. here's the truth, in 2014 when I first got into metals I had all the same thoughts about the fed, printing etc that you have now.(I've been there and have the coin dated physical silver to prove it) so don't make it out like it's a revelation. the difference is I cross examined the figures that I can work out to be credible and they don't match with information(which I now understand to be conspiracy theories). either all the figures from all the different sources are wrong or the theories are wrong. so voicing to not buy silver at the highs hasn't done my forum rep any good but have saved me from larger paper losses. you can make progress(scissors and paper also exists) or, you can take rock every time? HH
  13. hand waving does not constitute evidence. actually evidence is figures that can be calculated such as those from https://www.silverinstitute.org/silver-supply-demand/ all of which you dismiss because they are evidence that prove what you currently have is not the whole truth. the harsh reality is that you are being brainwashed into taking losing bets on silver by the physical silver pumpers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0SoKWLkmLU lisa physical silver pumper: 'poor predictable bart minimalist, always takes rock silver' bart minimalist: good ol' rock silver, nothing beats that' HH
  14. I know what I'm expecting the dollar to do. I'm just referencing the minimal amount of data to make my point. (every time supplying historic data with @Minimalist results in name calling just as soon as he can't stand not being able to dis-prove historic data) HH
  15. either dodging the question or ignorant of the implication. holding above the 200dma means that the dollar is not currently weak. (which is what kman stated). trading in prices and organised prices produce charts. why do you bother with trading? you obviously don't believe in charts. HH
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