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  1. BBC News is unabashed Tory propaganda machine... They have always had a right wing bias, recently the resemblance of Orwell’s 1984 is startling!!!
  2. I think the problem is people think we are over the hill, yet we appear to be smack bang in the middle of the first wave... Transmission & death figures are higher now than at the start of lockdown, yet because Boris (or Cummings) has decided lockdown is finished, that’s it, virus done. Certainly looks that way when you’re out and about of late. Yet at a local level some areas are only just starting to see their peak. Hospitals closing to A&E admissions due to overcrowding and our local figures are terrifying. A completely different picture to when we locked down and locally we had a handful of deaths and a few dozen confirmed cases. Conspiracy theories to one side (I’ve lost my dad to Covid so I’m convinced there is a disease) I am frightened this is all going to blow up.
  3. Are they actually shipping again? I had thousands caught up with them for months...
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