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  1. The big question though mate...when you taking it out for a river fishing session?
  2. Oh Steffan that's so bloody nice, I'm not often jealous but I am of that. Brilliant and I'm 100% sure it will hold its premium!
  3. That's the fella , much as I love a perfect coin do like an interesting strike.
  4. Agree with @Leonmarsh strike error weak bit of the die perhaps.
  5. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    I've all sorts of random gold run, mini collection targets aside from 20 1/10th I'm also going for a sov run 4 different 1/4 sovereigns, I've a normal current 1/4, a 1/4 Laurel and a queen Victoria/queen Elizabeth so far after an isle of man to finish it up, then there's the 2 X 1/2 again both different then a belter of a full sovereign to finish. And that's along the 1/10 to full Oz Kookaburra set I'd like . So many coins so little cash 🤣
  6. That is a belter what a chunk of silver. Great buy imo
  7. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    So number 10 arrived this morning! So here's my first Oz of 1/10th coins and rounds. It's not the run I set out to do, wanted them all to be currency for the first 10, then currency or rounds for the second ten but with no duplicate mints. 2006 Saltwater Croc 2015 Brittania 2011 Panda. 2008 French 100 euro. 1999 American Eagle 1996 Singapore Lion 2021 Kookaburra 2018 Libertad 1980 Krugerrand UAE Burj Khalifa round. So that's 7 showing dollars , pounds , euros etc and 3 rounds but ones a duplicate mint! Couldn't resist a Kook for collection! So need 4 more showing cash value and then another 7 from different mints giving a total of 21. Alas need to get some fait in the bank so spending on hold for a bit! Got this far with help from @stefffana without whom this would've never had some interesting pieces and @Mtaybarfor getting the Lib sorted. Thank you both. Worryingly I seem to have started a 1/25th run as 2 on their way.
  8. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    Oh now that's a beauty, will post my collection to date probably tomorrow when my other star coin arrives. @Mtaybargoing to have kittens, I like to keep coins in the packing they come in so no matching caps for me it may look a trifle untidy
  9. I've Roman Silver and a Celtic Unit but nothing older than 10AD, nice coins to own
  10. I offered spot plus 3% didn't seem that interested.
  11. Few pictures from the British Museum Stonehenge exhibition and the Museum of London. A stunning bronze age piece found a few years ago by a metal detector and a selection of Roman gold coins found over the years at various London sites and a celtic. Well worth a look if you find yourself in town with a few hours to spare.
  12. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    Oh mate you snagged a Ukraine Angel! Great job. My run half done now, I've got an Oz, but some are rounds so still aiming for 2 Oz total, 1 Oz with legal tender and 1oz in rounds but different mints to first 10 , must be mentally ill I think, premium on some has been bonkers but I figured that premium will hold up or gold will catch it up in next 15 years . Congratulations on finishing it !
  13. Agree on the Dragon bars, I've the set now and they are all really nice.
  14. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    Actually true that don't see so much Ch variety of 1/4 come up....glad I don't collect them 🤣
  15. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    Long as it's from a different mint to the Eagle 😂
  16. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    Ok so here's where I'm going a 2 oz run of 1/10th ten of which will be legal tender coins from different countries so Brit, Eagle, Maple etc then the other ten can be coins or rounds but must all be different mints to the first 10 but can be same county, and they must be 22 or 24 ! Ideally 24 but I have the Krugerrand 🤣
  17. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    I've a mate in Kiwi land keeping an eye out.
  18. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    Oh **** it, got to be 2 1/10th runs now , no choice Kiwi not got a currency value and Libertad doesn't and can't have at least the Lib
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