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  1. If I had the spare cash sat about then.yes
  2. Managed to very carefully tap it out but yet typical mint right samples and I now need to get a load of the correct size capsules
  3. Yes I got mine with too small cap. In fact last 3 coins from them all been in different sized ones and none the one they supposed be in
  4. I've found they are replying fairly quick via their Facebook page might be worth a try
  5. You want your Queen's Beasts by the try sir? No problem 🤫😉 In answer to earlier question no didn't come with Caps and if anyone got or knows correct caps for the 1oz platinum let me know
  6. A rather nice double layer Queen's beast box landed on my doorstep this morning 🤫😀
  7. Jim as the others said we like you and want you to stay
  8. Both correct guys. Far easier to loose a certificate than gain and what Dicker described happens far more than you think. The biggest issue however isn't with legally held firearms it's the ones people don't know you have that cause the biggest headache. At the end of the day you could have the best security, biggest guns/dogs/angry wife but if someone wants what is yours they will find a way of getting it. Best security is when no one knows you have it. Btw I did know more than 1 person who used to keep their valuables locked inside the enclosures of their venomous snake collections(legally held and licenced)
  9. I agree the amount of people saying oh yes I can buy for XYZ price I just reply crack on go and do it. Come back when you want to offer a real price. Had a guy recently offered me a stupidly low price for a tube of Britannia told him politely to jog on! he came back said fairplay was willing to try my luck ended up spending a couple of grand with me , good bit of banter and and we struck up a good deal with him paying what I asked overall. I find especially with PMS the moment you put them on all the eBay dealers jump on offering stupid low prices the general public not knowing value would probably jump on them those of us with a bit more savvy play them at their own game makes very very funny reading of the messages going to and fro
  10. It's deffinatly not the same modified girls link I normally use 😂😂😂
  11. I lost a similar amount and when I bought just after the update you had to literally pay there and then it didn't lock the spot for more than a few seconds
  12. I wondered where they had disappeared too 🤬😂😂😂😂
  13. You mean you've not been offered one yet 😂. Best keep this on topic
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