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  1. Here are the pics. Interested? If so let me know and I'll look at the price. I've looked at chards and its approx £85 plus postage. Regards
  2. Im looking to sell my Mexican Dos Pesos if interersted? If so i can supply pics and a price.
  3. I have been unable to view the new compare page. I know it is for premium mmembers but i am a premium member but im unable to see it. Thanks
  4. I agree about the sticker!!! its a c**p location
  5. Hi Alun Can i be put down for the 36 sovereign box please. thanks
  6. Ordered monday, came yesterday. BOOM!
  7. I had to indulge myself and buy them. I bought 1 x gold 1oz, 1 x silver 10oz and 4 x silver 1oz Im a bond geek so could nor resist.
  8. loving this setup, looks well sexy! only wish I had this many sovs.
  9. i don't even think its a good looking coin
  10. no worries @ChrisSilver. Thanks for helping. Just wanted to help point it out to make sure that it works correctly as its a good idea having it and helps when buying items off the forum close to spot at the time of looking to buy.
  11. Thanks for saving me a job @Zhorro
  12. Hi Peeps Am I missing something with the spot bar. On mine when the price goes up I get a red down arrow and a price difference and then when thrice goes down I get a green arrow pointing up! should this not be the other ay round?? Also the green/red numbers/figures what period are they over? Ta
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