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  1. 5 x 10 oz Perth Mint Lunar II Silver Monkeys for sale. £300 each plus postage. Purchased brand new at time of release and never been taken out of their capsules. One of them has a slight hint of toning on the obverse in the field in front of the queens face as shown in photo. Barely noticeable in hand. £20 discount for this one. 1kg Monkey also available £890 plus postage. Bank transfer only thanks
  2. Write to the seller and ask them to remove the German vat. They used to be able to send you an invoice to accept. If they can send one that is minus the German VAT and then plus the UK VAT, that might be an option. Not sure if the ebay site is geared up to do that sort of thing yet but I imagine that it is in ebay's interest to sort it out to keep business flowing.
  3. They might or might not xray it and open it. If they do xray it they will know it's silver and open it if it's more than a small amount. Once it's been discovered to be illegally marked for customs then who knows where that's going. You are allowed to send a genuine gift up to £39 in value I think. But if you're planning a larger amount then it's just smuggling and not worth the agro. At the very least you'll pay the correct tax on it and then there will probably be a load of penalty charges to pay for their time examining it. Might end up expensive.
  4. Yes. They don't have VAT. Some states have sales tax which they add on but the sale has to have been in that state. So as far as I know, the Americans can buy Royal mint products 20% cheaper than us Brits. The Europeans can also buy the same products using their margin scheme in Germany, as can most of the world which doesn't have VAT. The irony of it all is that it is pretty much only us Brits who have to pay 20% tax to own our own legal tender!
  5. I agree that some will switch to vaulted. But many won't. I know of a number of people who lost hundreds of thousands of pounds when a precious metals vaulting firm turned out to be empty. People are naturally a little cautious over these schemes. I'm not planning on buying into any of them myself.
  6. What? No. No one has evaded any tax. The disincentive mechanism was to drive bullion markets to Germany and it worked well. Everyone bought their silver in Europe. My monster boxes (preordered) arrived two weeks after the Royal Mint release date having been shipped from Heathrow to New York to Frankfurt before making their way by road to Estonia and then being trucked back into the UK. The whole market is doing the same or similar. It's not a secret to any government and it was entirely sanctioned because it supported German dealers. It was a deliberate action to give the bullion b
  7. I don't believe that I'm making a claim about the Royal Mint selling a lot of silver through Europe without evidence. It may be circumstantial but I simply don't believe that it's possible that there are any large buyers of physical silver in the whole of Europe (including the UK) who didn't know that the German dealers are the cheapest. None. If we start with the rich, they aren't foolish or naïve enough not to compare costs across the channel. They didn't get rich by being lazy and not bothering to do a simple price comparison, and they don't tend to invest large sums of money withou
  8. No point importing precious metals now. We've been locked out of the cheap silver loophole until we can persuade our supposedly "fiscal conservative" government that charging British citizens more than anyone else in the world to own our own Royal mint legal tender is perverse. I believe it may be possible to do this. There is a case now to show that the Royal Mint will suffer a loss of business and that British Citizens will also suffer the loss of the ability to save in Silver competitively. Such a case might eventually get debated in a new bill somewhere down the bottom of the list in a
  9. It's more onerous for international business which is smaller than £135 in value for sure but larger than that essentially nothing. What is of more interest to me is how long the boogers will take to clear items through customs /duty etc. The place they currently have with the American sounding name (Langley) which deals with imports takes a good 7-10 days to clear them. I've had two parcels from the states stolen over the years inside that facility (missing without trace) and it's clearly no good. I want to see changes from that.
  10. As expected, the complaints over HMRC pushing the responsibility onto foreign small businesses to register and collect VAT on their behalf has broken. It's going to be the same inside the EU shortly as well remember so I don't see this improving. It looks like a VAT grab by everyone to be honest but ultimately it won't make much difference. If they can make the system really easy then it won't be too onerous. Let's see what the chancellor does in the upcoming budget. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55530721
  11. What percentage of the Royal Mint's Silver product do people think is bought by British Investors/savers? I suspect that a high percentage of it has been shipped on aircraft over to Europe before being sold back with limited VAT schemes. Obviously now that this has all changed, I think the Royal Mint is going to find that demand for their silver products suffers a serious decline. It's in fact likely in my opinion that the revenue will end up collecting far less in tax because of this drop in activity / loss of profit than they will make from the few who decide to pay the higher VAT inc
  12. Estonia didn't scrap it on Silver bullion. It's the other way around actually where they have been under significant pressure from the EU to levy it on Silver bullion and it was due to be implemented ages ago. Not sure why it got delayed. There was a blog about the changes years ago on the Celtic gold website (Estonia based dealer). Purchase tax was on luxury goods during the war. After the war the UK took decidedly socialistic turn with centralisation being a key theme. It may be true that it was added to many things by the time 1973 rolled around but it was developing in parallel t
  13. Are you planning to fill in the "numismatic interest" code for VAT? Technically all coins and banknotes are of some numismatic interest so I'd be interested to hear how anyone trying that angle gets on.
  14. I voted to leave an empire run by unelected technocrats with dangerous imperialistic ambitions. I wish the same good fortune for all of the peoples of Europe to be free of that undemocratic tyranny. What I didn't vote for was a VAT grab by this tired left wing Tory government. In fact I didn't vote for the Tories at all precisely because of their left wing progressive social policies but that's beside the point! They were never Brexiteers and have actually been the greatest obstacle to Brexit ever happening. They're just political thieves who stole Brexit from the libertarian party (U
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