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  1. Thank you for your comments, I feel Humble in your presence
  2. This 1989 Five Pound Sovereign is with Numistacker at the moment, did you not read what I put, but thanks for the comment Plus if you watch my vids on YouTube I give thousands of pounds of coins away Regards Regal
  3. 1989 Five Pound Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo With Numistacker Will post Direct £5,250 Weight (grams): 39.94 Pure gold content (grams): 36.613 Fineness: 916.7 Dimensions: 35mm diameter
  4. Hi Shaolinstacker At the moment I have it with I silver pied fort and 1 oz proof and bullion coins plus 2017 Ducat, its no Una lol
  5. Not looking to sell but might for 10k
  6. Hi Shawy YOU HAVE 1937 PF67 HOW MUCH Added 0 minutes later... NICE price
  7. Hi All Anyone got 1937 Half Sovereign PR67 Regards Regal
  8. RegalStacker

    Trial of the Pyx

    I HEARD A MENTION of 2017 Britannia, hold on let me get that Dam Hammer
  9. he got done for robbing Boy Scouts
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