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  1. https://coinweek.com/counterfeits/counterfeit-mintmarks-watch-out-for-embossed-mintmarks/
  2. By using a financial instrument such as an option as insurance against spot price movement.
  3. Silver Premium Before & After Crisis
  4. Gold Premium Before & After Crisis
  5. http://www.localhistories.org/media.html Probably “The Daily Post” in 1719 for newspaper, but not television or radio. Speaking in context with what was available then.
  6. https://buysigmametalytics.com/products/sigma-metalytics-precious-metal-verifier-basic-set
  7. Au79

    Gold handling

    Cast bars - Unpackage and for handling, no premium lost Minted bars - Packages and handling unavailable, premium usually lost when unpackaged 22 ct coins - Handle with care, some hardy characteristics, premium usually lost when defaced 24 ct coins - Handle with care, due to soft characteristics, premium usually lost when damaged
  8. For scientific test on PM, use a Precious Metal Verifier or Precious Metal XRF Analyzer.
  9. The most irresponsible news flashline in 300 years 😆 (Calling the kettle black)
  10. Is your reason of buying gold because of price? Because gold price moves with uncertainty, and uncertainty comes from the darkness without any warning. Now are you going to get your gold? 😬
  11. I will love Royal Mint if Una Lion comes in 1/4oz 😍😍😍
  12. If it is part of your strategy, go ahead and execute it. If it is curiosity of exploitation of greed, go ahead and who knows what kind of experience is gain. For eBay, don’t forget to include the commissions for eBay and PayPal offset from the selling price. Good luck!!!
  13. Queen beast series started 2016/2017. The chap sold off in 2018. Is gold an investment that has a 1-2 years horizon? If the long-timers holding gold in the market advices duration of at least 5-10 years or more. Are they wrong? Or does the chap has a mismatch in expectation of what this investment Gold? When one starts out with the wrong footing just because one wants to dance, not going with the flow of the music, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable and get out of the dance floor. First understand what gold does for people who wants it. Do not impose your will of what gold is suppose to be with your imagination, then say it doesn’t work the way you want it to work for you. Maybe you get lucky but how silly is that way of approach? Who defines the feeling Gold’s gives, be it greatness, terrible losses or nothingness? We are terrible managers of ourselves
  14. There is no governing body to maintain price stability in premium, hence price premium are moving according to supply and demand forces. For those willing to pay for a price sellers willing to part with. Bullion dealers are responding to the shortage of goods available to customers with price. Will other industry behave similarly given a similar situation? That will be food for thought. Good day!
  15. Perhaps the Russians were smart enough not to buy gold because its time to buy silver 😄 https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/move-over-fort-knox-heres-an-actual-look-inside-russias-gold-vaults-at-their-gold-reserves/amp/
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