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  1. I think it’s a cool little gadget to have when you collect gold. I can understand the appeal to it, especially after watching tv series like goldrush. Then again; I certainly wouldn’t make it a habit of collecting these as a way to stack gold. Although some pieces can be aesthetically beautiful when reflected on your retina (for example gold-quarts). The bigger they get, the higher the premium. Another “problem” with these is that most of the time you don’t know how much carat the gold dust/flakes/nuggets are that you buy. They are never 24K purity.
  2. Nice pain-in-the-ass to have 😛 Looks like they poured the liquid straight in the holes.
  3. No need for fancy security features; If the coin doesn’t milk, it’s a fake 😂
  4. Did you take notice of when the video was made? Spotprice of gold used to be a lot lower. Also there’s the difference between a half sov or full sov. If this doesn’t answer the question, maybe he can answer it himself because he is also active on this community.
  5. One of the reasons I stick to gold and occasionally silver from Perth Mint only.
  6. Does anyone know if the Marvel set will be released in gold?
  7. Griffin and dragon are my favorites from the set. The light plays so elequantly on the griffin’s wings and the dragon is just raw power.
  8. They could’ve made him jump through the shield 😂
  9. Wow...just wow! Opening something like that would give you a face like on @HGr his new coin... a combination of first being happy the package arrived and then after opening mildly psychokiller.
  10. I would be able to swap if you are still in search but I live in Belgium.
  11. Probably something you allready know but just keep in mind not every ‘gold’ coin being sold is .999(9) pure gold.
  12. To answer your question about the higher asking prices...first -as allready mentioned above- the dealers have to make profit and second it’s also important to know that some series/versions/specials/proofs/... carry a premium above spot price because of their collectability, desirability or rarity. Hence there is a difference between a stacker and a collector...a difference between bullion and (semi)numismatics in metals. I personally focus on coins because they are more liquid to sell in general. Another reason I see popping up frequently is that some are still legal tender in certain co
  13. Option 1 and 3 are great for artistic purposes or as sharing material. For selling, personally I would always opt for option 2, which gives a clear and straightforward representation of what I am selling. But that’s just my opinion.
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