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  1. Now that you mention it, I can completely see your point.... good vision, good sir!
  2. Coininvest are doing free delivery over £1,000 for the next few days with the code 'BOXINGDAY'
  3. Considering the numismatic sovs people buy now were just bullion when sold (and actively used, rather than ours now) and go for a lot more if they're in very good condition, then it might be good to keep them a bit safer if you (or family) are thinking of selling them in 80+ years. Otherwise, nah not really - there isn't enough rarity or time for them to gain numismatic value and will sell near spot either way.
  4. Miganto


    It's a replica no? Same ID: https://www.militarytour.com/german-reichsbank-gold-bar.html
  5. For quick and easy diagnosis! "How do I know if I have a lithp... aaaaaaah" Also, in response to the OP question - yes.
  6. And yet he was saying the same thing as me, so you're replying to both of us. Also - it wasn't too clear at first as many people have requested clarification which was given a few pages in. Also - is your attitude really needed in nearly everything that's posted? The general format of a secret santa is X, we have no issue with this format at all, we did read it, we (along with others) must have missed the exacts and clarification was given - whoop-de-****ing-do. It going for years is also irrelevant as those that were asking have stated it's their first year. There was no issue here with anyone and yet again you have to come in with your... well, just you tbh. I am sure this sort of thing makes you feel good but you are pissing multiple members off with your attitude and I don't see what the point of it is when we're all here, paying to be here and have to put up with the likes of you - just try, for one month, to be friendly with people here? Just try going all out, for christmas? You don't like me, I get it and that's fine, but just get over it and move on like a few of us have done with you in all the hijack threads.
  7. Don't feel bad, I was fully under the impression that the matched pair do a 'swap' of their prizes until a few pages in. Made more sense postage-wise imo and would half the number of draws required
  8. He just doesn't want any gain for Russia in any way, no matter who else it affects (Turkey, Europe or USA). It's simple anti-Russia.
  9. 26 left, looks like 11 draws/winners on Christmas if kept at 3 a day until then, or 6 on christmas if 4 a day from today onwards.
  10. ~2,200 1926 sovereigns. Probably roughly estimated in both regards.
  11. How do you define success? I'm a millennial and have rarely, if ever, been called those things. I've always strived to get far on my own and as far as most standards of success i'm ticking nearly every box. Entitled can go across to most generations, there are many older folk that believe they should be given things (respect, time, jobs, unquestionable acceptance of opinions etc) 'because' with little solid fact behind it other than self belief that it's earnt. Hell, this forum is rampant with it, a lot of people with a lot higher self worth than they're due who find this forum their little outlet to feel powerful. Yes a lot of millennials are a bunch of whiney self entitled bitches, but so are a lot of the western world, of all ages, it just comes in different flavours. It's a wider cultural thing and the millennials don't have 30 or 40 years of low-level achievements to cling on to for some hope that their claims of validity are listened to so are easy to shine the torch on, almost exclusively by the older generations (it's rare for millennials to bitch about millennials...). The boomers are clinging on to the importance of their parents' generations. There's not a lot any generation currently alive can really cling on to as 'we did a good job' and in every generation there are amazing and s****** people that've achieved a lot and achieved nothing at all, so how about (aimed at everyone, not you specifically) instead of bashing others, you all look at yourselves and try to do and be the best you can rather than be a whiney (insert your own generation here) bitch, looking down on others. Edit - and no, before the obvious slurs come in, I'm not a silver spooned Eton toff from a rich middle upper class background thinking he's braved it all with the help from mummy and daddy. I'm from the east Midlands, i couldnt afford to go to university, my parents were and are poor and i bought my house with 0 help from anyone as no-one I knew had money to spare. I tried hard and worked hard and I'm here, successful, content and happy with a beautiful, smart and kind girlfriend who makes mine and other people's days brighter and better (she teaches and volunteers), whilst still both being millennials. Life is complicated I guess.
  12. I didn't get a notice from Arshimo's new threads - i'm subscribed to him, rather than the forum, but it was fine until the 3-day thingy was put on his forum. I'm still getting notifications for threads i'm subscribed to.
  13. These 13-14 people all vouch for him: https://thesilverforum.com/profile/5252-spanishsilver/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback
  14. s it possible to add a vote for coins people wish to see? Keep the top 10 / 15 in place, check every week at first and once a month going forwards to update as suiting the needs of the freeloading consumers (that's us <3!)
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