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  1. Hi James, Speak to @morezone I believe he sells them. I don't know if he has any in stock but here is the link. Regards Liam
  2. Thank you Invest i will definitely be using SV's services at some point, unfortunately at the moment i cannot purchase the gold Pandas due to them being out of my price range, but he does have some lovely coins on there and i would highly recommend anyone to visit his shop. Thank you for your advice @InvestInCoins888.
  3. Thanks SV, you have some lovely coins overall on your website and i love the Pandas unfortunately they are a bit out of my price range at the moment but i appreciate you contacting me. Thank you. Liam
  4. Brilliant Thank you, i will get in contact with him to see if he has some available. Thanks Chris Appreciate your help! Liam
  5. Hi Everyone, I am looking to find out where i can purchase these in the UK or does anyone have any available to sell as shipping from the united states really does make them overly expensive and i think they are excellent idea for looking after your coins. Thank you! 1 AIRTITE COIN HOLDER CAPSULE BLACK RING 40 MM
  6. Hi Everyone, After showing my father in law my little graded Panda collection he has asked me to see if any are available, i am not to keen on Ebay because you never know what you are going to get, if anyone on here has some available and would like to sell them can you please get in contact with me. Thanks Liam
  7. I would love a 2019 edition as well as a 2020 love the idea and the work that has been to put into them
  8. For Sale BOSCH Cordless Nibbler + Bosch Cordless Metal Shear and 1 × Battery. All Brand new in box, Boxes damaged due to storage Looking for £500 or near offer Withdrawn last due to incorrect images
  9. For Sale BOSCH Cordless Nibbler + Bosch Cordless Metal Shear and 1 × Battery. All Brand new in box Looking for £500 or near offer 20200808_182352.heic 20200808_182415.heic 20200808_182429.heic
  10. Can i join the waiting list please and get 150 if possible please
  11. What Years do you have buddy, id love to see some pictures if you have any
  12. I love the look of the Silver Brits, so clean cut
  13. I didn't even think of that, the knowledge on here is invaluable. Thank you
  14. Thanks for the advice i will definitely consider that, gold will always be a great investment. I started off wanting the bars because i liked the way they look now i am being drawn to the coins because the designs on them are so satisfying to look at and admire.
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