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  1. Oops sorry this is sold. The reason I had it priced that way is because thats how much I paid for it and was hoping to break even.
  2. So I have decided I wanna try to invest in gold. Specifically coins because I think they have more cool designs than bars and I like the history behind them. Recently I bought a coin container that has 40 capsules with the black ring for your coins. The came in 8 sizes (17/20/25/27/30/35/40/46mm) and my goal is to fill them up this by the end of next year. What I would like to do is own 20 ounces of silver and capsule them. 10 ASG and 10 fun silver coin pieces. For the rest of the capsules I want gold (10 AGE and 10 fun) in them but I am having a hard time deciding the ratio I want my gold and
  3. Haha well if you want another one I have lowered the price to $180 no shipping included.
  4. Ah I am going to have to pass at the moment some money problems came up. Thanks for replying back tho.
  5. How much are you looking for the Morgan dollars? Specifically the CC ones?
  6. Hi there, So I recently got into stacking and collecting silver coins. I has just found a Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollars my mother had collected and since the looked dirty or tarnished I decided to clean them. I looked up online ways to clean them and used the whole tinfoil, hot water, baking soda and cold water method. After I did this they looked great to my opinion but after doing some further research on coins I had found out that cleaning your coins could destroy the value in them depending on how you cleaned them. Does anyone know if I just totally destroyed what could have been a
  7. Wow I am impressed. I only bought one and it took so long to buy it.
  8. Hi there I am willing to ship free in the USA. I have never worn the pendent before and I have two of them. I am selling them for $220 each but I am willing to negotiate a price if it seems too high. All I have is pay pal and I am pretty new at this selling and stacking gold and silver so thank you for you patience.
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