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  1. Wow I am impressed. I only bought one and it took so long to buy it.
  2. UPDATE:I got my coin!!! I called the mint and was like whats with the credit card clearing and all. The person was like well we have a temporary fee and it goes away when the order is shipped. I am not sure if that charge will come back or not but if not I am not complaining. Did not really make sense to me but whatever. 5 minutes ago I just got the coin in my mail. It is now officially in my hands!!! Thank you for all your comments.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can maybe answer my question about wether or not I will see my silver eagle. So I happend to snag the End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Proof Coin fro the U.S. mint...or so I thought. I just received word that on my credit card the money I spent on it was suddenly gone, as in not cleared but suddenly vanished as if I never bought it. When I called the credit card company they said that it means the people retracted their item being sold. I however got an email from the U.S. mint yesterday night saying my coin has shipped. Does anyo
  4. Hi there I am willing to ship free in the USA. I have never worn the pendent before and I have two of them. I am selling them for $220 each but I am willing to negotiate a price if it seems too high. All I have is pay pal and I am pretty new at this selling and stacking gold and silver so thank you for you patience.
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