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  1. as the title says im looking for anyone who wants to part or has spare the 007 Tuvalu silver coin please contact me if you are looking to sell Thanks
  2. I love monzo! I have been full monzo for nearly two years and they are great
  3. I read that in the first quarter GDP fell by 2%, that was up to end of march which only accounted for 1 week of lock down. I hate to imagine what Q2 will look like given that most if it is in lock down. If GDP falls a significant amount then we might see a major recession meaning stock markets will fall. Like I said its all ifs and buts!!
  4. Bit early in the morning for heavy talk, but welcome to TSF
  5. @Darr3nG have you thought about doing a similar one for silver coins, well at least for the popular standard coins?
  6. In my opinion pensions are a scam and I don't have one myself. Personally property is the way forward. Buy a cheap buy to let using a 25% deposit and leverage he rest using the banks money. Rent it out so it pays itself off in about 20 years time. Buy then the property should have increased in value, no mortgage and rental income when rented. PMs and bricks and mortar is the best I think.
  7. im in the process of changing my own property into a buy to let having moved in with my partner late last year. I put it on the market early march so did not get rented out in time before lock down. My plan is to release a chunk of money to put down as a deposit to buy another. Hopefully in the next few years I can get about 4 houses in total and eventually just work part time. Im getting a 5 year fix interest only mortgage to see me thru the current period and then look at what happens after that to remortgage.
  8. its a shame we cant get anything like this over here in the uk
  9. how do you find the gold and silver prices out there? Ive never looked when I have been over there as I was not stcaking at the time. I have a house in oroklini, near larnaca so when it opens again im hoping to get back out there for a couple of weeks
  10. Yeah way back in early 2014! now a lot fatter and a bit greyer! I also have some crypto but im a xrp man myself with some dabbling in ADA, BAX & HOT. Hopefully with getting back in silver ican hedge my bets a bit better
  11. That fact that everyone has a different strategy proves that there is no correct or wrong strategy. The only way we could know the right strategy to use would be to know the future and know one knows that! Personally i'm in the process of rebuilding my stack after having sold it all (to go towards an BMW M6, worst decision ever) and its hard to decide what to buy, but don't worry it will soon stack up. Buy what you can with the lowest premium be it silver or gold (gold at time or writing) and as you go along you will know what you like, what you don't like and take it from there. Worst case scenario you buy something, you don't like it you can sell it! I probably don't help matters
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