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  1. They didn't have falcon so my bank account was saved lol
  2. Yeah I went for it too added the Gruffalo as my oldest would love it for her collection and almost £10 back via Topcashback so free postage
  3. Even bigger savings if you go through Topcashback intrinsic value Inc vat £218.40
  4. I would agree with @dicker 20% premium on larger Nuggets seems to be about the going rate, though that does seem to fluctuate with origin .Australian gold being the highest purity and most desirable from the collecters point of view. will raise my offer to 2 packs of hobnobs 😂
  5. Yes it's this bar only not a bad deal if you're in the market for one
  6. I'll give you a packet of chocolate hobnobs. Mate it's stunning need to be kept intact
  7. The Bicarb bath method doesn't work long-term either and I definitely wouldn't be using on s proof
  8. That's the RM for you. If the coin isn't dented it's in wrong capsule 😜🤬
  9. If you are not happy with it I'm sure someone will greatfully take it off your hands
  10. Personally you can't beat physical platinum in your hand it feels so Chrisp and hard compared to gold or silver, so I do have shares into very productive Platinum group mine's that are doing rather nicely
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