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  1. @StacktasticStrong dollar not good for commodities, should be some cheaper deals on energy, metals (inc Uranium), etc throughout 2021 if history is about to rhyme? We will see. On Uranium I like Cameco, but as I have said Uranium is anathema to Oil and Gas - its a hedge for O&G investing in my view. Low carbon will go one of two ways - renewables or nuclear. If it goes renewables, which is looking most likely by far in my view, it will benefit oil and gas majors who will see massive increase in demand for natural gas. If you think the world goes Renewables then invest in oil and
  2. Also bear in mind that whenever you pay someone for services a big chunk of the cost is tax cost that is being passed on to you. So buying tools to do work yourself saves on paying the state taxes. Or find someone willing to be paid cash in hand, plenty about.
  3. Anything large or complex that lasts, that is made of metals, plastics, such as electronics, televisions, machines, tools, etc. Shipping costs increase and items will see price increases relative to volume. Double value for tools as it will allow you to do work yourself and save paying inflated prices for tradesmen in a few years. If you own a house get works done now, windows, roofing, guttering, solar panels, etc. I bought some stone slabs last year and put in a patio, cost of a pallet £350. I have another area to do and looked in Feb for another pallet - now £420, but out of
  4. That is quite shocking, most people spending that kind of money would be wiser I'd hope! If not then I would expect hgm to make an inquiry into the order and not be greedy so and so's. I saw a few low grade sovs on there yesterday really good value. Yet then the premiums on specific dates sovs (Bullion!!) are huge - it's still just bullion though, I don't get it. It's a strange business model. Are people that bothered about the dates on bullion sovs? It's not as though hgm are selling EF grades or are they?
  5. 👆 This is the way. But the inflationary thesis says its not the way. Basically that its different this time! I genuinely think it is different this time which is quite terrifying given what I know about the history of that phrase
  6. It used to be Mike Maloney and his "1000 oz of silver to buy a house" but now he pumps bitcoin more than he pumps silver.
  7. A tube of 1 oz Britannia for CGT tax free imo. It is the best design of the various national mint 1 oz coins and the modern ones have the best security features. Agreed prices at HGM really are too high. They are trying to gouge bullion and second hand semi-numismatic by charging huge premiums, I don't understand it. I always thought bullion dealing was about turnover.
  8. I am only cautious short term in that oil has run fast following a market crash. Long term oil and gas both will be big winners. The oil price on Friday was the trigger to sell some BP and Shell - Shell lowest dividend yield and BP largest holding so both had to be cut first. Next I will take some out of Total and Exxon at $80 oil if it comes this year. Exxon has done a bit too well, almost doubled in less than 6 months - big boy shares should not do that. I didn't buy at the lows but the yield is just over 7% after withholding tax, hard to let some of that go, but if we get much higher I
  9. As kman has said it's the concept of money that gives gold its value. Separate the concept of money from the metal. The metal has certain physical characteristics that make it the best physical vehicle for the concept, however other metals share some of that attribute (most obvious silver), and some crypto currencies embody the concept without existing physically at all.
  10. You are not wrong kman, usually early! I'm being sensible this time, small profit taking just before psychological price points, taken 15 out at 70, another 10-15 at 80 so on. I'm not going below 50 percent holding but I've a lot of money in oil, too much really and no one went broke taking profit. Oil has run too quickly, sentiment is too bullish on commodities. I reckon melt up this quarter, crash by Q3. Steve and his bond holding will get the last laugh
  11. I have taken some profit on oil shares as we are touching $70 now, next profit taking at $80. The sentiment alarm is going off to the upside, no where can I find the "oil is dead" articles I was reading last year. I keep hearing about the commodity super cycle, impending inflation, etc. Its way too bullish out there.
  12. BoE pension fund, almost entirely in inflation linked investments, 60% index-linked gilts, 30% index-linked corporate securities; https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/-/media/boe/files/about/human-resources/pensionreport.pdf
  13. Soon. Short term house prices are going up imo, 95 percent mortgages are back, stamp duty is gone, nothing has changed. They will prop them up until they can't. Only when interest rates rise will the game end. Inflation then rates go up, a few months left before first rate rise, maybe a couple of years left of house market steam, all imo.
  14. Check the commutation, may be worth taking the income especially if inflation linked. Arguably benefits angle the lump sum is better if converted into something they can't measure or us protected - invest it all in a sipp, or covert to metals, something they can't point to as an asset. Otherwise they will expect you to spend your savings before giving you a penny. I think you can only have about 6k in savings while on bennies. If keeping it as income, benefits will likely be less, offset against the income from pension I think? Not sure though. Financial advisor territory this
  15. At least BT is doing well out of the budget, every cloud
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