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  1. Hi, I am fairly new to collecting silver and gold but slowly learning more and more. I just wanted to know if anyone had or knew of a datesheet/pdf or book ect... That I could look against to see the different designs/series of rounds and bars. For example, I only found out today that some 1oz Canadian Maples have some different markings to the bottom left of the leaf, like snakes, wolfs ect... 😂 👌 Cheers, JMTech
  2. Thats a good thing, Impulse buys are the worst in this hobby and women know the finances better! Last thing you want is debt and having to forcevly sell your collections. I am mainly a coin collector, only making the transitions to metals recently but in my time as a coin collector, it took my partner about a year before I started recieveing coins on my bday/xmas and now ive started collecting silver and gold, all I got was "not another expensive hobby" 😂
  3. Welcome, My partner was a bit like that but they get use to it and may even see your interest if your passionate about it.
  4. Hello Everyone I have been a member for a little while now, Read a lot of articles and done quite a bit of research but never introduced, My name is James and im from the West Yorkshire area of the UK. I am an heavy UK coin collector with wanting to start collecting more silver and gold rather than coins. I made my first transaction on the forum yesterday and my first move into silver stacking which I am excited about. I upgraded to premium member too which the benefits are well worth it (also helps the founder out), especially for the exclusive free giveaways and grabbing that
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