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  1. Edit: All Sold. 2021 x 5 Sold and the 2017 sold. Hi folks some competitive offers for you. I have for sale 5 x 2021 full gold sovereigns £332.00 each + postage of your choice. If you want these insured and covered in transit please ask for Royal Mail Special Delivery otherwise any other postage is all at your own risk. Nice clean coins without capsules. Buy 3 or more and I will send them in a Sovereign tube. Also for sale 1 x 2017 anniversary full gold sovereign with privy mark in capsule £350 + postage Please message me your interest on the condition of quick payment. Bank transfer only within UK in GBP. Thanks for looking
  2. Bump, Price reduction & Free Royal Mail special delivery for quick sale. bargain, no lower offers please.
  3. no takers, removed
  4. Due to the spot gold price drop and to remain competitive the 2 left are now available at £310.00 each which includes RM SD
  5. Full Gold Sovereigns 2021 x 4 (All sold) Added 1 more also that sold. Thank you to all. Priced to sell and probably one of the best price's in UK today. Nice BU coins without capsules. Bank Transfer within a couple of hours please (no time wasters) £320.00 each including RM SD, Now £310.00 each including postage Please message me your interest
  6. goldsilver.be are asking £5,062.45 at the mo (only 1 can be added to cart) hard pass
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  11. Looks like the kilo gold is still available. I wonder if any of the 16 buyers bothers to even use cashback, don't throw up in your mouth over that thought. Nice Coins though.
  12. Vern

    Fed up with eBay

    I hope you get refunded in full. Does ebay buyer protection still apply like it used to or would one need to pay by credit card instead of debit card?
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