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  1. Why don't you email ALL of the mints and ask them if milk spots comply with their definition of a "brand new Brilliant Uncirculated" coin? I'm excited to hear the answers you get. After that, you can come back on here and post their replies (which you seem to think will accept YOUR definition of "brand new" BU being without milk spots). Then and only then will you be correct that one particular dealer has done wrong to you (Hint, they haven't). Until that day, you are in the wrong to blame them and you are actually just slandering them. Milk spots are a sad fact of modern bu
  2. Unfair or not the reality remains that two major mints suffer from milking more than the others. It's just a fact. I'm alerted now to one of them making some effort to give the splurge crown back but whether it's just a gimmick or not remains to be seen. Small independent mints in the USA seem to be very successfully producing milk free products. Perth Mint the same and they're producing at scale! On one hand it's clearly down to the manufacturing process but on the other and more importantly, it's the desire and the will to raise the standard of a basic bullion product in mass produc
  3. My experience of milk spotting is that it tends to develop within a few months rather than years if it's going to. It's therefore entirely possible to buy a brand new Royal Mint coin from ANY dealer and within a short time span find that it's gone all milky. BU is essentially bullion in all but name only and it can certainly have milk spots on it without it being against the BU trade description. It's just not made crystal clear that there's a chance that your coins might be milky. Don't blame the dealer though, blame the mint. If you doubt me, just ask the mint if a milked coin meets the
  4. Mint tube containing 25 x BU 2016 Silver Britannias for sale. Excellent condition. Bought new from a dealer in 2016 and stored in an anti tarnish environment ever since. Not played with. £630 including postage Special Delivery. Bank transfer please.
  5. For sale are 11 x Lunar II series Silver BU 1 Kilo coins. Starting with the mouse (2008) and running sequentially to the dog (2018) missing only last years' Pig (still available at bullion dealers). All 11 coins are in great condition and are untampered with in their original mint capsules. They will come in the soft Zerust anti-tarnish pouches that I store them in. Easy to get out and admire whilst keeping them in great condition and reducing scratches to their capsules. An extra pouch included for the pig to complete the set. All 11 coins for £10,000 plus delivery £100 Righ
  6. The big problem is that no private courier service has challenged them on the insured market. One day though, they're going to get a horrid shock. Keep on at them over leaving the parcel on the doorstep. Even Yodel are better than that these days.
  7. Two mint tubes containing 25 coins each of 2016 BU Silver Britannias for sale. Total coins 50. Price £1000 + £12 special delivery. Happy to sell as single tubes of 25 coins each. Coins were bought by me brand new from a large dealer and are in great condition having been secured in an undisturbed anti tarnish environment ever since. Coins will be wrapped in strong and secure packaging and posted either same or next day on receipt of funds. Payment via bank transfer please. Please see my feedback
  8. Chards is the best dealer I've bought from in the UK. Great info on the website and very helpful staff to just call up and discuss things. I've never been made to feel I was being a nuisance asking questions etc. Very happy customer.
  9. Yes they come in tubes of 25 coins and the tubes are included in the sale. I didn't open the tubes and fiddle with them other than to check them so they've been kept nice and clean. The tubes of coins have been stored in anti tarnish bags and kept in a controlled environment. The coins are in excellent condition. Please check my feedback to confirm. All bought in the same batch from one dealer by me and stored together in the same environment ever since. Open to a sale of a single tube if that works out better for you. Cheers
  10. Two tubes of 2016 Silver Britannias for sale. Total 50 coins. £1000 plus £12 p&p Special Delivery. Owned by me from new and carefully stored to retain their condition. Bank transfer only thanks.
  11. https://goldsilver.be/en/134-monster-box LOL
  12. No longer for sale. Pulled from the dealers website which is pretty understandable.
  13. Anyone got a good link for paper vs physical market prices? When I last checked a couple of days ago a monster box from Europe had a 25% premium to paper. Now they are sold out. How long before physical and paper prices diverge to irrelevant?
  14. I used to believe this but I'm not 100% certain. I lived in the UAE for 10 years and I understand a little bit about how things work there. In general this statement is true however there are cases where this is not true. There used to be a company called gold.ae which was an online bullion dealer in the UAE that had trading services in PM's as well as vaulted physical and physical purchases delivered to your door. They went bust spectacularly (but quietly) in 2016 and all of the people supposedly holding physical in their vaults got ripped off. It never existed! Transparency on this sort
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