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  1. I vote bullion gold sovereigns. HH
  2. gold is extremely useful as a commodity, only it's rarity(high price) prohibits it's wider use. gold is used sparingly when it's price can be justified. it's versatility remains unchanged by it's deployment. HH
  3. I think ep means it's plated(?) HH
  4. not true. electrical contacts are gold plated because gold is a good conductor of electricity. silver is a better conductor, but the difference is not night and day. gold is a worse conductor of electricity when compared to silver. but it's not so bad as to be a deal breaker in practical applications. this didn't stop people choosing gold in coating/making satellites that are sent into space. for certain applications being susceptible to corrosion(tarnish) is a deal breaker. the difference is huge between gold and silver when it comes to c
  5. consider selling sufficient amounts to meet your immediate needs for currency? gold is still at previous all time highs($) so it's had a good run. you can't always time it perfectly. a bird in hand is worth 10 in the wild. HH
  6. gold has the most uses of any metal known to man. (it's like you're saying all makes of tools, cars etc. are the same?) gold is corrosion resistant, silver is not. gold is very malleable, silver is not. comparing gold with silver is like comparing spirit with beer, in practical use they're not even in the same category. the truth is what it is. why do I have to be anti silver to state the truth about silver? only the biased will not state the cons about silver. silver like everything else has both pros and cons. for the record I own
  7. outside of industry gold is actually useful, that's why people hoard it. silver stackers like to compare silver with gold. silver is nothing like gold. HH
  8. this is because many traders of silver(other commodities as well such as oil) don't want to take delivery of the physical metal. they just want to make a currency($,£, etc) profits. what would they do with those huge amounts of silver if it was delivered as physical? it's not like they own factories that turn silver into other products? only silver pumpers are pushing the line that physical silver is in short supply and important. outside of industry physical silver is just not that useful. even some(maybe many)forum members are using silver as a stepping stone to
  9. hi save in gold, speculate with silver. HH
  10. if you plan to sell your physical metals for currency($,£, etc) then it makes no difference whether or not you have your silver via contracts or physical metal. the difference is that holding via contracts cost less for you in spread. physical metals pumpers will always push the line that you must hold metal in hand(how else can they sell you the physical metal?). there is no way that physical silver sellers can compete with paper silver contracts on spread. in a doomsday scenario it may be different. there is much silver that is not bought but merely sourced to sell o
  11. physical silver bullion is an extremely niche product, hence the high premiums reflect this. HH
  12. it was never about possibility, but about probability. people use fiat currency because it's the more efficient(better) system for trade. (jlook at the actions of zimbabwe as a country if you don't believe me) it's a case of it 'could' happen(a lot of things 'could' happen), but unlikely to happen. HH
  13. it takes time for spot to get to £10k and so far gold has mostly risen inline with inflation(plus other bits). this means you will never get the 6x and everything else eg bread stays the same price. if gold eventually rises 6x what it is now(£10k) then at the same time bread, wages etc will have risen broadly by 6x. so people can still afford to pay for a sovereign a month if that is what they could afford before. gold is a store of value over the longer term. this limits it's maximum swing from it's average rise. you were implying that britannias will get priced out o
  14. it doesn't work like that. holding gold is not a get rich quick scheme. gold mostly moves in line with inflation. whilst there is a difference between size(and hence price per coin) of sovereigns and 1oz britannias, the market liquidity shouldn't change much over smaller time frames for both coins. HH
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZfEKl0jmXs maybe some variation of the above? HH
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