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  1. Merry Christmas everybody. I hope you are all well. This little baby rocked up a few days ago fresh from the Royal mint only 5 months after I ordered it! Since then I have decided not to collect the music legend coins so if anyone fancies it let me know. A straight £200+ postage of choice! Any questions please ask. Alex
  2. Are you selling separate yet if so I'll have the falcon. 👍
  3. Amazing I'll take £5500 thank you very much! Nearly sold it a couple of weeks ago for £3200. So very pleased with that.......... As for the Gold well enjoy that beer..... The sweetest beer ever! Ha
  4. Today's the big day! The Una's will steal the show! Let's have new records all round. 👍💪
  5. You never know you might pick this one up from the coin cabinet?
  6. Wow the gold Una has blown my mind. I have my eye on my first coin cabinet sale yes the 2oz silver Una is.....was mine! Who knows what will happen but it could be the perfect storm with the gold 2oz, and the silver 69 and 70 all in one place. Anyone wanting an Una has all the options right there.
  7. I've just heard from Numistacker..... I have a PF 70 inbound! I'm about to research prices 👍
  8. Hello all you lovely silver forum members. I have 5 amazing graded half Sovereigns up for sale and 3 with the gorgeous new @Numistacker Modern Sovereign label. I'm looking for cash sales but would potentially accept British bullion (Britannia's) silver or gold as part payment. 1989 PF69 Ultra Cam £420 -Sold 2002 PF70 Ultra Cam £350 - Sold 2016 PF70 Ultra Cam £420 -Sold 2017 PF69 Ultra Cam £400 - Sold 2020 PF70 Ultra Cam £350 - Sold All very serious offers considered plus choice of postage to be added. BT or PayPal accepted. Any more info please as
  9. @Troy77 and @Numistacker Loving the brit bar and the new sovereign label is just fantastic. I'll be sending all my Sovereigns for this label. Great work.
  10. Of you include 2nd class post I'll have it 👍🤞
  11. Hi, are these still available? Also do you accept PayPal FF. Thanks
  12. I think it's safe to say I'm a sucker for the modern 2oz silver! Incoming @Numistacker
  13. Right place, right time! I didn't do anything special. The coin sold its self. Amazing design definitely very popular at the moment, there does seem to be a buzz around this design currently and rightly so it's a stunner.
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