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  1. Wow...just wow! Opening something like that would give you a face like on @HGr his new coin... a combination of first being happy the package arrived and then after opening mildly psychokiller.
  2. MrFreezerrr

    Advice on gold

    Probably something you allready know but just keep in mind not every ‘gold’ coin being sold is .999(9) pure gold.
  3. MrFreezerrr

    New to buying gold

    To answer your question about the higher asking prices...first -as allready mentioned above- the dealers have to make profit and second it’s also important to know that some series/versions/specials/proofs/... carry a premium above spot price because of their collectability, desirability or rarity. Hence there is a difference between a stacker and a collector...a difference between bullion and (semi)numismatics in metals. I personally focus on coins because they are more liquid to sell in general. Another reason I see popping up frequently is that some are still legal tender in certain countries...I guess UK residents can give you some more info on that matter. Anyway, welcome to the forum and happy stacking/collecting!
  4. Option 1 and 3 are great for artistic purposes or as sharing material. For selling, personally I would always opt for option 2, which gives a clear and straightforward representation of what I am selling. But that’s just my opinion.
  5. Glad the coin is okay! In my experience, the postal services give hell to a package before it gets delivered. I’ve received packages in the past that looked like they were run over by a tank. It would be no surprise the capsule was indeed not 100% correctly closed and has shaken loose during transport...
  6. Nice addition! I don’t think there’s a problem with your camera focus. That is your depth of field (F/diafragma) we’re seeing. You can adjust that manualy by changing (increasing) the F value in your settings and if that is not possible you can get the coin fully sharp by taking a little more distance while taking the picture or change the sharpness of the angle you are using.
  7. @Arongoldprog Personally I don’t see a time soon that we’ll have to use gold to buy bread and milk. But I understand your way of thinking and respect every man/women his/her stacking strategy. I brought up the ‘pure gold’ as an easier comparison because 4 sovs don’t make a full 1oz of gold. Despite not being britisch, I do have some sovs in my stack.
  8. I see a few people who collect silver also started including gold in the collection and even making a full switch from silver to gold. Seems to me this is happening more and more. When I started stacking silver in the past, the biggest dissapointment for me were the milkspots that started appearing on my uncirculated coins...that was really f*ked up because it makes the coins unattractive and makes it all straight bullion I suppose. Since then my focus is more on gold...even if it narrows down my buying frequency and stack volume. I haven’t had any red spots with the gold so far, fingers crossed. I still buy silver from time to time, but only perth mint from now on.
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