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  1. Then you are looking at silver the wrong way. To compare it to oil stock or any stock only shows that you are only seeking fiat monetary gain. That is not the reason many of us here acquire PMs.
  2. basically, cherry picked for good quality and key dates.... I would pass. I am steering away from FeeBay and supporting LCS more. Unless all the dealers are belly up in the Windy City, you either should look there, or make a road trip... like someone from Chi-town did today as I saw that outsider buying up all the ASE from a LCS.
  3. Read the post/articles for new PMs (precious metals) collectors. https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/84-user-guides/
  4. Is it just me or does this seem like it's an easier way for government to track and tax private sales? One thing for sure... changes are NEVER made for YOUR benefit.
  5. for what? 2021 ASE? I personally would not because I got some for less previous to the huge hike. Actually, the best LCS in my area sells the 2021 ASE for $1-2 more than the others. If it was a tube of 1996, then I would probably buy it.
  6. 2021 Britannia is around £23-£24 here. I only bought one... because it's tough when I bought the 2020 for £14 last year. And getting a 10 oz 2021 Valiant... pretty much absorbed a lot of my funds. The signs show a dip, but the dealers are not being kind on the premiums. Could very well be manipulation on the supply end.
  7. I also suggest a coin shop.... hopefully, you know where you are going. I would just research where you will be and see what shops are in the area.
  8. Only if that is the prostitute's name. I hope dwreck is not a hooker. Plenty of "tricks" going on in Chicago. Not to mention... da Bears still suck.
  9. I have never bought from there before... mainly because they are not State-side (in the USA), and I would have to order a lot to get good shipping. As of now, they have the 2021 1oz silver $10 USD over what I paid. I could never get myself to dish out what they want for the gold... especially the older coin. The stacker in me says no way even in Hell. The flipper in me says... no room to make profit. The collector in me listens to my flipper/stacker side.
  10. Well you do live in Hell... that is what your location says anyway.
  11. I am still buying... 8 ASE and 2 Maples today. I might slow down now... but thanks to those who bought from me.
  12. Is there any recourse in the Philippines if someone does sell you fake coins? If you don't know, I would check to see if they have any counterfeit laws. Only the government is allowed to counterfeit... it is a sad joke, but true.
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