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  1. Great advice, thankyou. Good to know the approx value of the coin. I think I will be patient and wait like you say for the max seller fee promotion. Thanks
  2. Yes I am conflicted, It does seem like a lot of hassle to post them back again so maybe I will just accept the marks on the coins. I just wanted to see what other people usually do!
  3. I havn't actually I will send a few messages. £150 is just a bit more than I want to pay!
  4. My last coin for the QB that I need is the Griffin. The cheapest I have found this coin is £150 on ebay. This seems like a lot, especially as the other coins I managed to get for £60-85 each! Is that a fair price for the Griffin coin? Or do I need to be patient? On ebay sold listings I have seen that over the last few months it has sold for £100-120 so not sure why it has shot up in price over the last few weeks! I am worried if I leave it, it will continue to go up in price! What do people think? Thanks!
  5. I bought 4 Queens Beasts coins online from Gold Bank London. 3 of them had significant milk spots on them and I sent photos and they allowed me to post them back and sent out 3 replacements. Of the replacements, one has a very small milk spot on the queens face side (about 1.5mm) and one other has a light 2mm scratch to the queens cheek. Would you say this is acceptable and should I just keep them? They are much better than the previous ones I was sent. I know the coins are bullion quality and so I guess I should expect some marks? Just seeing what the forum think as I am new to collecting coins!
  6. Hi All, I'm looking for two Queens beasts 2oz silver coins - the Unicorn and the Griffin. If you have these please PM my with price inc postage! Thanks! I am also on the lookout for a box for the 2oz silver Queens Beast's set if anyone knows where I can get one? (Or has an old one!)
  7. I too have gotten my first gold, but have also started getting the silver queens beasts, they look great!
  8. Welcome! I am also new here and looking to get started on my silver collection!
  9. Me too! I think you need a minmum number of forum posts before you can post new toipics
  10. Hi, I am a new member looking to start collecting with the queens beasts collection! (2oz silver) I am already have 8 out of 10 coins and just need the griffin and unicorn! Hi all
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