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  1. 2018 Red Arrows Hand Painted Gold Presentation Cover To celebrate the Red Arrows 2018 season this hand painted cover and coin were produced. Strictly limited to only 5 covers this presentation has been autographed by the famous illustrator Nick Watton. 1 x 1oz (24 carat gold) coin - Hallmarked Strictly Limited to 5! Presented in this unique hand painted cover Clearly marked as the first of the 5 Autographed by the famous illustrator Nick Watton £1499 Absolute Mint Condition, any scratches ar
  2. Platinum has been undervalued for a long time. This price correction has been coming for a while and it’s interesting to note it’s under its own steam, powering on, regardless of what the other precious metals are doing. Late last year SA miners suggested it was no longer feasible to mine Platinum at the current price due to extra costs associated with Covid. They helpfully pointed out there was around 3-4 months supply available... SA has a monopoly on Platinum mining. Im going for £1500 an Oz by the end of 2021.
  3. I fail to see the issue here, although I acknowledge OP feels genuinely aggrieved. My 2p’s is the only money that actually is contested here should be the delivery fee. It’s clear the deal was laid out and OP made his choice. Chards is one of the most reputable dealers in the UK, OP’s money is safe. He has brought the Sovereigns at the price he wanted, albeit virtually at present. OP won’t have to wait too long and and discrepancy between price paid and current spot will be LONG gone. As sure as eggs is eggs, gold is going to bounce back, big time. Fake or not, the disruption from Covid h
  4. InvestInCoins888

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Platinum Coins for sale

    With Platinum on the rise, I have these to offer for sale. Special Delivery included... Any questions please ask. 2017 Britannia 1/4 Proof Platinum The Royal Mint £399 2018 Britannia 1/4 Proof Platinum The Royal Mint £399 2018 Prince Charles Proof Platinum The Royal Mint £399 2017 Wedding Anniversary 1/4 Proof Platinum DAMAGED £275 (fingerprints light scratches) Platinum reproduction coin (3.2g) with hallmark £199 2007 George & Dragon 3.11g Proof Platinum £199 SOLD! 2019 US Eagle 1oz £1125 SOLD!
  5. You’d be surprised to know how many ‘preppers’ I’ve had purchasing precious metals over the year! There not worried about the zombie apocalypse, they are concerned about financial institutions collapsing and the notes & coins they’ve worked hard for being worthless. Or customers who don’t want their savings in the bank, devaluing at an astonishing rate. Over the term of a medium to long term investment, your money is safe as houses, and some would argue, safer.
  6. Mainly 1/4 Oz coins, a few smaller, several available. I’ll make a sales post when I get 5...
  7. Immaculate timing! Just witnessed the biggest daily drop in the cannabis market since its inception! Tilray alone lost 50%! Some bargains to be had picking over the bones and BOY am I GLAD I had my settings upto date! A lovely surprise to log into today to see my balance was looking fantastically strong and a third of my portfolio gone!
  8. The fake Scottsdale bars are being sold sealed in mint sealed sheets of 20... The amount on ebay are eye watering.
  9. Chinese market places are full of these listings. They are designed to be purchased and used to con people out of their hard earned money. Ebay is awash with these, 99% been passed of as ‘genuine’. It’s well worth keeping upto date with sites like ‘Wish’ and ‘Ali B’s’, information is power...
  10. Ha ha ha! Its a real problem! I obviously have my own portfolio/collection, I’ve been passionate about collecting coins for over 40 years! I’ve been hooked by nuggets for quite a few years now and have been panning on a number of occasions... I LOVE my nugget collection. I do keep buying bits with the express expectation of selling it on and then end up letting my personal collection eat it up! So no... However I am ALWAYS buying, for the right price!
  11. It’s really very difficult to fake a gold nugget. The only natural choice would be Pyrite, ‘fools gold’, however it’s pretty obvious... It ‘grows’ in angular, cuboids, crushes under pressure (you can’t crush gold) and the weight is all wrong. Being one of the densest materials on earth, a nugget of gold has an almost unnatural weight to it. Testing of gold nuggets if you were really concerned can be done inexpensively through the acid test. Nitric acid can be purchased on ebay for a few pounds and unlike a coin, you don’t need to worry about an acid test ruining the value. Bei
  12. My personal strategy is to buy stocks when there are on a dip and GW is the highest it’s EVER been. I believe a take over has been announced which has certainly helped, although all the cannabis stocks have access to have seen great gains over the last couple of weeks. Tilray has gone up 50% today... The Cannabis Stock Index has been a brilliant investment! Obviously such rapid gains is always a worry, however ensure you regularly update your ‘Close At A Profit’ settings and they automatically sell if/when a dip comes... Hopefully leaving you in a position to re-buy at the bottom of
  13. Could it have being promoted automatically when you listed? ebay can be quite underhand about the way the slip these things in... I’ve noticed items automatically going to ‘accept offers’ after 7 days on sale. Id expect those kind of numbers of views for a promoted item. Perhaps someone has posted your item on a forum or FB group?
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