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  1. My “storage tactic” is coin in capsule, capsuled coin then in vacuum sealed plastic, vacuum sealed coin in UV protective box with silica bags in it against moist. Maybe a bit overkill but yeah...
  2. Maybe this thread can be helpfull. Also discussing the 2021 gold Britannia ping test not being 100%.
  3. Most of the time I order capsules from jpscorner.com, plenty of choice overthere. Unlike the majority of people, I personally like the white ringed ones more then the black ringed ones.
  4. That Perth Mint Kangaroo drawing cracks me up 😂 sorry Concerning sizes; personally I understand it’s always best to get the lowest premium on gold coins. With pure fractionals, this is mostly as good as impossible. But...I think buying 1oz/month is financially for most people not an option. It’s hard saving 6 months or a year for a full oz of gold when the itch for buying precious metal is constantly present. Although on 1/10oz coins the designs are indeed much harder to appreciate, I do buy them from time to time. I just love how tiny they are and the sound they make in their
  5. Capsules don’t prevent milk spotting.
  6. Wow, looks like Chris is on ‘the green’ and John ‘powdered’ his nose. Talking about two opposites in speaking.
  7. MrFreezerrr

    😢 Wtf

    It looks like this one circulated in a coin pusher at the fair.
  8. The black flag series coin 1 and 2 and Australian Brumby coins Prices: - Set of the 2 coins: 160€ - 2019 Queen Anne’s Revenge: 90€ - 2020 The Royal Fortune: 75€ - Australian Brumby: 40€/coin Full name and purity: - 2019 Queen Anne’s Revenge Blackbeard 1oz .9999 silver coin (2 available) - 2020 The Royal Fortune Black Bart 1oz .9999 silver coin (4 available) - 2020 Australian Brumby .9999 silver coin (sealed roll of 20 available) Shippingcosts: Belgium: Envelope (no tracking/own risk): 2,02€ Box (tracking): 6,9€ Europe:
  9. They haven’t been released yet. You might want to follow this thread:
  10. Ooow okay, so it’s the nicotine version of cocaine, thanks 😃 Had no idea this was allready around in the 15th century.
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