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  1. Think there are a few options, if you declare the coin is worth more than £1500 then it’s 4% and off the top of my head there is a modern which is a flat rate of £12ish for coins under £1500
  2. Reholder is for coins currently in a slab Not got a form in front of me but you should need standard, conservation (optional but its increases your grading chances), first release (optional if received by NGC within the first 30 days of release from mint) and should be the extra thick holder
  3. I’ll be honest, I sold my grade 70 Una and regret it - I got a silly amount of money for it and can’t complain but something about that coin I miss a lot. Will at some point return to the market to try and get a replacement.
  4. In about 3 months, this market will settle a bit and we’ll all be speculating on the next coin in the series and 66 pages will be a drop in the ocean. The first 2 coins in this series have been spectacular; iconic designs which have been minted to a very high standard. These are just very different to other series and their popularity is huge outside of the UK with many going to Japan and the US for example There is a certain level of FOMO, a certain level of flipping but the Una started off reasonably obtainable but as the awareness of this coin grew it proved the backbone of these
  5. Yes that does help, I’ll have a look in to this because this could save me a lot of hassle
  6. Issue with living in the North West in lockdown, normally I’d probably just book a train ticket and drop them off but not sure I can sell this as essential travel - it is essential travel officer, I need the first release label
  7. What courier are people using to get them to the graders, my 5oz is now causing me headaches due to its market value being more than Royal Mail will insure
  8. When I graded my 2oz Una I needed the bigger slab so suspect these do as well
  9. We assuming the retracted bids are shill bidding?
  10. 5oz silver is the perfect size for this design and low mintage - no chance I’m flipping mine, it’s simply stunning and I think it will pick up momentum; it’s just lost in the 2oz chaos we are currently seeing. It’ll have it’s time
  11. I also got Queue-IT maintenance screen at 8.30am - every other release it’s been 8.45 for me
  12. Just found this topic by searching as I have the same problem with a coin, it’s value is more than £2.5k so Royal Mail is out the question. I have been looking at 3rd party insurers such as Secursus but the lack of options is very frustrating. Not sure if anybody else has used 3rd party insurers and what their experiences are? If Covid wasn’t a factor I’d booking some train tickets and take the parcel myself, it would be quicker, cheaper and save me the stress of tracking the thing across the country Steve
  13. Wouldn’t sell my 5oz for that. Not looking to flip it but I genuinely think it’s got potential
  14. Awful picture but in a rush and just wanted to show the cameo on this coin - it’s unreal
  15. What’s the mintage and price?
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