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  1. You've made me more determined to get a 1 kg Fortuna bar!
  2. Write your own in Excel. You can include what you want not what someone thinks you want.
  3. TonyS

    queen's beasts

    I wait with bated breath for No10 the Greyhound. I just hope we don’t get screwed over price wise.
  4. I’m a member of several engineering sites. Over the last few years there has been a notable increase in female members. They can’t all have qualified in the last couple of years, it seems the girls are now more willing to stick their heads above the parapet.
  5. My last order from Baird’s took an age to arrive. I want a couple more 500gm minted bars but I’m going to wait until things calm down. Baird’s communications could be better.
  6. They come in 0-25 25-50 50-75 75-100
  7. It's OK selling, how about delivering? Nine weeks I've been waiting now.
  8. TonyS

    Question to experts

    I’ve been waiting nine weeks for silver from Baird’s. No replies to e-mails – zilch.
  9. A while ago I bought 10oz bar capsules from a US trader, for the life of me I can’t remember the traders name. A UK trader would be better.
  10. Britannia 10ozT bar.
  11. The last I bought was from Suisse gold. I’ve been waiting a month for an order from Bairds.
  12. I like the 10oz royal arms, getting hold of one is the problem. I’ve a friend working in America at the moment. Depending on the legality he’ll bring one back for me. What are the pit falls.
  13. I’ll have to wait to make a decision if I like the white horse, I’ve a couple ordered on presale. I’ve come this far with the sets, I’m not giving up now. If I don’t like them I’ll drown my sorrows in white horse whisky.
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