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  1. Another random ancient coin I’ve picked up CAMPANIA, Neapolis. Circa 320-300 BC. AR Nomos (19mm, 7.40 g, 3h). Diademed head of nymph right; grape bunch behind neck, [ΔIOΦ]AN[OYΣ] below / Man-headed bull walking right; above, Nike flying right, placing wreath on bull's head. Sambon 437; HN Italy 579. Iridescent toning, horn silver, minor cleaning scratches
  2. That’s a very odd reply and tells you a fair amount about the company’s attitude to customers and potentially their pricing model. We all have bad days but that is not an excuse for sending replies such as this.
  3. New sovereign - hoping to grade it and hopefully get an MS on it
  4. Received this from the collection of Dr Jay M Galst who sadly passed away from Covid-19. First US gold coin and made up with it
  5. If it helps I had the exact same thoughts; best opt for restoration but if it doesn’t get a 70 how would I feel about the potential outlay for restoration. For this one I got a winner but my 5oz silver Queen was a disaster and came back a 68. Whilst 68 isn’t good it also isn’t terrible but if I sold it I’d take a haircut on it and I was quite ok about the result. Decided to keep the Queen coin and add it to my collection and tbh with my eyes it looks fine. It’s all about learning and taking whatever the grader throws at you
  6. Bit random but today I received Q. Sicinius and C. Coponius 49 BC denarius Minted with Pompey in the East. diad. hd. of Apollo r., star below, Q SICINIVS before, III VIR behind, rev., club of Hercules surmounted by lion's skin with scalp to r., bow on r., arrow on l., C COPONIVS P R S C (Seaby, Sicinia 1)
  7. Finally been graded, my 5oz silver
  8. I submitted mine on the 10th March and it didn’t show for about 3 weeks; it then arrived in the US in early April and has been in for grading since the 20th April its not great but that’s my recent experience of timescales. It was sent under Express as well Steve
  9. Simmoleon

    Half guineas

    Do you have a picture or a condition for the coin?
  10. I only bid on the Rocking Horse crown but left that after it reached £100+. Was an interesting auction, some coins were strong and other strong coins seem to have hit the buffers. I’ve got myself a republic denarius and a 1874 half dollar this week so I can’t moan that I walked away empty handed today but the take away message is the current market is all over the place
  11. No idea why but when a proof arrives in that capsule and you see the RM dust your brain turns to mush and the temptation to open the capsule absorbs your soul. Your brain says no but it’s too late; you are looking for the NGC submission form and adding conservation to see if they can fix it We’ve all been here with proofs, it’s a lessons learnt and you only do it once
  12. Ha completely missed these, will be interested if more appear
  13. The Romans precious metal issues followed the age old problem that their empire grew so big that demand outstripped supply - they had to pay a lot of soldiers and builders. They invaded all their foes for their metals and then invaded some allies and took theirs but eventually they reached the point that the empire couldn’t invade anybody and had to try and defend itself instead. It’s mines in Iberia and other places started running dry so they created new coinage. They introduced the antoninianus which was worth 2 denarii to try and resolve some of their issues but this had less silver t
  14. Will try and post a picture of the reverse later today but picked this up at auction - just a stunning portrait on this crown
  15. I read this thread and wonder will my status ever change from received - been about 5 weeks since I last seen my 5oz and I spend everyday checking the tracker. I need a new hobby which doesn’t involve checking a tracker lol
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