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  1. Now ended / withdrawn as advised. This sale offer will end Sunday 21-02-21 at 11.59pm with no further discounts
  2. Now Sold. Hello all I have four nice 2021 full gold sov's for sale here. £326.00 each plus postage of your choice. Please note only Royal Mail special delivery will cover / insure the coins in transit. If you chose another service the risk will be all yours. They each come in protective coin flips and are priced to sell / no offers. Payment by Bank Transfer. Please message me your interest. Thanks for looking.
  3. Interesting developments: One thing is certain I think, no matter what happens. You are still early.
  4. No Interest in 6 weeks or so. Now removed. Hi folks I have some nice solid fine silver for sale 10 x 100 gram 999 Silver Pamp Fortuna Bars £120.00 each 30 x 30 gram 999 2016 Silver Panda's £30.00 each (Will come in trays if you order 15 or 30) Bank transfer preffered Postage at cost of your choice but if you decide to use uninsured the risk will be all yours. I always recommend signed for and insured such as Royal Mail Special Delivery. Please message me your interest, cheers.
  5. Vern

    Are you still buying?

    If I had dry powder I would buy the dips. Good luck
  6. Vern

    Silver Rounds

    I'm not the best person to answer this but I like scottsdale stacking rounds. But I would assume they probably wont be best value. I would have thought if Maple's are carrying a premium then pretty much everything would, no?
  7. It all started off as a normal interest and then entered the bloody twilight zone, not by choice at first. oh well, at least it hasn't been boring. Sometimes the lessons in life come from the most unusual places.
  8. Vern

    The coming Gold crash

    It's going to get much more mental I think.
  9. Vern

    Gold on its way up

    The prediction I made many years ago on silver stackers still stands. Gold from USD $1628 - $5554 and above at an abnormal speed. I expect some up's and down's along the way but nothing that will last for *normal time* Like always even though I've been very accurate in the past it does not mean I have this correct as it's my own very experimental method. It will be watched with interest either way. Geopolitical events seem to be heating up so we shall have to wait and see. If this is correct then the implications for humans are probably bad so it's a prediction I
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