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  1. you are not going to learn anything in public schools especially in regards to the true foundations of America. After all, they want you to believe that it was not ever a Christian nation. Real history books reveal that it was. And the reason those people wanted out from Europe was because of religious persecution as well as other grievances.
  2. They were chartered. A great deal of money was paid and they were expected to produce in order to pay back the "loan". Although I am sure some left because of persecution reasons. What is amazing is that they did eventually manage to be productive, though they suffered many casualties within the first year including the voyage over.
  3. I received the gold and silver single coins on Saturday. I must say that I prefer the gold version. (this is the US version). My sets are still "processing". I wonder if anyone else who bought the silver and gold sets are still waiting or if they decided to pick on me because I asked for a credit since they lowered the price $25 USD.
  4. It doesn't look horrible. I am more displeased with the high premium than I am with the coin. I might pick up one or two more to help my cost average ratio out because I bought some when the silver spot was higher. As this is second in the series, it probably won't be as much of a demand if the trend stays consistent.
  5. I don't mean to sound insulting, but is it just me, or does it almost look like a pregnant female angel? flipping to the reverse... old queen. Maybe the price could be appealing? Nope. In baseball, that's 3 strikes... and yer out!
  6. On FeeBay, it looks like it recently sold for as little as $230 USD, but typically around $250 USD. The only ones for sale now are $315 USD buy it now. I guess you can say that the going price is $1 over spot per ounce.
  7. I don't plan to send it in even though it could be a 70... And since I don't know the intention of the buyer, I won't change anything to give them the option.
  8. Due to a lack of interest in an auction, I have switched this to a buy it now format.
  9. Agree. Maybe they did that on purpose. For those who don't read the fine print... oops, sorry... this isn't .999 fine. The packaging is quite a bit different. US is blue box while UK is black. And the US box seems as if more work went into the design whereas the UK... just said... ah, we'll go plain. Is there a lack of artist in the UK or something?
  10. I could not justify the price for the single UK silver because it is only sterling 92% yet more expensive. I've made enough expensive purchases to blow up an average cost ratio to bits.
  11. I know. I looked at the Royal Mint today and... I don't want to sell blood to buy it. That price was way out there... and that wasn't even considering the postage to the States. Even if you paid postage from the States to England, you would still save. Yeah, I still have a bitter taste from the silver medal theft. It sat in my cart for 25 minutes... but I bet the bots had no problems. Anyway, I won't buy it aftermarket and I have the Mayflower, which they lowered the prices on gold, even though they are unavailable.
  12. Okay... although they have the gold unavailable... I want to know what gives???? They lowered the price. I bet I won't be charged that price.
  13. Surprised.... Mayflower 400th Anniversary Silver Reverse Proof Medal is still available.
  14. Nice. Yeah, it's tough if you don't have time to play the US Mint game. I am curious if the 8/9 am start time through the bots off.... though it wasn't like the start time was a secret. Confirmation came about 3 hours after the order, which seems to be standard. I actually like the British coin more.... the US one... well, that woman kind of looks like a man. I'd rather have a ship than a manly looking woman. I hope I don't regret getting the gold. Still thinking it is overpriced... as I try to buy 1 oz gold close to what that 1/2 oz set cost. I don't have any intention on se
  15. I don't use either of those web browsers. I prefer Brave.
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