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  1. Beano

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Nevada and Utah Goldbacks

    If you're are willing to sell 5 please PM me.
  2. Beano

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Nevada and Utah Goldbacks

    I’d love a few of these. Seems the guys gone off grid 😂
  3. 1 available - £60 Bank Transfer Will send royal mail signed for free of charge if in the UK
  4. £335 £325 £317.50 each (Bank Transfer) I'll cover postage if sending within UK (Royal Mail SD) Both have slight uneven edges although the unicorn less so. They were very hard to show on camera so haven't included any images. The side angle on the pictures are both from the dragon. Nothing to be worried about, this is a very common problem with the 10oz QB's and is impossible to notice unless you hold them like i am in the pictures
  5. £350 £340 Bank transfer I'll cover shipping if address is within the UK (Royal Mail Special Delivery)
  6. Really nice box in great shape £60 Bank Transfer I will cover delivery if located in the UK
  7. £400 Bank transfer You cover postage at own risk.
  8. £600 £590 (Florins, Shillings, Two Shillings, Half Crowns, Sixpences, Threepences) The weight on my calibrated scales (not in picture) comes out to 1843.14g Looking to sell as a job lot rather than breaking up. Bank Transfer & Buyer pays shipping (at own risk)
  9. 11 in total £50 £48 each There is a tarnished one due to being in a poorly fitted capsule. This will be sold last unless anyone wants it. I happen to like it. Bank transfer/PayPal F&F You will also cover the cost of postage at your own risk.
  10. Would you recommend PayPal F&F over bank transfer then?
  11. I'm looking to sell some gold on the forum. I've never sold on the forum before. Could anyone tell me if PayPal is safe to use? What happens if the buyer denies receiving the item? Can they take it up with PayPal and get a refund? I have no worries selling to someone with good trader feedback, im just a little worried about selling to people with little or no feedback at all. I myself have no feedback. Will i struggle selling £300+ coins? any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Anyone used a property investment crowdfunding website? I don’t have the money to be investing in my own property, but would like to chip in for someone else’s and make a few quid also. Anyone who has used these sites please share your experiences, is this a bad idea? Thanks guys
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