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  1. For U.K. investors, I see a decent 6/12 months for gold given Boris has repeatedly stated they aren’t going to return to austerity and we should be leaving the E.U in December I can see the £ hitting parity with the dollar so that’s 18% just on currency.. For anyone calling me crazy Raoul Pal is also touting pound dollar parity... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2020/05/15/boris-johnson-rules-return-austerity-fund-coronavirus-bill-12711625/amp/
  2. No problems mate more than happy to help, yes a lot of this stuff had very little value back in the day and a lot of silver medals are missing from groups as they were melted down when medals were cheap and the silver content was worth a lot more than the medals.. Right the medals will be engraved to his first number in the Lancashire fusiliers. It’s a good sign that they are out there somewhere if his SWB has turned up.. hell yes machine gunners were the first people you wanted to shut down so he did really well to survive!! good luck on the search i really really really hope you find them!!!
  3. Hi Foster what an amazing and terribly sad story, sadly I have heard this one a few times before!! Right I do have an interest in this area, if you have his service number (if you don’t let me know and I should be able to find it for you) my advice would be to 1 I would join here https://britishmedalforum.com have a search for the his service number and see if any one has posted them up if not post up a thread asking if anyone has them. 2 using the service number start looking through online Medal dealers there are 100s out there along with auction houses the beauty with auction houses is they have their old catalogues available for research I would tend to suggest using just the medal auction houses. 3 1 set up a search on eBay and the-saleroom.com for the service number and on eBay in ww1 title and description.. Machine gun corps was setup when they realised how effective a weapon the machine gun was they were literally built up of the most proficient machine gunners and loaders a pretty dangerous place to be on a ww1 battlefield because everyone wanted to nail you and they aren’t exactly quiet... @ilovesilverireallydo many thanks I missed the notification looking at oil prices 🤣
  4. May add thumbs up for the gold sovereign bought a number of items for him last year super easy super cheap super super super!!
  5. You won’t get better advice than this.....dont buy bars..
  6. Inflation is always present somewhere In the system but the worry in 2008/9/10 was the hyper inflation type... I may add I think this situation is bullish for gold prices but given how much cash the fed just printed and how little gold has done in comparison to it’s going to take more than just the Fed printing to push it higher..
  7. I originally thought this but if you remember last time round a lot of people we’re expected QE to create inflation which never materialised as QE as it currently is keeps the printed money in the financial part of the system...
  8. Can’t help with your questions but wow what a thing of beauty!!
  9. A strategy that was all over zerohedge Bloomberg and pretty much any investing site days before...
  10. Premiums?? Anyone can pay premiums, the trick is to buy it under spot 🤷‍♂️
  11. Bet wonger turns up and tells everyone he was shorting oil 🤣
  12. $400!!! Courtesy of mr Wonger... I don’t want to give an opinion, I think there are too many moving parts to accurately predict even a direction of up or down at this moment..
  13. I got mine out of storage recently, large number of brits from 2017 onwards and a pile of QBs I noticed a few were beginning to show the very early stages of spotting so I gave them a bath in hot water and washing up liquid seems to have done the job...
  14. Good old wonger what a total payday loan...
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