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How to sell when the time is right ?


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Hi I'm a new collector, and I've amassed a fair amount of silver in a short time. I was wondering if a more experienced stacker had info on the best ways to sell off my silver if the time pops up ?

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My experience of selling coins on eBay is one of great effort for next to no reward so that's why I avoid.
Buying is different as you are always hoping for a bargain.

Selling - you may have numerous problems from people winning bids that end up wanting to cancel, cannot pay etc.
Then you have the fees - 10% to eBay with a further 3.4% to PayPal.
Occasionally there are offers from eBay for a very limited time waiving fees but still PayPal takes its cut.

Try selling on this forum first assuming what you would hope to sell on eBay should be discounted 15% on the forum.
You can enter on eBay your coin in advanced search and select sold / completed.
Ignore the optimistic buy it now chancers prices.
Astute forum members know where to buy silver coins at the lowest prices so don't expect to achieve the prices shown on the websites of the popular UK dealers.

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Here the worse place to sell is local auction houses. In Rapid City, SD yesterday a large coin estate was sold buy a local auction house and they mislabeled quite a few lots.  Makes it easy to buy coins very reasonable but bad for the seller.  When I sold before 2009-2011 I went to a major coin show were there are lots of dealers to give me offers on my silver and gold, dose not hurt to get many offers all in one day.  Jim

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I try to work out how to sell what I'm buying before

I buy it. it's part of recognising the artistic value of

collectors items that are bought to turn a profit.

what something is worth and how much you can

sell an item for is not always the same.

it's not too late to move to smaller profits on more

liquid items. it takes out a lot of the headache.

I vote sovereigns



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If your planning on spending time collecting and spending time selling then getting some good feedback on here selling and buying can do you some good when it comes time to sell in higher numbers...where you seem to think you have reached the best time to sell there will be people here who are ready to buy your coins for long term or hand down collections....same for buying, I'd recommend here before ebay and I buy from ebay all the time, dealers will cut you up, they can smell desperation from a mile away....some right now are paying 73% spot for gold but over 95% for silver because that's what people want right now, in any given second that could reverse.

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In a short time, would suggest quick to immediate liquidation. Monitor your nearest geographical best price dealers, could be your fastest source of liquidity. Any profit is a good profit if your priorities is quick liquidation. Good luck!🍀

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