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  1. The entire Russian Amber Room is still missing post the Nazis shipping it somewhere so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are gold and other historic artefacts hidden all over the world post WW2. I watched a documentary probably 12 months ago which indicated that Germany was using the likes of Spain and Portugal as neutral countries to refine their precious metals and then using it to fund their war efforts. So suspect loads of stolen metals met this fate. Also endless stories of military personnel using some of these goods as retirement plans or collecting them as souvenirs; this may have been the ultimate fate of the Honjo Masamune for example. Or even recently the recent find in Germany of a Nazi decedent who died a few years back and they found his house full of works of art that he knew were stolen during the war. I do wonder how much stuff has been found and not declared, hidden away or sold on a secondary market
  2. Simmoleon

    Silver Una

    Its wow factor when I opened that box and seen the mirror finish and just the level of detail in the reverse. In my opinion it’s one of the best coins to come out of the Royal Mint; it’s almost perfect
  3. Simmoleon

    Silver Una

    I bought one from the Coin Connection in mid-June for £450 and I believe another sold for £490 shortly after but not seen many elsewhere since. Watched eBay for a while and the prices seemed about £500 but many of the pictures were either stock from RM website or low quality so the risk was too high for me to bid for any of them especially with some of the spotting issues that this coin has/had.
  4. Hi, New to the forum but this seems like a thread I can constructively add a comment. I tried to buy a gold one this morning, got to the end of the checkout and then got an error. It’s now showing as an open order and the money is being collected from my bank so I assume RM is having so further technical issues but my order went through but took a while to update on my account and send a confirmation email. Thanks Steve
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