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  1. Hi everyone I'm selling a small lot of collectable gold as follows: Price for all coins / bars totals £1,185 (much more if sourced from dealers), but will sell as a job lot for £1,100 inc RM Special Delivery. All coins in capsules / sealed and untouched by me. Excellent condition. Payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer. 1/4oz gold bullion Libertad 2017. Only 500 minted - £510 1/10 oz Kookaburra 2020 - £190 1/10 oz gold proof Libertad 2016 - £190 1/20 oz Lunar Dragon (Perth mint) 2012 - £105 1 gram gold Panda 2020 in mint blister pack - £70 2 × 1 gram Royal Mint bars 2020 / 2021 - £120 Plus postage... Thanks
  2. Hi all. Some enquiries but no agreement reached. Have decided on grading both coins. The Three Graces will grade a 70 and there is a strong chance the Una will too. Once graded will attempt to sell again 😀 Thanks
  3. Price for both coins now £3,000. Please message me if that sounds good to you. Thanks
  4. Price now £3,400 for the pair... Both coins raw.... They could be 70's! Thanks
  5. Hi, I've not posted in a while but have sold a number of coins on this forum (I do have 100% positive feedback) and I appear from time to time to sell some coins from my stack! I would like to sell my raw Royal Mint silver proof 2019 Una and the Lion coin and my Royal Mint 2020 2oz silver proof Three Graces coin. Any flecks or dust you can see in the photos are on the capsules. Both coins appear immaculate. I am looking for £3,600 for both coins. Please PM me for any offer submissions. Thanks for looking
  6. As soon as the silver 2oz premium proof coins are listed on ebay they are being snapped up.... so far
  7. I thought £1 selling fees for eBay excluded coins? Please correct me though if I am mistaken.
  8. 1) 2010 Kookaburra 2) 1,150 washers Cheers 5huggy!
  9. Haha, yes, definitely the 'looker' of the bunch!
  10. Simply Stunning..... My envy is off the charts! I missed out due to a Zoom call at 9am Monday..... Bl**dy Zoom!
  11. Definitely a different take on a classic design.... so if you were unlucky at 'The Mint' and need those 3 special ladies in your life.......😁 https://www.topworldcoins.com/en/three-graces-celestial-beauty-2-oz-antique-finish-silver-coin-2000-francs-cameroon-2020
  12. Me too. I emailed Coin Connection and they said they are grading all their allocation and will put them up for sale in 8 to 10 weeks. The waiting goes on....
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