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  1. As soon as the silver 2oz premium proof coins are listed on ebay they are being snapped up.... so far
  2. I thought £1 selling fees for eBay excluded coins? Please correct me though if I am mistaken.
  3. 1) 2010 Kookaburra 2) 1,150 washers Cheers 5huggy!
  4. Haha, yes, definitely the 'looker' of the bunch!
  5. Simply Stunning..... My envy is off the charts! I missed out due to a Zoom call at 9am Monday..... Bl**dy Zoom!
  6. Definitely a different take on a classic design.... so if you were unlucky at 'The Mint' and need those 3 special ladies in your life.......😁 https://www.topworldcoins.com/en/three-graces-celestial-beauty-2-oz-antique-finish-silver-coin-2000-francs-cameroon-2020
  7. Me too. I emailed Coin Connection and they said they are grading all their allocation and will put them up for sale in 8 to 10 weeks. The waiting goes on....
  8. Indeed. At least D!ck Turpin wore a mask....
  9. Just picked up a 1oz silver. I love the Griffin design so couldn't resist! I haven't bought from the RM site for a while so this was a trial run for the Three Graces 😁
  10. Price revision. Now £1,420 including RM Special Delivery.
  11. Hi Forum. I have an excellent mint condition 1 oz 2020 Gold Maple Leaf for sale. £1,450 inc. Royal Mail Special Delivery Thanks for looking!
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