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  1. @Numistacker released a video covering claiming from eBay and PayPal but for a very different reason earlier this year which shows how challenging this can be and I believe @RegalStacker had a similar issue a few years backs and again released some Vids about it. If Royal Mail haven’t got a delivered update then as said previous you may struggle with eBay and PayPal
  2. There are 2 on the Coin Cabinets auction ending this Sunday
  3. Yep now you’ve pointed it out it’s the Crystal Dome (think that’s it’s name)
  4. As a coin the design isn’t for me, nothing about the message just don’t think the design is great. I have seen some comments on Twitter which make me uncomfortable to say the least. Not read the Facebook comments but diversity as a term covers: ‘It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.’ From that definition, I’m not sure what people are dis
  5. Same, tried to buy and got an internal 500 error at the checkout
  6. Feel like I’m already in profit
  7. Think I paid £570 for the Queen one
  8. The South America one is called Snake Island I think as the first season was searching for treasure on this island. They soon moved to central/South America and found some Incan or Mayan gold artefact at the bottom of a lake, I remember thinking at the time that I am not sure you can you go to another country and start taking the historic items out their lakes (probably a couple hundred years to late for this approach/or may have been fake). The season ended and then the next season came out and pretty much the whole team had gone and there was pretty much no mention about the previous season
  9. New season of this recently started 9pm on Mondays
  10. The Queen 5 oz is now showing out of stock, be interesting if they get any more in
  11. Just noticed RM are selling 2oz James Bond silvers again - pretty sure they were sold out? slight price hike as well
  12. Will be interesting if £575 off Coin Connection this time next year ends up being a bargain; I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if it did the way the market is currently
  13. That makes perfect sense, I was wondering if the earlier minted coins were just better strikes but the hand picked coins point is not something I overly considered beyond it being a factor. I bow to you vast experience on the grading of these types. If the figure turns out to be 15 - 20% that’s a huge gamble in buying raw coins to try and find a 70 but if you do, it’s a potential big result.
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