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  1. I get a feeling a lot of people are being herded into bitcoin instead of gold and silver.
  2. Excellent timing on those buys, dam near the bottom. I made purchases in both then but my average is higher.
  3. No I'm not selling mate I'm dreaming. Pay no attention.
  4. No more interference from eurotrash politicians is the best part. Next is knowing my kids will never be conscripts in an EU army, nor having to wear a uniform with that disgusting flag
  5. I reckon we get down to £1100 an ounce during the big one and finish 2021 pushing £1300.
  6. Interesting read here chaps Money Supply Rockets 25% In Just Two Weeks: Got Gold? https://seekingalpha.com/article/4395704-money-supply-rockets-25-in-just-two-weeks-got-gold
  7. I honestly don't know, what is the value of the bitcoin brand?
  8. Agree with all, I say 2015 was the best year for it. Hgm would sell sovs for 1.5 percent on much lower gold prices and they sold half sovs for half the price of a sovereign, fair was fair. No date picking, no head picking just lucky dip until certain people spoiled it. Atkinsons was never cheapest but had some decent pre owned from time to time, I recall buying a half ounce lunar snake for 387 and thinking it was pricey. Now it's 3 percent and a bit more for anything special, and a premium on bullion half sovereigns for god's sake. They are all gouging like an established cartel, bu
  9. Yes that's very interesting. This would tie in with theory that a player is tightening liquidity in order to crash markets.
  10. Thanks for taking the time with that, I do see the argument in the second post, the last line. The first post set me off looking into the mechanics of the 2007/8 bailout, it seems banks were expected to lend once their balance sheets were rebuilt. The crisis was effectively a book keeping issue, when the MBS were called out for the trash that they were, the banks former asset became a hole, a liability that cause them to seek liquidity by any means to fill the gap. When liquidity options ran out the government and central bank/s had to step in to stop bank failures. The UK bank bailout is
  11. Paying vat soon will be the only way to get physical bullion, not the best way to invest in silver. That said it depends what you think is coming. 3 digit silver in the next few years is doable in my view.
  12. I still don't buy this picture that central banks/repo is key kman, something doesn't sit right. 2009 the government bailed out the banks and QE was born. What was QE facilitating in 2009-2019, mostly government borrowing? What was it Federal spending 360 percent of borrowing, a bit from homes and businesses. 2020 QE is doing the same thing, government is borrowing bigly to get money out there, the scale is larger. Next issue is lockdown, how much demand has been destroyed and how much supply has been destroyed by lockdown, while money has kept going out into the hands of people via
  13. Well I don't know about the missing 40 trillion, but at least they are making a start; https://www.ibtimes.com/us-lawmakers-reach-deal-900-bn-stimulus-package-3106223
  14. 2000 - 2007? Since 2008 where did the dollars come from? Who borrowed the dollars into existence; Buying a treasury or providing a mortgage or business loan what's the difference? The borrower is promising to pay you back plus interest, so where did the dollars come from to allow the asset to come into existence? Was it created or was it taken out of a pile of dollars somewhere? On maturity I must ask - when has government debt ever fallen? Has any treasury created ever really been paid back, or has it only rolled over. The debt grows every year. It looks to me like old treasurie
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