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  1. @Darr3nG has probably done the most gold silver trades on here and we'll have a pretty accurate idea of current ratio
  2. Only issue I see is the fact that people might overstretch themselves but that's just down to the willpower and commonsense of the buyer.
  3. I thought I saw one on the German site but might be wrong?
  4. They turn up on eBay now and again or or the forum European mint orders had them listed under collectors coins be warned ££££ from dealers
  5. You have to love a golden Mexican lady 😄
  6. Thanks to @Stacker2020 a run of silver Britannia's 😄
  7. There is exactly the number that is displayed under the minion beside the jar
  8. Imo fractional .999 is ok BUT you get stung big time on premium the smaller fractional you go. I would buy ¼oz .999 but rather buy sovereigns if in UK. If CGT isn't an issue you have more scope for buying closer to spot with a mix of coin size. I'm currently in the same dilemma... Do I buy a few 1oz CGT free coins in .999, grab a pile of sovereigns, a few doubles or quintuple (hefty premium) or go non CGT and buy biggest I can closest to spot? Oh the quandarys of a gold stacker 😂😂
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