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  1. Hi. I have for sale 2 gold coins and would prefer to sell as a lot: 1/10 oz 2016 Gold Proof Libertad: £180 1/20 oz 2012 Gold Lunar Dragon: £105 Plus postage of your choice. PayPal or Bank Transfer payments are fine. £275 + postage if purchased as a lot of 2 coins. Excellent coins. Thanks for looking
  2. Has anyone seen 'Margin Call'? https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1615147/?ref_=fn_al_tt_0 Surprised no mention of "The Wolf of Wall Street" - taught me a lot 😀
  3. Hello. I have for sale a 1 oz 2020 gold Britannia from the Royal Mint. £1,410 includes Special Delivery. Good bullion condition. Purchased from Atkinsons in Dec 2019 and can send paperwork if required. The coin will come in a capsule. Happy to use PayPal or Bank Transfer. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking. KP
  4. Fed money printer go brrr 🙂. I would say those sat on gold will be very happy in the years, decades to come....
  5. Hi all, Maybe a long shot, but I'm after a capsule for a 1 oz gold Maple and one for a 1/4 oz gold Libertad. I'm UK based but finding it difficult to track these down. Any help appreciated! Thanks KP
  6. Hello. I have for sale: 1 x 1/2 oz 2019 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Plus 1 × 2019 Full Gold Sovereign Both coins are in capsules. The Sovereign in the original twist open capsule from the Royal Mint I am selling these as a combined lot for £1,030 (price includes fully insured postage - Royal Mail Special Delivery). I will send the paperwork with the 2 coins also that show proof of purchase. The Maple Leaf was purchased from Silver Gold Bull. The Sovereign from the Royal Mint. Excellent coins. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking KP
  7. Hi there. I started on Bitcoin also, but ultimately wanted something more tangible that I can collect and invest in. Very addictive! 🙂
  8. Thanks Bambi. Will take s look. Being UK based I'd likely get stung with a customs charge 🙂
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