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  1. For example, the FED needs to get on this and keep yields low for as long as possible, more QE will be needed and for sure is coming; https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/government-bond-yield The difference today to yesterdays QE is the government will be the ones spending it, indirectly into materials and energy for massive infrastructure projects, like for example in the UK, windfarms to power the entire country, 200 billion into infrastructure spending, that kind of thing. Inflationary. Multiply that across all western nations who will be competing with developing eastern n
  2. I don't see house prices falling much in nominal terms until borrowing becomes more expensive, both in respect to supporting house prices and for the consumer to keep borrowing to live. It will be not really be a crash in nominal terms, maybe 15% down? The crash will take place in real terms due to inflation + higher interest rates. Inflation needs to come first though, the canaries are showing the start of it, it will show in materials first, then energy, then the consumer will feel it. After that house prices will not do so well.
  3. Shell will make returns over the next few years in accordance with rising oil and gas prices. The market thinks oil is dead about 30 years too early hence the market gift of £9 shell and £2 bp (insane yield on BP at this price). Returns depend on how high oil goes, for shell $60 oil is $20 billion free cashflow, at $70 its $30 billion, so on and so forth. When inflation picks up oil will be 3 digits mid decade, I expect new all time highs. Depends on how low it goes and how long it stays there over the next few months.
  4. Long term interest rates will be higher and inflation will be driving it, houses could be down 50% by 2030. Why not? A house is worth what someone else can borrow. The big question is are we at peak cheap borrow? Or has the housing market got more deflationary conditions and state intervention to look forward to? Are we at the top? Or are we just getting started.
  5. 10 year US bond is creeping up, likely the FED will be along to smash some more QE in soon. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/government-bond-yield Sure oil might drop further, or it might not. What is the downside now you reckon? Risk/reward downside vs upside must be in favour on the charts now surely? I can't help myself I just keep buying, Shell earlier this month for sub £9, never thought I would see it, today I have bought a few more BP for £2. Payday I was looking for some more Total, even with French dividend tax the yield is decent and its the best one of
  6. Then people are betting the wrong way, as Biden is not going to win the election Oil stocks will continue to be hated, it is political, fashionable, moral even. Once cashflow is rolling in people will want to buy oil stocks regardless. I read that NEST the UK biggest pension fund is no longer investing in oil and gas, another massive contrarian indicator. Demand growth in energy is the easiest thing to see, as is the lack of supply. If we want to go full windmill in the UK, it is going to take a lot of energy to get there.
  7. I know a few people who have investment property and they are all doing as you say, maxing the leverage out, the logic being the more houses you have, the less risk/likelihood your entire income will fall to zero. It works until it doesn't
  8. That is a decent yield to be fair, so long as it keeps paying. Is that on a capital repayment mortgage?
  9. A team made up of foreigners won the world cup? I agree then that cricket is a terrible sport.
  10. Most likely fear of the youtube gestapo ban hammer. Her channel is about as far right as it gets, any further and the channel will do a disappearing act and reappear on bitchute. Oh yes sure England is a land built on the backs of slaves and looted wealth, we have never produced or invented anything and did nothing to end slavery. A view nearly as nonsensical as on the coin. Do you have any more brainwashed takes?
  11. The 'Stonehenge-Giza' connection. It has been pointed out by Petrie, Davidson, Michell, Gaunt and others that there appears to be a strong connection between the South of England and Egypt. Place names, Design, Dating, and plenty more all point to a possibility of research. Stonehenge was built on the same latitude as the angle of the Great pyramid (Or as near as possible at 51� 51'). At Stonehenge, the sun sets at 51�51' on mid-summers day.
  12. Stone circles/standing stones and equivalent are fascinating as well, and there are some very interesting coincidences between the great pyramid and stone henge.
  13. This is a good watch, from 3 minutes in the list of engineering attributes of the great pyramid is fascinating; 6000 acre solid limestone base, the centre of it built by flattening a limestone hill. Not a small job. The size and distance travelled for the granite blocks, weighing between 12 and 70 tonnes quarried from at least 500 miles away. Accuracy of the chamber tunnels, perfect precision slope angles over long distances. At least 2 million lime stone blocks each of different shape and size, used to build a pyramid to precision of 1/50th of an inch. Pyramids have
  14. This should be positive for the share price naturally, and there is never a more sensible time for buy backs than at the lows. This is the kind of action you would expect from good management.
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