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  1. Hi Everyone, I am Looking for the following Chinese pandas in the dates shown below in either 69 or 70 by PCGS 2001 2002 2003 2006 2009 2019 2020 i will also be looking for 1 x 1/4 to 1/2 Ounce Gold Panda in the near future, if you have one available in either PF69 or PF70 please let me know as id be interested in possibly making a deal with you Thank you Liam
  2. Today I recieved the following thanks to @ChrisSilver and @5huggy through the Daft Competition. Brilliant!!!! Thank you to everyone involved!
  3. Item: James Bond 2020 UK Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Box/COA: Yes, both box and COA Condition notes: Never opened from the capsule by me, coin looks to be in perfect condition and i am very reluctant to sell but need to due to unexpected expences. Item Location: UK Shipping destinations: Will ship worldwide to anywhere that Royal Mail ships to, at cost and buyer to assume risk if outside UK. Price £550 Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer Or PayPal F&F Photos:
  4. They look nice glad you all got yours safely.
  5. I have had a look and apparently there is only 5 graded at 70, if the coin has never been touched one should assume it would be 70 and i would hope it is a 70. I am really stuck on what I should do lol
  6. Thank you, see i am always worried it might not get what I think it should, not that I know anything lol. Thabk you for the advice @BazzaC
  7. Hello everyone, I have just recieved Bond, James Bond 2020 UK 1/4 Ounce Gold Proof Coin DB5 and i am toying with the idea of getting this coin slabbed. What is everyone's opinions on this, is it worth doing, would you do it and why? Thanks for all your help!! Liam
  8. Thank you Both for hosting a brilliantly fun competition. I'd also like to thank all my fellow precious metal minions who help make this forum be as great as it is. congratulations @Fadeingstar that was a mintastic guess lol
  9. Welcome to your new home @AndrewC you won't regret it this place is awesome!!!
  10. So here is my Stack, new to this but love the coins I have and can't wait to expand my collection
  11. I have never had a problem buying from The Silver Forum, eveyone I have purchased from has made the process smooth and effortless and the item is always better than originally expected. The Products I have brought here have always been well packaged and protected, although this can be a pain when trying to open them in a rush before your wife gets back from work and realises you have spent more money lol. I truly could not fault the community, administration and moderators of whom work very hard and dedicate there time to making this a wonderful place to enjoy stacking/collecting.
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