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  1. A possibility depiction of the coats of arms
  2. The coin intrinsic value is spot price, the condition(PF/PR) interpreted to the coin into a slab commands the premium (varies with market demand/supply). To each their own. End of the world? Perhaps... Perhaps... Hahaha 😆
  3. https://www.drakesterling.com/2017-platinum-wedding-sovereign-36138665 https://www.drakesterling.com/2017-sapphire-jubilee-sovereign-35827276
  4. Hi Patnol, Since you are the collector, you should determine and decide your own style preference of collection. Firstly, both choices presented are different presentations of the same product. The first choice is the product with the original packaging and documentation from the mint. If your intent is to sell in this presentation, attracts buyers with intent of acquiring your product in its original presentation or lowest cost in mind, since it is assume bought directly from the mint. The second choice is the product process and graded on the product condition perfectness into a slabbed presentation. Now your product is benchmark to a commercial scale standard on a supply demand market value. Unless the collection is for personal pleasure, conditions of the product do matter generally for selling above market value and conditions of the product doesn’t matter generally for selling below market value. Good luck in your collection!
  5. Just curious, Is it possible for physical portfolio rebalancing or only possible for paper portfolio rebalancing. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Britannia 1oz (31.1035g) Panda 30g It all depends on the size of your bullion portfolio. Suppose you are able to manage up to 10 gold coins, it makes more sense to own the extra 11.035g in weight. It makes even more sense to be capital tax free if you are residing in UK. Unless you are into semi-numismatic, the premium bought - premium sold above spot, with lesser liquidity than spot, Pandas are interesting collection. Finally, calculate both by the value per gram and you would have a fairer sense which is more suitable for your portfolio construction. My penny worth.
  7. https://coinweek.com/counterfeits/counterfeit-mintmarks-watch-out-for-embossed-mintmarks/
  8. By using a financial instrument such as an option as insurance against spot price movement.
  9. Silver Premium Before & After Crisis
  10. Gold Premium Before & After Crisis
  11. https://buysigmametalytics.com/products/sigma-metalytics-precious-metal-verifier-basic-set
  12. Au79

    Gold handling

    Cast bars - Unpackage and for handling, no premium lost Minted bars - Packages and handling unavailable, premium usually lost when unpackaged 22 ct coins - Handle with care, some hardy characteristics, premium usually lost when defaced 24 ct coins - Handle with care, due to soft characteristics, premium usually lost when damaged
  13. For scientific test on PM, use a Precious Metal Verifier or Precious Metal XRF Analyzer.
  14. Is your reason of buying gold because of price? Because gold price moves with uncertainty, and uncertainty comes from the darkness without any warning. Now are you going to get your gold? 😬
  15. I will love Royal Mint if Una Lion comes in 1/4oz 😍😍😍
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