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    Rumistacker reacted to AndrewSL76 in 1917 Sovereign   
    Agreed, but note that the mintmark is not the only distinguishing feature. Some also have a little line around the edge of the coin where the gold paper meets to cover the chocolate. I fear this coin would not survive the bite test. 
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    Rumistacker reacted to ChrisSilver in ⚠️ Please uphold your word. & please finalise any trades   
    The Silver Forum is built on trust and integrity.

    Whilst we believe that members should utilise the trading feedback system and TSF itself should not intervene in members trading between each other. On this occasion we have decided that it is better for the community to close this member's account.
    Members who wish to list items for auction please understand the risks of doing so, please see this topic here on hidden reserves not being allowed, which is linked to in the QuickStart Guide to trading, and suggests to list an auction at a minimum starting price you are willing to accept. Or, what is more recommended; simply list your trade listing as a ‘for sale’ with your asking price. You have more flexibility when listing a ‘for sale’ listing opposed to an auction, in a ‘for sale’ listing you can set your price and invite offers and then always reduce your price if there was no interest at your original asking price. Any item that is listed as an auction, the seller should uphold their word and sell at the final auction price to the applicable winning bidder. It is also not possible to list an auction on TSF if you have listed your items elsewhere. 
    Please complete any outstanding trades with @ali187 before 24th June 2021 (so by the end of 23rd June 2021 UK forum server time), when their account will then subsequently be closed.
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    Rumistacker reacted to Fifer in Full Sovereigns for quick sale   
    I think you should have been banned mate makes a mockery of the forum rules if you aren't to be fair! Just opens the flood gates for more people to do the same. This is, supposed to be a safe place to trade precious metal and pick the brains of the learned ones  I feel very comfortable here transferring hundreds of pounds at a time to strangers on the Internet..... You make me nervous.... I'll say it! dodgy characters will not be tolerated here! they.... shouldn't be anyway.... 
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    Rumistacker reacted to HerefordBullyun in *****6 X Oriental borders and 4 X 2017 Brit Valiants - For auction only****   
    Ive edited this to ensure transparency even though I am selling this currently at a loss! @Jimmock has quite rightly pointed out my mistake, So I am willing to learn my lesson albiet a costly one!
    My integrity is worth more than my money!
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    Rumistacker reacted to HerefordBullyun in *****6 X Oriental borders and 4 X 2017 Brit Valiants - For auction only****   
    🐮All Bullion coins The valiants have light spotting. 10 x1oz
    2 X 2019 oriental Brits 
    4 X 2018 oriental Brits 
    4 X 2017 valiant Brits
    Bidding starts at £250 but the reserve is £250 without SD included.
    If the bidding reaches £325 or over SD is free.
    Bidding must be minimum of £5 increments if it isn't, your bid is null unless you rebid or edit correctly. 
    Auction ends 2100 Sunday 13/06/21
    Bank Transfer only! Delivery on next working day of payment!
    Be assured that this listing isn't for sale elsewhere on the forum 🐮🐮🐮
    No bull from bully bid with bully with confidence 🤣

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    Rumistacker reacted to MikeSol in Partially filled US Silver Whitman folders   
    I have for sale some partially filled US Silver Whitman coin folders
    Prices excluding postage
    Payment by Bank transfer or PayPal F&F

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    Rumistacker reacted to stefffana in Sold already, thank you! 🤗 Charles, young head 😂 - Huge coin - .500 Silver Proof (45.36g) -10 Dollars Bahamas 1978 - Box and COA   
    Hi, everyone!
    When Prince Charles will become the new King, on any coin will be his actual old head. But... I have one of very few coins ever made with his young head.😎
    I have today for sale 2 x 10 Dollars Bahamas 1978, with case, box, COA. See:  https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces15182.html, incredible huge, weighting 46.36g, with a diameter of 50mm. Even are only .500 silver, are very collectible, a nice addition in any silver collection. On Ebay now,the cheapest one is £25, but are going higher.
    The coins appears to be in very good condition, not visible fingerprints or scratches for my old eyes. Please, see the pictures attached.
    The price is £23 each, 1st class included, or £43 together.
    The parcel will be sent next working day after payment.
    Thank you for looking!

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    Rumistacker reacted to 1stsovereign in 2011 and 2012 French €1000 euros coin   
    For sale:
    2011 and 2011 french hercules coins
    Each .999 and 20g
    Gold plus 5% 
    FDC in original packaging by Monnaie de Paris
    £900/each plus £7 postage 
    Bank wire or PayPal friends and family 
    Thanks for looking 

