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  1. marco88

    Spot Price $50!!!

    are you in the US I imagine?
  2. marco88

    Spot Price $50!!!

    hi all, lot's of speculation on Silver now. Everyone is betting on the price going up and so on. Question is, let's assume it goes again to the all time high, $50 per OZ, how's gonna buy it at that price???? would you keep on buying regardless???
  3. that's what I've read... not 100% sure
  4. got my answer! https://www.gov.uk/capital-gains-tax-personal-possessions
  5. guys, can I ask you a question regarding CGT free coins? is it true that the value Capital Gain Tax free is only the nominal part of the coin, not the actual gain? also, how you need to declare to HMRC (for the UK) your gain...and...do we need to declare it?
  6. for what I've read, should only be a 4 coin series...let's see...
  7. hi Barry, what do you mean no VAT? I was looking at Goldsilver.be and on the orders says Inclusive of tax...? thanks!
  8. hi, I'm potentially interested in Mickey and Scrooge, one each. still available?
  9. marco88

    queen's beasts

    fair point!
  10. Hey mr, how you doing? I did buy 3 set, one to keep and one to sell set as complete when arrives my 4th boat. 😏 If you need just the Santa Maria I can give it to you, no problem. I did look around no-one else seems to have it... I can sell it to you for £35 and take pictures back and from in the meantime...
  11. Hi All, I've pre-ordered the MAYFLOWER , is the fourth and final piece of the Rwanda Nautical silver set. I already have the other three ships! I was watching a YouTube video and he guy showed a gold coin of this series and looked sublime. my opinion is really nice and detailed, only complain is the original minted packaging not really clear. Is anyone familiar with the series? how do you feel in terms of holding value? peace!
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