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Need your advice regarding rare Chinese GOLD "2021 Moon Festival Panda" medal.


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I have a chance to get my hands on a 2021 Gold moon festival panda medal, but I don't know enough about these extremally rare coins and "Moon festival panda medal" series in general to pull the trigger.

Any info and/or suggestions would be really appreciated...

Thank you.

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The lack of response, is probably the fact that most TSF members (at least this side of the Atlantic) are ignorant about Panda 'medals'  Panda coinage is as popular as any other 1oz gold coin (or 30g) - there's even a Photo thread for Pandas. I have looked at a NGC graded (70) proof 'moon festival' 2021, and must admit it looks superb, but would probably cost mega-bucks! I have a 5 coin 1994 Panda set, but know nothing about medals, so unable to comment further. 

Good-luck anyway


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Are there any photos? Although I rarely collect pandas, I will be exposed to a lot in the environment. As far as I have observed, the pandas of each year are enough to complement your collection. Many festivals or some special meetings will be the same in the same year. The panda pattern is just written around to celebrate XXX. As far as I have observed, the conclusion is that there is no need to collect it, and it is even more expensive. However, some panda medals sold separately by the Chinese Mint will be completely different. The design is even refreshing, then it can be collected

personal opinion for reference only RGDS

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Thank you guys.

The opportunity that was presented to me was was for NGC pf70 1kilo Gold.

They are extremally rare, only 8 of them were produced and only 6 graded in pf70.

The price was 150k, but after a long internal battle I decided to pass, mainly because I could not find much information on collectible value of this medal.

Still not sure if i made the right decision or not...


Gold Kilo Reverse (1).jpg

Gold Kilo Obverse (2).jpg

Panda Gold Kilo Reverse (3).jpg

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I will support your decision. The picture is indeed very beautiful and the design is different. Apart from the shape of this year’s Panda coin, the design is also different. I can confirm at first glance that it is not officially produced in China, nor is it a general one. It is made by the known panda badge manufacturer, but it is really beautiful on the presentation of a third-party producer, but the panda coin badge is only in the Chinese market. If you are simply collecting it, maybe you don’t need to think about it too much because even I even know me. Mainland friends can’t find too much information about him. It’s very likely that a third party is only making and selling to attract foreign investors. Of course, the premium is really too high (I only bought 1989 5sov from the respected sovereignsteve in the forum this year, so I can’t afford more. , Maybe when I become more capable, my concept will change to support you to buy. Of course I think you can have a small size if you like this series, but the collection is complete. Although you may miss this coin, but you have more Opportunity to be included in other collections

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks, JJH.

There was a definite impulsive to add a piece like that to my collection, but It was one decision I didn't wanna get wrong.

Even though I still ponder on weather or not I made the right move, one thing you are 100% correct about is that I still have opportunities to explore, specifically because I said "No". 

P.S. JJH... Thank you for chiming in. Sometimes a friendly advice or a point of view other than your own is all you need to expand your horizons and see other perspectives.

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Hey there, I see you've already come to a decision. As the resident Panda medal expert I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Most of the moon festival medals are ordered via modern coin mart/gov mint via Chinese mint. Mostly for sale in the US market. They send all of the medals for grading and only sell ones that grade poorly individually. The panda medal market in general has seen a fairly steep decline in interest over the past few years. Peaking in about 2017. While they may see there day again. For now I would only purchase for the love of the medal itself. Not for any sort of massive appreciation over the next decade. The more desirable panda medals are made for the Chinese markets in much smaller quantities than these ordered by MCM. I think the moon festival medals of previous years were much nicer as they had Jade, Pearl inlay in the moon making it very unique.  Even then I think there are much better things to go after with $150k Like the next Gothic Crown Portrait Kilo gold release. This coin should see massive appreciation over the next decade. 

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