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  1. Sovereign has a default nomination value of one pound sterling since inception. Sovereign produce by the Royal Mint is legal tender in United Kingdom, settlement is another matter of contention. https://gocardless.com/guides/posts/what-is-legal-tender-uk/#:~:text=By law%2C legal tender is,to the value of 20p.
  2. Piedfort (Pattern) = not approved for release double weight 2022 sovereign proof coin
  3. Graded by NGC: 12/100 (Total=16) , PCGS: No Category.
  4. There you go... https://www.royalmint.com/campaigns/2021-christmas-sixpence/ Still wonder why limited edition 100 for gold and silver is for... Perhaps it is a page missed during updating
  5. https://owlcation.com/humanities/The-Sixpence-and-the-Shilling-Coin-History-and-Traditions Christmas Six Pence marketed as Limited Edition 100, I wonder why?
  6. It reminds me of the American platinum series... https://news.coinupdate.com/2021-2025-american-platinum-eagle-proof-coin-designs/
  7. https://youtu.be/qM349eDJBvo
  8. In a scenario similar to Venezuela hyperinflation, the scenario for America gold price to reach $100,000 usd, travellers from Europe could bring $2,000 or more euro and spend like $100,000 usd. Unless the world uniformly matches to $100,000... for a moment.... I thought it was possible.
  9. If the coins are like your kids, it doesnt matter what grades they got. You will still love them.
  10. Grading Proof Coins : What's the Real Difference Between a PF69 and a PF70 Graded Proof Coin
  11. I would prefer if the beast had breakfast already 😂
  12. Make merry this weekend and be sober on monday for the unveiling. Hush hush the monkey mind 😆
  13. Precious metals, Gold anchors the sovereignty of a nation. Fiat currency embed the history of a nation's day to day transactions. Digital currency speedily transacts a nation's day to day transactions.
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