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  1. Sorry tn-21 been working yes I spoke to them earlier think they might be the way forward!!
  2. I would love to but it would be too complex sadly 😔
  3. Hi guys anyone looked at the best places in the U.K. to sell bullion gold to?
  4. I have covered this with you before K you want me to show you the little picture of how central banks actually work again??
  5. Agree 10/15% pop either way I don’t think is out of the question. But you then still have the problem of the Brexit process being complete. Risk assets have been set up by the FED to continue rising under Biden as they did under Trump this is the exact environment where you sell safety and buy risk assets giving you the other 10/15% down....
  6. I don’t think the deal maters that much as long as their is one it’s what it does to the value of the £ that’s going to be the key.. let’s see what Boris signs in the next few weeks... get the feeling it’s going to be anything..
  7. Wongers theory was against the dollar which I think pms will do reasonably well against my thesis is entirely against the value of the £ shorter term..
  8. Boris has 3 options on Brexit now Trumps gone. Hard Brexit which the Tory party won’t allow him to complete. Signing whatever the Germans put in front of him. Which means all the shorts on the £ unwind A third referendum with 3 choices on the ballot. Which means all the shorts on the £ unwind. I’m at no 2 or 3...
  9. My advice get clear of precious metals now sell all your holdings as quickly as possible. By December you will be 20/30% down due to brexit being so soft it’s exactly like staying in the E.U... PMs 7 year circular top was in August.. the fed will print money to make risk assets go up that’s the whole game now and the big money knows this...
  10. Can it break the all time USD high today $7 to go...
  11. Yeah it’s held a bit if it’s going to go up significantly it needs to hold $23 in the overnight session..
  12. That’s the problem with these silver moves they never seem to last. Traders dream stackers nightmare...
  13. Sorry chaps sold elsewhere... Hi guys I have a Baird 100 oz silver bar up for sale... 1790 posted payment via bank transfer and uk only...
  14. I love it how you don’t see hide nor hare of him when the yellows going up but when it comes down by $20 he is all over the place saying I told you so... 🙄
  15. For U.K. investors, I see a decent 6/12 months for gold given Boris has repeatedly stated they aren’t going to return to austerity and we should be leaving the E.U in December I can see the £ hitting parity with the dollar so that’s 18% just on currency.. For anyone calling me crazy Raoul Pal is also touting pound dollar parity... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2020/05/15/boris-johnson-rules-return-austerity-fund-coronavirus-bill-12711625/amp/
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