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    Rumistacker reacted to lostlemming in 2016 Gold Britannia 1oz for Sale - Now sold   
    HI all.
    2016 Gold Britannia 1oz for sale. Excellent bullion condition. Supplied with capsule.
    Asking £1354 delivered but will consider sensible offers. Chards are selling these at £1377 as of five minutes ago.
    Have tried to photograph these as best I can! 
    Kind regards,
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    Rumistacker reacted to BackyardBullion in 1 oz Silver Forum Bars (2021)   
    So, we have some surplus 1 oz forum bars as there are some members on the waiting list that have just not replied to any messages. 
    Here is the thread all about the bars: 
    Pricing and shipping details
    Prices are as follows for the different Silver Forum membership levels
    Standard or Non member price - £40 per bar
    Silver member price - £39 per bar
    Gold member price - £38 per bar
    Platinum member price - £37 per bar
    Platinum plus member price - £36 per bar
    UK Postage & Packaging: +£3 via Royal Mail Signed for delivery or £7 Special Delivery
    International postage: +£10 tracked and insured, +£5 untracked and limited insurance
    The following bars are available for immediate purchase and shipping: 
    56, 57, 58, 64, 65, 72, 73, 74, 79, 96, 108, 109, 114, 124, 127, 130, 132, 139, 146, 147, 160, 167, 202, 203, 204
    You can see each individual bar here on my website: https://backyardbullion.com/1-oz-silver-forum-bars-2021/

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    Rumistacker got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in Sterling Silver Money Clips   
    Go on then I will have both.  Will PM
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    Rumistacker reacted to sellerstacker in 138 John Pinches Sterling Silver Ingots THE FLAGS OF UNITED NATIONS in hardwood case   
    Another lot that I have for sale. A beautiful John Pinches set with 138 sterling silver ingots. This is a complete set with all the original paperwork.
    The ingots are housed in a splendid hardwood presentation case. There are 138 ingots in total, with each ingot representing the flag of a UN member country. The ingots are all of different sizes and the set contains close to 4.5 kgs sterling silver. 
    I am looking for £3000 for the set. The set will have to be collected from my vault (the bank is in Central London). I will not be able to post this set as it is very heavy.
    Thanks for your interest.

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    Rumistacker reacted to Spence098 in 2oz Silver QB Lion of Mortimer £58 posted 1st class signed 🙌   
    Have PMed clads.
    If clads doesn't want it, it's yours mate.
    Have to do it in order, it's only fair that way 👍
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    Rumistacker reacted to SilverCrane in Date run 1973/1974/1975/1976 Bahamas 9 coins proof set - Franklin Mint, sealed, boxed, COA ( silver under £23/oz!!!)   
    If i had the money i would bite your hand off! Seriously. But ive had my pants pulled down this month by Elon Musk.
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    Rumistacker reacted to matt1r in 2 Spanish 2 Escudos Carlos III IV   
    2 Beautiful Spanish 2 gold escudos.
    Both are original without problems.
    The 1789 has gorgeous toning with little to no wear.
    The 1788 has a little wear but still a lovely coin.
    Any scratches are on the plastic case not coin.
    1789 - £450
    £1788 - £400
    Plus post thanks for looking.


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    Rumistacker reacted to Oliman in Silver exchange for Sovereign or 1/4oz?   
    Not interested in 1/10 ounce of gold. As title says its for sovereigns or 1/4 ounces. 
    Where did i say £25 is my valuation, i merely stated its hard enough trying to get silver coins at that price. (Alot being sold on here and other groups for £27-£32) Also Eagles at £25 an ounce not a chance
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    Rumistacker reacted to Touvex in Grading Sovereigns, NGC or PCGS?   
    I'm pretty OCD with these things so i hate not being able to stack my slabs up if i have mostly NGC and a few PCGS, so i aviod PCGS for this reason - even if i do get some on na good deal, i'll probably get them re-slabed for consistency in collection. But thats just me!
    In general you may find NGC easier to sell as they are more popular among collectors.
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    Rumistacker reacted to Oliman in Silver exchange for Sovereign or 1/4oz?   
    Not interested in getting a full 1oz britannia tbh. 
    Also 68 ounces for 1 Britannia is not an offer i would consider. You cant buy 1oz silver bullion at spot (if you could would love to know where from). 
    Its hard enough finding silver coins at £25 an ounce but trading them at spot sorry but no 👍 
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    Rumistacker reacted to DuncanWylieWilson in USA Constitutional Silver Half Dollars - Tube of 16 - £180 Posted - UK 🇬🇧   
    For sale here is a tube of 16 USA .900 silver half dollars.
    Included in this lot are 12 Walking Liberty, 2 Benjamin Franklin and 2 Kennedy 64 silver half dollars.
    The tube is very very high quality and hard to source in the UK.
    Sale price is £180 including Royal Mail postage to mainland UK.
    Payment via bank transfer is preferred but PayPal friends and family will also be accepted.
    Comment here or PM me to grab these for yourself today! 👍🏻
    Thank you! 🤠 

    @Scaffstacker, here’s a tube! 😆
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    Rumistacker reacted to InvestInCoins888 in PRICE CUT! Only £845! 1767 Gold Guinea Coin   
    1767 Gold Guinea 
    The one Guinea gold coin took its name from the region of West Africa where much of the Gold for the coins originally came from.  It contains approximately 8.4 grams of 22ct gold - almost exactly 1/4 oz fine Gold. The coins are approximately 24mm in diameter (the specification varied slightly throughout the 151 years of its life.  The Guinea (worth 21 shillings)  was eventually replaced by the smaller Gold Sovereign (worth 20 shillings) in 1817 but the use of the unit continues to this day - implying a commission of 5% on the pound value.”
    Please see photographs for condition.
    £985 Includes Fully Insured Special Delivery NOW ONLY £845 inc SD
    Bank Transfer Preferred 
    PayPal F&F accepted 

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