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  1. My guess is you may regret it as the portrait should be spectacular; it’s always a gamble what the market will do but I can see you losing money on it
  2. Yep I’m awaiting my replacement from the mint 🤕 and then I got a dodgy 5oz Gothic off the mint - I mean I probably should get an RM account manager just so I have somebody to moan at
  3. Just the box sadly, only checked because I seen another post showing the wrong box
  4. I’ve looked under a loupe and it looks more than residue and I was considering the conservation route but going off my gut feeling it’s telling me this coin has problems and I could plough about £150 in to conservation and grading but it’s not worth the gamble
  5. Yep - no idea if it’s damage or some sort of residue but it looks like the surface is now damaged, less noticeable until you tilt it and the proof field turns black
  6. I will try but the tone of the email was pretty much we ain’t replacing it despite the marks are pretty clear and they have seen the photo of. They agree it’s unacceptable as well but so far no budging on options
  7. My 5oz silver arrived, it’s got surface marks which makes it pretty much upgradeable or re-sellable without a huge loss to the rrp. Mint confirmed it can’t be replaced or restruck so my only option is a refund. My coin luck is well and truly out
  8. Time will tell but if I had to put my money on which is the best investment I’d take the 3 coin set every time
  9. Yep it’s the grading game and one of those which leaves you baffled as I thought they’d do far better. The cameo on a florin is tough but it must have been very close. Also the half crown looked like a 65/66 so a 64 feels harsh to me I am just hoping NGC agree the maundy is a mechanical error rather than them believing they are truly MS. If I get time at some point, I may do some images of a comparison of the two sets to show the coin v grades
  10. The results are disappointing tbh Half crown came back at PF64 The florin which I though could get a cameo came back a PF66 which hurt I can’t lie The shilling is a PF65 and the 6p is PF63 (will need to have a closer look to see why it’s a 63) The maundy set came back on a separate invoice all under MS not PF, so now contacting NGC to try and correct this and hopefully they’ll just accept they are proof as they came from a proof set The frustrating part is my other 1911 set which comes with provenance from a known collection scores higher but not convinced the coins are high quality than some within this recent submission Anyway I’ll stop moaning and let others post their new buys
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