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  1. loving this setup, looks well sexy! only wish I had this many sovs.
  2. i don't even think its a good looking coin
  3. no worries @ChrisSilver. Thanks for helping. Just wanted to help point it out to make sure that it works correctly as its a good idea having it and helps when buying items off the forum close to spot at the time of looking to buy.
  4. Thanks for saving me a job @Zhorro
  5. Hi Peeps Am I missing something with the spot bar. On mine when the price goes up I get a red down arrow and a price difference and then when thrice goes down I get a green arrow pointing up! should this not be the other ay round?? Also the green/red numbers/figures what period are they over? Ta
  6. johnno

    Yorkshire bullion ltd

    I've bought off him also. No problems and good service
  7. as a long standing Liverpool fan who grew up in the shadows of anfield I cant wit until we clinch the title. the last time they won it I was 8 years old and don't remember anything of them wining titles back in the. first trophy I can remember was the 1992 fa cup and luckily I have been able to watch Liverpool lift every other trophy except the title! So come on chelsea
  8. bought a 50 pesos from chards online, good communication and well packaged delivery. Thanks
  9. I received the following over the past few days. I'm blaming @BackyardBullionfor me buy the 50 pesos! He showed his in a video!!!!
  10. if you ever consider selling these let me know and I will consider takin them
  11. Royal mail are to big for their own good! Customer service is shocking and they get away with it because there is no one else to go to or use that is cheap ish
  12. i love the colouring of this pic! how did you manage it? is a it a neg?
  13. some sexy silver showing!
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