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  1. bump. I'd consider other options to make a swap or a purchase. Looking for the kilo pig and happy to swap other coins / metal if interested.
  2. Gold is zero vat rated. The customs declaration from a dealer should contain the correct standardised numeric code to indicate what it is and that it is zero vat. They should not charge you vat but if they do you can object and claim it back from HMRC. The handling charge would probably be a bit more tiresome to claim back but ultimately they should read the code and do the job they're supposed to do correctly and waive it through rather than generate a bill. In such a case they really have no moral argument for charging a handling fee, but who knows.
  3. £33 I'm not sure what the fee will be to be honest. Previously the courier would charge the fee on small value items because unless customs wanted to open them they would make the assessment themselves based on the paperwork and collect the money. Royal mail traditionally charged £8 for this on top of the duty/vat etc. But above £135 I don't know if they are still charging just the £8 or how it's worked out. Fedex charges a little more from memory but they deliver it straight away with their bill attached. You then pay online rather than having to wait a week for the post office to n
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for a silver 1 kilo Perth mint Lunar pig. I have for swap a 1kg Silver bar with certificate, made in Dubai by Emirates Gold. A bit different to the standard Metalor bars seen in the west. If you possess a kilo pig, and you fancy a bar instead, I'm your man! Further pics if interested. The bar I have available is 127246 Cheers
  5. I would not advise that. Arriving at a port of entry as a traveller allows you an allowance of only £390 total value for your accompanied personal possessions free of duty or VAT. If you plan on moving home internationally, this will also not allow you to declare bullion as a household possession (such as furniture, tv's, fridges etc.) to avoid paying tax on it. It will not be classed as a monetary instrument that you can declare either. It will be classed as commercial goods and taxed. If you are searched and found with commercial goods you will be charged as a smuggler. The on
  6. Sounds grim! It's going to get worse when the EU finally get round to implementing this on their side as well (they still haven't found the time to sign off the Brexit deal yet!!!). I forget when it's due in the EU but I think I heard that it'll be later this year or early next. It's a protection racket ultimately. It's designed to raise the bar on small foreign businesses doing business inside the common market, without it actually being a tariff which would draw condemnation. It's better described as a trade deterrent instead which of course flies under the radar whilst achieving a
  7. You misunderstand me. Of course we voted to come out of the EU and of course now that we're out of the EU we must apply UK tax rules to imports from abroad. But what we did NOT vote for is the NEW tax rules which were introduced on Brexit day which include a change where foreign business must now register with and effectively act as an agent of HMRC, collecting tax on their behalf for any exports to the UK of BELOW £135 in value. Small sales come from small businesses and it's clearly an incredibly onerous system to place the burden of UK tax collection onto the shoulders of small
  8. You will be charged 20% VAT on your order. Either this should be collected by silbertresor and forwarded to HMRC (an onerous task) if your order is small or, if your order is large they theoretically might sell it to you minus German VAT and you will have your parcel assessed at UK customs or by the post office and will pay 20% VAT on it plus an £8 handling charge. Charges are more at other couriers. If small businesses fail to bother collecting tax on behalf of HMRC and just send it anyway this will result in some punitive measure for repeat offenders. I fail to see what exactly other
  9. This isn't what we voted for. The nonsense with the VAT is due to come into force in the EU anyway so we would still be subjecting the rest of the world to these kind of restrictions later this year even if we'd stayed in the EU. We've simply implemented it slightly sooner than them when we could have ignored it. It damages small sized business with the entire world and is completely retarded for us to be implementing.
  10. I would add that the mouth looks a bit odd to me. Again it could just be the picture.
  11. Congratulations on winning! A beautiful prize well done.
  12. Is it in your possession? Under a loupe, signs of plating are often obvious in the sharp internal corners around the rim of a coin and presumably around this rim / field boundary as well. If it's just a photo then the shape of the Capital O in GOD may just be reflecting the light differently. It's quite possible that the black (camera artefact) of the field inside the O has bled onto the sides of the letter causing it to lose some of the very slight oval shape which appears in better quality bullion dealers' pictures. The angle at which the photo is taken makes a big difference as well
  13. Looking for a Lunar year of the ox silver coin from series 1 2 or 3 for a present. 1/2, 1, 2 or 5 oz considered. Thanks
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