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  1. All the above ☝or perhaps got a better offer in the mail from another bidder that missed out. Whatever the cause...real s****** atittude👎🏻
  2. Not amusing offcourse. Something I always keep in mind when buying graded stuff like games/cards/coins etc...: ‘ask for clear pictures, then buy the item, not the grade’. Certainly with expensive items, asking a couple of extra photos (if possible) from different angles is no overkill.
  3. A phone lens or cameralens are 2 different things offcourse. It’s compairing apples and oranges. But fact is, to bump up the depth of field in a macro shot, you will need a closed diafragma (high F-stop) but this results in a very dark image. Thus you will need lots of light or a flash. You can also higher the ISO a bit but this causes more grain in the photo; so less quality. I personally used a flash with DIY softboxes. People always looked weird when they saw me using flash in the middle of a sunny day but hey 😂
  4. No that’s not possible. Been working with macro lenses last 10 years (1:1 till 5:1)and the greater the magnification, the shallower the depth of field. I guess this is the same way at microscopic level. This is just the law of physics. However, some macro enthusiast use a method called ‘stacking’, taking hundreds/thousands of photos with each photo shifting their focuspoint (with small overlap) and then afterwards stitch them together in photoshop. This way more depth of field in a macro photo is forcefully created. It takes a lot of patience but there are some helping tools out there like computer automated sleds where you can put your lens on allowing it to shift the focus with very small increments each photo.
  5. Been wondering the same thing. I own a 1oz gold one but mostly silver pieces to spice up the otherwise boring bullion collection 😁 No complaints so far.
  6. Looks a bit like a Double Eagle/Indian Commemorative Medal from National Park foundation and Saint-Gaudens National Historic site but a 2oz version. Don’t know if it has anything to do with it.
  7. This is getting way out of hand 😂
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