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    Currently trying to get Silver bars.

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  1. any change on the price?
  2. Can you ship to Hungary? is so could you let me know how much, I'm really interested in the 5 x 2020 Royal Arms and the 001 bars.
  3. Still available? I'm interested will PM you.
  4. please let me know if this bars are still available. Regards.
  5. That's what I believe too, good to know I'm not alone. In my local groups people are not on the same page.
  6. For me it was a 1 gram pamp bar, I was kind of disappointed on the actual size after it arrived.
  7. For sale I have a 1Kg Argor Heraeus bar from Switzerland 999,0. 840 EUR. + shipping (depends on destination) Bank transfer or Revolut accepted. Thanks for looking! Cheers.
  8. Hi guys, wondering what's the crowd opinion about buying physical silver from this mint. I saw that Europa Bullion is selling them and I've never seen them before. The question is, Would it be harder to sell in the future in comparison with for example Heraeus bars or KitKat bars?
  9. Hello guys, I'm new to the forum! been stacking silver for sometime here in Budapest and looking into expanding into gold. Cheers.
  10. Just ordered 20 (SILVER not platinum) from the site and got free priority shipping for been a first time customer. Kudos on the customer support.
  11. Hi, you sell them separately or just together?
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