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  1. PM sent. Chronos 2019 - sold. Equilibrium 2019 - 1 sold, 3 available.
  2. Update: *Free postage Equilibrium 2019 - 4 x 1oz available now Thanks 👍
  3. Hi, I have spare silver for sale, to make first trades and get feedback as a seller. Please feel free to ask any questions or for more photos. I prefer to sell single coins to more people rather than as a set. I am online everyday, but not all the time (Tuesday I am available before noon, wed-thur all day). All PM will be answered. Items/ Prices/ Condition: Please remember that it is a mass produced bullion, not proof coins and they will have imperfections. All scratches are on capsules only! Please, refer to photos. 1x 1 oz silver Queen 2020 £34 + P&P of your choice and risk! Now £33 + Free postage* For me (!) it is in very good condition, but I am selling it as "circulated" because I bought it second hand on our forum, and I don't know it's source. Please refer to the photo. There is some kind of visible dent above the "Z" letter on the obverse. Also seems to be a little milk spot above the "U" letter on the reverse. Capsule is a one mess, I am sorry about that but I don't have any spares for a swap. 1x 1 oz silver Chronos 2019 £29 + P&P of your choice and risk! + Free postage* (payment pending) That is a really nice coin in its simplicity. Shame that is't a proof coin and that little dents/dots are visible in certain angles, even from further look. Bought from European Mint in BU condition through forum group order. 2 x 1 oz silver Equilibrium 2018 £30 + P&P of your choice and risk! Now £28 + Free postage* 2 4x 1 oz silver Equilibrium 2019 £29 + P&P of your choice and risk! Now £28 + Free postage* Equilibriums sourced as above. The left butterfly wing (Equilibrium '19) looks exactly the same across all of my other coins. I chose the best of them for sale and didn't notice any milk spots on them, however on my other bullion from that mint I noticed little milky dots, so please keep that in mind. Please, refer to photos. Additional information: I had to open some of them to check what was on the coin , what was on the capsule, but now I can't say what coins that was. Anyway I've been tipping them in capsules without touching them, but even if handled, I was wearing gloves and holding them by the edge at all times. I personally don't handle new coins in bare hands, even bullion, so I do care about that stuff. Payment/ Shipping/ etc. Item located in the UK and UK buyers only please. Payment by Bank Transfer only please. Postage of your choice and risk, but must be at least signed for (preferred 1st Class Signed For). Only SD is insured! Free postage* Dispatch on the next working day after payment is settled. Thanks for looking👍 Update: *Free postage (1st class SF at buyer risk. Can be upgraded to SD if difference is paid! Equilibrium 2019 - increased amount by 2x 1 oz (all coins looks similar, but I can send more photos on request)
  4. Onkalo

    Silver Trader

    Is my first review of a dealer on our forum, and I am very happy to leave it for SIlver Trader. He clearly deserves it. I often do a quick look at offers there. But I really didn't have an occasion to buy anything yet. That has changed when I spotted a coin which I really wanted to have in my collection I have to say that, I am impressed by the quality of service received from Martin, who is a very nice and helpful person. Postage, packaging, speed of service, communication etc. - that all is on a very high, professional level. Really there is nothing more to add. All is A+++. I am impressed and I will come back. Thanks!
  5. I'll allow myself to bump the topic as I am interested in this matter as well. I just got notification from ebay that someone has them but that turned out as pre-sale. The person will ship them from the end of july and the auction has a coin design attached. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224063090918?ul_noapp=true https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324214563652?ul_noapp=true I have been looking for some info about this in Google and I found this topic. I understand that the series is minted by Scottsdale Mint, but I can't find any info there about the 2020 issue. Also does anyone know where they usually are available in europe to buy? Thanks, Onkalo
  6. Hello, at first I am sorry for big delay with answer. I would like to really thank you all for warm welcome! @HerefordBullyun Thank you for your post! It is very nice to hear that. It sounds a bit awkward, but my point is that you are a living example showing why it is worth it to keep some part of saving in PM. Anyone can have worse times and I have been there too. That is one of the reasons why I am diversifying my wallet. Is important to underline that you had something valuable to exchange for paper money. It is always sad to get rid of things we like, even if it is a simple bullion or especially some premium coins or collectibles. But on the other hand, I believe, it is easier to build up a stack again (and sell also), than to buy back some antiques for example. Jewelry is PM also, but usually it is more expensive to buy and keeps more personal value than metal is worth. See for simple stuff like electronics, we paing a lot for it and on the second hand market is worth some percent of its original value. That is a kick in the ass when you need money and your losses are bigger, because who does not want to recover after that bad time? And you would like to buy back stuff like a car, laptop or even some smartphone just to live a normal life. Then you have to pay probably more. You can't buy back items with personal value or if you could, probably you will pay a lot to get it back. Silver, gold and even collectable coins, at some point you can buy back if you want or start from the beginning like you did. For me you showed the huge importance of building a smart saving wallet. Beer for you mate Thank God, we have Google Translate but I wouldn't be so brave with translating something with its helps to language witch I don't know at least on some level But seriously, thank you! I am working to improve it.
  7. Congrats @ChrisSilver ! That is very good for the silver and precious metals community. I am also happy to be a part of that growth. Thank you!
  8. I did my first trade. I have my first wanted topic in trade section. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to get 1 oz forum bars from BackyardBullion But It's time to finally say hello! So hello;) I'm new at stacking, but I'm not completely beginner. I wanted to start stacking silver in 2017, but i hesitated and that was mistake. However, for most of things is never to late.I wanted to stack a cheap silver, but my collector side has shown stronger Anyway, that's still silver. English is my second language and I don't writing/typing a lot, than please, don't shoot I know that eyes can bleed, but only practice, and bravery to write something on public can push me to improve. Thanks, Onkalo
  9. Hi, it's probably late, but I would like to be on the waiting list for bar # 175 or # 125 or any random if possible. Thanks!
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