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  1. This is not probably the best thread to ask such a question on but I'll give you my opinion. If you're looking for re-saleability, the sovereigns are probably the best. Only because as gold rises in value they are not going to become such a large value as an oz coin will be. Others will have different views I'm sure. Secondary market sovereigns are likely to be the closest to spot that you can buy and you'll be able to sell them easily just the same. If you're looking at special 1 oz coins then all sorts of other variables come into play.
  2. Brought back down by gold, which fell below its weekly open. Copper and Iron have been on the march all this year with scrap vehicles doubling in value over a short period of time. There must be considerable pressure building on silver.
  3. For sale is a beautiful Perth mint lunar II 2016 BU kilo Silver Monkey coin. This coin is in Mint condition with superb frosting and it is a good example of this coin. Owned by me from brand new and carefully stored. It has never been out of it's capsule and has been kept in an anti tarnish pouch (included) for maximum protection. £800 (£24.89 per troy ounce) plus £10 P&P using Special Delivery. International considered, but postage and risk may vary. This coin will be carefully and securely packaged ensuring that it arrives without damage or interference. Please check my feedback for details.
  4. The 10 oz coins are sold pending payment. The 1 kilo monkey is still available
  5. For sale 5 x Perth mint 2016 Lunar II Year of the monkey Silver 10 oz coins. These coins look absolutely superb and were bought by me brand new at release. They have never been out of their capsules. One coin has a very faint hint of toning in the obverse field in front of the queens face (pictured) and I will discount £10 for this coin at £270. The other four coins are immaculate. The 2016 10 oz monkey is the third lowest mintage in the Lunar II series with only 12,185 minted. The dragon was the highest at 47,390. The cheapest I have seen these for sale on the continent is £315 so this is a competitive price for a lovely coin. Also available for sale is the big 1kg coin at £850. This was also bought by me, brand new at release. This is also in immaculate condition and the capsule has never been opened. Special Delivery insured postage and secure packaging £9 / £12. All other postage choices at buyers risk. Bank transfer only please.
  6. bump. I'd consider other options to make a swap or a purchase. Looking for the kilo pig and happy to swap other coins / metal if interested.
  7. Gold is zero vat rated. The customs declaration from a dealer should contain the correct standardised numeric code to indicate what it is and that it is zero vat. They should not charge you vat but if they do you can object and claim it back from HMRC. The handling charge would probably be a bit more tiresome to claim back but ultimately they should read the code and do the job they're supposed to do correctly and waive it through rather than generate a bill. In such a case they really have no moral argument for charging a handling fee, but who knows.
  8. £33 I'm not sure what the fee will be to be honest. Previously the courier would charge the fee on small value items because unless customs wanted to open them they would make the assessment themselves based on the paperwork and collect the money. Royal mail traditionally charged £8 for this on top of the duty/vat etc. But above £135 I don't know if they are still charging just the £8 or how it's worked out. Fedex charges a little more from memory but they deliver it straight away with their bill attached. You then pay online rather than having to wait a week for the post office to notify you that it's arrived and go in person to make payment.
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