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  1. Farmers don't like additional competition who is surprised? You want to pay more sure you will be able to buy British, there will be no hiding it. The good part is people who just want chicken will get it for cheaper. The poorest will benefit the most from this, would you rather have lower grade that you can afford or not be able to afford any at all? Thats not a problem for us but for many it is. Policies like this across the newly freed market will reduce the cost of living across society and those that want to eat British meat won't notice because they will pay the same. Likely they will pay a little less as farmers have to become more efficient to keep market share. I'm looking forward to cheap high quality Argentinan beef as oppose to the expensive Irish beef that doesn't have to compete thanks to EU tarrifs. Competition is good, different levels of quality (choice) is good. The less money I spend on food the more money I can spend on gold.
  2. KDave

    The coming Gold crash

    I am not selling any gold but I have genuinely enjoyed this thread for its arguments/discussion, I don't think I have seen monetary theory discussed this in depth anywhere else on the forum its good stuff.
  3. History taught me more about human nature than anything else, when viewed this way the horrors of the past make sense, why they are repeated makes sense and explains why they will happen again. Most people today know nothing about history, even the people that do, the majority are doomed to repeat history because they are weak - by definition human nature ensures they will act a certain way for the wrong reasons. The saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions is true, emotion always overrides reason in the herd. Your example of Trump, people don't like it and make it very hard to say the truth, then are in a state of breakdown when the event comes to pass and pretend they didn't know it was coming or why. Perhaps they genuinely have so little self reflection that they don't realise that they caused Trump to be elected in the first place, not through voting but through the behaviours and actions that they supported all for the sake of virtue and acceptance. We are seeing a lot of that at the moment, certain dark parts of human history are setting themselves up for another appearance.
  4. Being a hypocrite is why the media were gunning for him? Being a hypocrite is worse than spreading the disease? I thought the lockdown was about saving the NHS and all that, what happened? I thought BAME were most at risk to covid-19 what happend? The media are snakes is what happened. They are scum pushing an agenda that everyone can see a little easier.
  5. Yes I am surprised the media have been in support of the BLM protests given the lengths they have gone to say Covid-19 affects BAME more than it does natives.
  6. Last week Dominic Cummings was hounded for breaking the lockdown rules, the MSM had a complete breakdown over it. This week Black Lives Matter have been out on the streets protesting and ignoring lockdown, all I see is support for them from the MSM. It seems clear to me what both things are about, both positions are political, neither are about saving lives or law or justice, there is no impartiality from the so called free media. They are vermin.
  7. The sentence has clearly been upgraded in response to the rioting, I hope everyone is taking note.
  8. KDave

    The coming Gold crash

    If Wonga said he was Mark Carney what difference would it make. Perhaps a bad example, if it was Mark Carney you would know without doubt that the prediction was wrong.
  9. It is uncomfortable, much of what I have said is outside of the acceptable window I understand this but I must speak the truth as I see it. Know that the positive sentiment is reciprocated and yes lets move on.
  10. Everyone has in group preference to some degree, it is weakest in white people. The leftist ideas around "subconscious bias" are real and it is naturally present in everyone. There is positive ethno-centrism (love for ones race) and negative ethno-centrism (hatred for others not of your race). It is negative ethno-centrism that is the problem in my view, that is the "racist" position in the sense of it. Calling to kill all whites, blaming whites for every injustice you have ever suffered, saying that "all whites are racist" - this is negative ethno-centrism = racism. But for some reason it is acceptable to speak this way, even encouraged in some groups including on the MSM. I will not rise to your insult on what I think of human life, other than to say that I respect everyone's right to it and respect peoples agency, their right to make decisions and to suffer the consequences of those decisions. Something that is quite an alien concept in the world of the welfare state and blaming everyone but oneself for ones problems.
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