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    Penrith, NSW, Australia
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    Collect World Silver Crowns. Wedge Tailed Eagles on coins. Australian Minted Sovereigns ( Half & Full) Latin Monetary Union fractional silver in 0.835 & 0.900 fine. Stacking Aussie silver coins, rounds, Ingots etc etc etc

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  1. I generally prefer unslabbed however some series I collect have coins that are only available from specific dealers in the USA and they are mostly slabbed with ‘special, limited labels’ etc etc So I have a few.
  2. Congratulations on the win, love the variety available to collect.
  3. Congratulations, two nice additions to your collection.
  4. Hi, Please put me down on the waiting list, l would like two Bars if available. Very nice work Backyard Bullion. Now I just have to hope the exchange rate improves a bit! Cheers from Downunder.
  5. Hi, I am in Australia, from what I have seen on the various forums, eBay etc they range from $A15 to over $A50 the top price ones don’t seem to sell often. Given that postage will probably be expensive I was hoping to get one for an ounce of silver, either in sterling coin or a generic round. what sort do you have? Cheers Brendan
  6. Hi All, yes that’s is the set I saw, thanks for the info I will check out the availability when things settle down. Things are pretty unsettling here at present, my eldest son works in a local hospital and they have had an outbreak of the virus. Not in his area and he and his immediate group have all tested negative but they will all be getting weekly tests until it is all over so the stress will be ongoing for a while. Keep isolated everyone.
  7. Hi All, I recently saw a photo Pinterest that had six GB circulation coins that made up a heraldic shield on the reverse. Can anyone tell me what year they are from and if they are hard to come by? Did they issue proof versions in Silver? I have a weakness for these puzzle sets and would like to get a set. Cheers from downunder.
  8. Filling in my time in lock down by sorting my collection and I have identified some needs and gaps in my collection. We probably all have them. Firstly I am after an empty Monster Box, not to fussy as to what type. Just need something to hold assorted tubes in the safe. I am looking for some older Dansco Supreme Type set albums, specifically those for Israel and Japan. They were discontinued sometime in the 80’s I think. I had them and had to sell them when I got divorced 20 plus years ago and have regretted it ever since! Would also be interested in other Type set albums if anyone has them for sale, have Australian, USA @ PNG already. Looking for empty albums or part filled if the price is right. Hopefully someone out there can help. Keep safe all.
  9. For information, my local Post Office told me that overseas mail into Australia is pretty slow at the moment. Tracking is almost non existent until it gets to the local distribution centre for delivery. Cheers.
  10. Ok, I will check with my contact at the local PO on Monday. If they are still getting mail from overseas I will get back to you.
  11. Any idea what postage to Australia would be?
  12. Hi, I have searched but not found any previous postings so forgive me if this has been covered before. As I get older I find it harder to remember what, where and how much for my collections. In an effort to leave my kids some information on my “funny old coins” their description LOL I have searched for a database or tracking programme without much success. Most of it is USA centric and I need something worldwide. Can anyone recommend a programme? Preferably easy to use and portable over mobile, tablet and computer? Thanks.
  13. Hi Alun, any left? If so, how much to post one to Australia? thanks.
  14. Hi, I am starting out as a stacker after many years as an occasional coin collector. over the years I have picked up a couple of USA silver dollars and halves converted to brooches, both with broken pins and pretty ordinary soldering jobs. Is it better to smelt them to keep my first casting costs down or keep them in the stash? Interested to hear what people think? Thanks from down under.
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