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  1. I did my first trade. I have my first wanted topic in trade section. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to get 1 oz forum bars from BackyardBullion But It's time to finally say hello! So hello;) I'm new at stacking, but I'm not completely beginner. I wanted to start stacking silver in 2017, but i hesitated and that was mistake. However, for most of things is never to late.I wanted to stack a cheap silver, but my collector side has shown stronger Anyway, that's still silver. English is my second language and I don't writing/typing a lot, than please, don't shoot I know that eyes can bleed, but only practice, and bravery to write something on public can push me to improve. Thanks, Onkalo
  2. Hi, it's anyone able to offer it in reasonable price? I missed out "decent" offer, which was just over £50 +p&p. I'm looking 1 for myself, but for good price I can take two + p&p. I can pay via paypal or via bank transfer. Thanks
  3. Hi, it's probably late, but I would like to be on the waiting list for bar # 175 or # 125 or any random if possible. Thanks!
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