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  1. Hello Everyone, I have for sale a a nice set of 5 George V 22ct Gold sovereigns. I bought these from a reputable dealer in Birmingham as bullion grade gold sovereigns and they are sold as such. There are 4 coins from 1911 and labelled a,b,c,d and one from 1915. Happy to sell as a complete lot of 5 coins for £1600 or if I don't get an offer for the whole lot I'll accept £325 each and take you pick. I will include free capsules for each purchase. Royal Mail special delivery (fully insured) to anywhere in the UK will be added to the final price, around £7-10 depending on the purchase. Thanks for looking. Cheers. Rumistacker
  2. Good morning everyone. I have for sale a lovely BU 2019 Britannia 1oz 999.9 Fine Gold Coin. Purchased from a reputable dealer in Birmingham as Bullion grade and sold as such. The photo shows the exact coin that you will receive and you will also get the free capsule. I am willing to post anywhere within the UK and fully insured Royal Mail Special Delivery is included in the price of £1355. Bank transfer only please. Thanks for looking.
  3. Nice coins! Which mint do they come from? Thanks
  4. Go on then I'll have them. Will PM
  5. Sure may I have 56 please. Thanks
  6. May I have 147 please? Oh 147 is gone... how about 72?
  7. Go on then I will have both. Will PM
  8. I assume they are all .925? What is the total weight and how much for the whole lot? Thanks
  9. Well looking at fiat price conversions my 1/10 Britannia would get me around £150 so that would trade for 6 ounces at your £25 valuation? I can accept kruggerands and eagles if that's ok? We pay both pay SD to each other. Deal?
  10. Interesting offer sir! So would you consider exchanging for the gold/silver ratio at 68-1? I can offer you a nice 1oz 2019 Bullion grade 9999 Gold Britannia in a capsule. Would you be able to give me 68 ounces of silver in exchange? What do you have? I understand that's more than a sovereign's worth so I can offer you a 1/10 ounce Britannia also.
  11. Hello is this still available or do you have more scrap available? Thanks
  12. Yes agree it's disappointing. I have purchased 2nd hand Silver many times from Atkinsons without paying the VAT but it was under a 'special; scheme'. The dealer needs to register paperwork to gain this VAT exemption. I can only assume if this is missing then VAT is added.
  13. The hard left want to errode our individual freedoms and liberty. Gold (maybe silver also) represents the only true form of money that the central bankers can't create by pushing buttons. The Keynesian's need that paper money and without it they loose power and would not be able to manipulate us!
  14. Great video BYB! I live in Edinburgh and I often drink coffee opposite the Assay office I have to agree with you regarding the quality of the hallmark, looks stunning and unique! Well done.
  15. Hilarious Dicker! I remember being in the Aladdin casino on the day before demolition in 1997 in Las Vegas. The dealers got all their friends to come play and payed out loosing bets because nobody cared anymore as all jobs were lost! I even recognised staff from other Las Vegas casinos taking part in the scam. Those that work in the casino industry are the biggest crooks....just like those bankers!
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