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  1. I did - no reason or justification for it. £12k credit limit with AMEX, sure no problem. £150 debit with a gold dealer, nah mate can't be having that 😂
  2. Just an odd situation to be in lol. I’ve bought plenty of PM’s from H&B, Atkinson’s, Silver to Go, Silver Mountain and the European Mint in the past couple of years, all without issue. But try and get 3g of cheap gold and they’re acting like I’m asking to borrow the Hope Diamond for a Halloween party! 😂
  3. Called CPM and they very haughtily told me that the credit report indicated a score lower than what they would “deem acceptable for these kinds of goods”. I asked if they could give me any further information as to what criteria they base this on and was told that all they could tell me was that they use a company called Graydon to carry out their credit checks and that they (CPM) “wouldn’t share credit check information with a customer”. Honestly couldn’t get me off the phone fast enough, even to the point of interrupting me to tell me that they couldn’t deal with me as I had failed their cre
  4. Paid with a debit card if I recall - I know these companies sometimes use a loss leader to carry out credit checks and such so that’s probably what they were doing here. Just confused as to why it returned a negative result.
  5. Ordered 3 of the Battle of Britain ingots last week and just received an email telling me that they can’t process my order as I’ve failed a credit check. According to Experian my credit score is 989/999 🤔
  6. Ah well, will just have to get some of the others then! Thanks for the info!
  7. Does anyone have a link to the Brexit ingots, or are they no longer available?
  8. I guess I got lucky with mine, condition was pretty good. I saw that it didn’t come in a capsule though so I thought I would order one at the same time. Of course they sent the coin and the empty capsule in separate flips 😅
  9. If you’re still struggling to find a Yale, Atkinson’s have them for around the £450 mark. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/1-4oz-gold-coins/2019-uk-queens-beasts-the-yale-of-beaufort-1-4oz They also have the Greyhound for pre-order.
  10. I knew it was too good to be true that HGM had Brits at less than 0.5% over spot! 😂
  11. Looks like it’s been caught curling one out!
  12. I was hovering over the buy button at Sharps when they were around the £300 mark. Should’ve gone ahead with it but I’ve got a lot wrapped up in flights/hotels that I’m waiting to get back through an insurance claim. Still, I managed to get 6 from H&B last year for £229 so at least I’m quids in on those. Well, not really as I’m not selling them anytime soon!
  13. I used to work for a magazine company and each mag would have its own 'sales' of all the stuff they'd be sent as freebies - running shoes, toys, games and the like. The big one for me was makeup. Being a guy I didn't have a clue about any of it, but the first one I went to I picked up a Chanel lipstick for the then missus and asked the girl how much it was - everything was 50p each. I spent about £20 that day, looked it all up online and I had about £500 worth of stuff. The girlfriend got that one lippy and the rest went straight on eBay!
  14. ^ Don’t give the Mint ideas. There’s over 800 of the buggers now!
  15. Had no idea GS offered this service. My bank manager will be furious with you Good Sir 😄
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