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  1. Equilibrium butterfly of the year it was made. The terminal velocity of the pile of washers equals bananna therefore the answer is 187
  2. Reduced and better cash rate on exchange
  3. For sale £1250 Alderney 2oz silver three graces #92/1000. Packaging etc immaculate. Would exchange for Royal Mint 2oz silver three Graces in absolutely perfect condition as a coin plus £900 cash swap. Bank transfer or PayPal FF SD postage included
  4. In answer to the original question £13000 for Alderney una
  5. Not that hard to find but our are at less than stupidly high premium
  6. Send it to me on a one-way journey I will let you know 😂👍
  7. Platinum Griffin if you compare it to the silver and the gold that night are so much Crisper being much denser metal.
  8. To give an idea of towel worthwhile it is investing in platinum group metals look at how well platinum group shares and stocks are doing against the rest of the precious metal ones. Should you invest simple answer yes but it's the most volatile of all all so careful watching of the markets is definitely required as Pete has already outlined
  9. To answer the credit card question I tried loading my account it says does not accept credit cards got the same response when I tried to pay for bulliob
  10. This put it this way gold did not go up 60 quid oz yesterday😉
  11. You won't have any issues ordering from Chards. @LawrenceChard is on here a fair bit. Their customer service is usually spot on
  12. Yes the last order came to the mainland via sovereign Steve with zero issue
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