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  1. False claim: Two factories producing magnesium stearate, an ingredient used in a drug touted as a potential COVID-19 treatment, blown up simultaneously https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-factories-fire-magnesium/false-claim-two-factories-producing-magnesium-stearate-an-ingredient-used-in-a-drug-touted-as-a-potential-covid-19-treatment-blown-up-simultaneously-idUSKBN22U2C9
  2. Well said that man...!! 👍Or whatever you are today 😆😆
  3. I'm only buying a couple of items at the moment,(not at high premiums) I picked up a few half bullion sovs before 😷at a good price, so I'm happy with what I have at the moment, all the proof coins I was waiting for have now come, they will be going to grading when I can get out Wor Hoose..🏚 I'm not buying silver coins at the current premium, only random catch my eye stuff.... Waiting for this to be hallmarked, it's the only item I'm waiting of.....
  4. Your on the slippery slope to being skint 😢 but happy 🤣 welcome 👍
  5. Cheers Paul, I had a play and works like a charm, much better than my attempt 🤣 Marc
  6. I have quite a few graded 70 half's and also buy bullion half's, I buy halfs over silver bullion coins. Good price and sell really fast.
  7. Keep at it 👍, one of my videos is at over 14k views, the video is utter c**p 😳 💩 its just the tags and title that capture the views... not pm related.
  8. If you have ever opened a box and a load of shredded paper has landed on your carpet, then you too have probably bought from the "shredder" @Troy77 Sells some lovely stuff tho. Sorry a tad pic heavy
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