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  1. I would like one set but can you hold them for 10 days till my next payday? thanks
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for the 10oz Valiant coin from 2018 and 2020. anyone has got one of each at decent price? thanks, Marco
  3. hi, still available your 2018? Added 0 minutes later... any left?
  4. Thanks Juan! Wrong typing...
  5. hi Dilan, I can do that but only if you add something else to the purchase...
  6. -Rwanda nautical set SOLD -moon landing 2019 50th anniversary from Perth mint £25 -Queen from Royal mint SOLD - Canadian maple leaf 2020 £22.50 -Australian Kangaroo 2019 x 2 £22.50 each -Terra 2020 SOLD Postage and risk at your choice Thanks
  7. marco88

    completed Britannia

    Any Britannia on sale? looking for 19 to but as lot ideally...thanks
  8. I had a good experience with them tbh, they did answer and reasonably fast delivery considering covid-19
  9. If you change your mind, I’m interested in 5
  10. hi Abyss, still available? I'm looking for 1 set...
  11. are you in the US I imagine?
  12. hi all, lot's of speculation on Silver now. Everyone is betting on the price going up and so on. Question is, let's assume it goes again to the all time high, $50 per OZ, how's gonna buy it at that price???? would you keep on buying regardless???
  13. that's what I've read... not 100% sure
  14. I have one monkey if you want.
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