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  1. I can't remember who originally posted this, but was successful with stopping the junk. (twice) Also login and update all your personal details with made up guff. Email them with: "Data Protection Request" Data Controller / Company Secretary Harrington and Byrne 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, W1S 1BN Dear Sir or Madam, Notice under the Data Protection Act 1998 not to use my personal information for direct marketing I, <insert name and address> require you to stop processing personal information relating to me for direct marketing as soon as possible and in any event within 28 days of the date of this email. If you do not normally handle these requests for your organisation, please pass this email to your Data Protection Officer or the person who does. Please note that if you do not comply with this notice, I can apply to the court for an order against you under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act. Regards, .....
  2. Thanks for the reply, was just having a read and found this detailed in their excluded items list: "Banknotes, coupons, securities, checks, minted coins, pure precious metals; " https://www.secursus.com/en-gb/package-insurance/ Hmmm 🤔
  3. Hi, I'd seen a previous post a while ago where someone mentioned how to send/insure coins that are valued above the royal mail max limit, and have forgotten what was suggested. Looking for advice on what's the best method? Send Royal Mail SD and buy extra insurance (from who?) Send fully insured via courier (who insures PMs?) Thanks.
  4. SOTD currently back in stock at Chards if anyone wants.
  5. Thanks, just checked and a bit surprised to see they're more expensive than direct from the RM.
  6. Thanks, 1/4 sovs are not really on my "buy" list, but as it's a special design i thought it would be nice to pick up a few full/half/quarter sets.
  7. Are you due to get any stock of the 1/4 sov?
  8. two of my full sovs have just arrived, both being returned, matching dodgy frosting on queenies eyebrows. also tiny but annoying missing frosting spots on the unicorn tail. 5 coinset arriving today too, fingers crossed...
  9. Thanks all, was hoping that was the case, paranoia calmed. 🙂
  10. Is this actually possible to find an address from number plate? I had a Google a couple of weeks ago as my missus was paranoid some smack heads had taken her plate details, and it seemed it wasn't possible unless a direct request to dvla with good justification? Thanks
  11. can print your own returns label: https://www.royalmint.com/help/delivery-and-returns/product-returns/
  12. have you tried deleting your phone browser temp files/ cache / history etc just a guess, but worth a try.
  13. @longschlongsilver @manolitolondres https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-repayment-or-remission-of-import-duties-c285-chief
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