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  1. With all the bad talk about goldsilver it’s a bit controversial to say this but...As a collector from Belgium, I never had any problems with Goldsilver. I do agree their communication is reduced to an absolute minimum. They won’t alarm you when certain stuff is delayed, you have to figure out that yourself at the page of the coin(s) you bought. Also; I always get my stuff delivered directly, no storage. Very good packaging and secure shipping. Maybe I’m lucky? Or just too relaxed 😂
  2. I agree with the short summation of @sovereignsteve I guess you can send in any coin for grading whenever you feel like it...The real question is, will you win or lose money in the end. Some people use the grading service just to know their stuff is real because they don’t have the right tools or mindset to determinate authenticity. Some people just want only the best of the best. i guess it’s about the same as grading games or cards...also in this field the number of gradings has increased. And it splits collectors into 2 groups; some people do, some don’t. I guess it adds a more se
  3. Thanks, it helps being from Belgium. There’s really not much to find about this motor club but they seemed to be a big deal for the motor sport back in the days. I also found an old article about them with photos that i.m.o. takes you back in time. The title says: “This is what we saw sunday at U.P.M.C.” Haha cool, what are the odds...You are a biker yourself then?
  4. U.P.M.C used to be a motorclub in the Netherlands named ‘Utrechtse Provinciale Motor Club’. Utrecht is a city in the Netherlands. ‘Rit’ is dutch language and indeed means (race)ride. So we’re probably talking about a medal given to a winner/2nd/3rd place of a race organised by this motorclub.
  5. Some items that you can add in your cart are not in stock yet and are ‘expected’ at a certain date to arrive at their store. Sometimes shipping is slower and the item exceeds the expected delivery date, hence why some orders get pushed further. They don’t inform customers about this, mostly they adjust the new expected delivery date on the page of that item.
  6. Besides the .999 silver bullion and .999 silver proof, they were also released with a Cupro-Nickel alloy, which looks like silver but isn’t; hence cheaper.
  7. In my opinion it’s placed correctly, from a photographer’s point of view. She needs some surrounding space to stand out in the void, otherwise it would be to messy. And secondly; no one wants to see a fartbubble flaoting behind her bottoms.
  8. ‘A proof coin is the highest quality of coin a mint produces.’ I guess crappy is the highest quality the Royal Mint can bring.
  9. Just click ‘start new topic’ in the (main) silver thread, type in title and text and click ‘submit topic’
  10. Brits only since 2013, before also 22 carat. But that’s not the point of the question in this thread I think.
  11. @LawrenceChard Very interesting to read! To avoid confusion with some readers, I just wanted to point out you made a little typo in this sentence: “As I have stated, the Royal Mint are incorrect when they claim that modern sovereigns are made of red gold (22 parts copper, 2 parts copper), as most sovereigns from 1817 until Elizabeth II have included about 3 parts per thousand silver. Even some QEII sovereigns contain some silver.”
  12. If they like dinosaurs and pirates go for the ‘Jurassic Park 2020 BU’ and ‘Black Flag series’ coins. You can find pirate chest with inlays for coins in ebay.
  13. Yes. This has been discussed many times in the past and you can find more info in at least 2 topics on page 1 and 2 of this forum thread.
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