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  1. Hi Everyone, 3 Gold coins for you today 2 actually bought here on the Silver Forum. 1x 1904 Half Sov £175 1x 2002 BU Half Sov sealed £190 1x Dos Pesos £85 Plus your post of choice. Bank transfer or PayPal FF Cheers
  2. I actually got £1175 👍. To good to pass up.
  3. No problem, great looking coin, enjoy, I'm just trying to decide if I'm getting one or not lol.
  4. I'm just looking at buying one. Are there any mintage figures? I can't seem to find much info on these. Nice coin 👍
  5. I can respect that, the mind will always control the machine! I only wondered, sorry I have no coins for you 👎 good luck on your hunt.
  6. Hi Andrew sorry for a general question but is PCGS better than NGC or a personal preference? Cheers Alex
  7. It's crazy! Untill I started collecting coins I had never heard of this before........ I'm looking at gold proof coins that I could swap/buy instead. You have made a very good point though thanks
  8. I decided to definitely sell. This a.good.idea thank you 👍
  9. Thanks, yeah I've joined on the website. Downloaded the app and checking it out. Cheers
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas. Much appreciated. I'll check both options cheers
  11. Does eBay often have issues when selling coins or do you mean fraudsters? Cheers
  12. Thanks I'm just checking coin cabinet out now. I've heard of it but never used it.
  13. Thanks guys, I have thought about selling and buying a shiny Gold coin to replace it....something to keep me warm at night! My luck was in big time I have a PF 70, I've not seen another for sale recently so struggling with a price? Hmmmmm? Is coin cabinet better than eBay?
  14. Having got my coin back from grading and been super excited I'm now super scared it's going to milk spot. Having bought the coin hoping to keep it for ages I now can't decide whether to keep it or not?😟 What do you pro's think. It was my first real premium coin. Will people still want this.coin even if it begins to have issues? Any advice would be very appreciated 😊 thanks
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