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  1. You will want to stay away from graded and proof coins then. The premiums are ridiculous. Most experienced stackers say that it is better to go to a local coin shop now instead of these online dealers. During that little dip, I just managed 3 silver ounces. Only 3 because they were higher premium (not generic) coins.
  2. Put me on the list for the scraps. I might have a good chance at those.
  3. Fat chance of me getting one so could I just get the scrapings?
  4. To be honest, I have never attempted to sell any. I know the reason to stack. Heck, I was one of many who wrote an article for the contest on here. I also know that things might really hit the fan... and it may not even matter if you have BU, proof, graded, or cheese. Well, the cheese might be useful. There are only so many people who are looking to acquire PMs... so it is sort of a niche thing until the masses catch on. Graded and proofs... is a niche within that niche. I didn't want to go that route. I am not an expert, though I am a bargain hunter... hawk.. whatever. I killed my $/oz average... or so it seems. Worst case scenario... it's still silver so I never will lose 100%. Three things that I bought... and still waiting for them to arrive... the 1 oz proof Death Star, 2018 Swan PR70 that Chris Silver mentioned in US deals, and the 2020 2 oz proof Brumby. I thought the 2020 Silver Eagle proof straight from the mint was expensive... and I only got it because I hope it will be something special, seeing as how the design changes next year. You don't want to know (or maybe you secretly do) how much I paid for the others. Will I get my $ back? Hard to say. Even if I got exactly what I paid, I still would lose, but it depends how far in the future I am talking because inflation devalues the $ every second. That's a hidden tax not many mention or think about. To the pure stacker, I doubt graded or proof or old historical coins are of any interest. It's a collector based thing. Timing, therefore, plays a big part in it. Back to the topic, it looks like silver is stagnant at just under $25... unless my internet is broken and won't refresh past $24.93/oz. Nope.. the market was just closed, but it's open elsewhere and started with an upward run. I was really hoping for another quick surge downwards... I knew I should have bought in at $24.70ish. Oh well, what's 20 cents for 3 ounces?
  5. I don't want to be a FOMO.... but I think I just threw my DCA out of wack this week. I took a gamble... on some proof coins. I figure... not looking at ASE or even generic at these prices so... why not some big dogs? It's odd that those kind of coins aren't heavily influenced by the spot as one would think.
  6. I don't know who is doing that. I bet you who ever is... probably isn't even watching the spot price now. That's pretty much the price for a 2017 Swan.
  7. Am I sensing sarcasm? That's still about $3000. I guess $5/oz over spot is better than $10-$15 over.
  8. not bad... I was thinking closer to $22. Maybe tempting to $20, though I would not think it to stay there long nor would I expect big online dealers to respect it by lowering their insane premiums. It's currently under $25.
  9. It's a roller coaster today. I view JM's bought dealer... Provident. It may not be the "true spot", but it's a gauge. I am looking to make a repeat order of what I placed early this morning only because I have to mail my payment and they get all weird if it doesn't reach them fast, yet they take forever to fulfill the order. That is what I hate. By "they" I don't mean JM or Provident... but another dealer.
  10. I am not worried. I am looking to buy... not a ton... The premiums are more ridiculous now than they were at the March dip.
  11. I am still upset with SD... for doing that a few weeks back when they had their weekly sale on Roos. The spot took a dip that day and all of a sudden... out of stock... then the spot went up and what do you know... they have over six thousand miraculously available. I was so ticked that I didn't buy ANY. I wrote to them and suggested that they change their motto because I expect that kind of junk from APMEX. I understand the purpose of making a profitable business, but playing tricks can lose customers too.
  12. Spot is dropping.... my [email protected]$$ bought a small amount early this morning because I didn't think the American market would keep the downward drop going. I am only fortunate enough to not be a total [email protected]$$ because it was a small amount... betting that the pullback would be more. I did, however, buy collectible (proof) stuff, which was not tied to the spot so it didn't matter. I am about to pull the trigger on some more graded/proof stuff. Nothing "stack" worthy since it's only 1 of this and 1 of that.
  13. yeah, (scratching my head).... but how is that possible on a "pre-sale" coin?
  14. that's what I was going to ask, but as a paying member who asked first, I'll assume it's yours.
  15. Did anyone else see the momentary price at just over $30/oz on Thursday (early evening)? By morning, it settled back down to around the $28.50 mark. I wouldn't mind another bull run this week, but I still wonder if there is a crash in store, which doesn't worry me either.
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