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  1. Hi everyone, I'm interested in starting a collection of shipwreck coins, mainly looking for 8 reales and Gold Escudos. Also very interested in Gold Guineas if anyone knows anybody that sells/Collects these coins or is just interested in the subject matter that can educate me further, then please let me know. Cheers
  2. Love this stuff!! If anyone has any 8 reales or gold Escudos/ Guineas they are willing to sell, please let me know!! I want to start collecting these types of coins
  3. Hi, 2019 Full Gold Sovereign - £365 Bought direct from the mint. Comes in Royal Mint Capsule. Buyer pays postage
  4. Hi All, 2020 Full Gold Sovereign - £364 Bought direct from the mint. Comes in royal mint screw capsule. Royal mail special delivery included. Dm for pics Cheers, Greg
  5. I'm with Hargreaves and Lansdown but their transaction fees bother me, has anyone had any experience with Freetrade or Trading 212? Or does anyone recommend another platform to the ones mentioned
  6. campbellgs


    1989 half sov...for no reason other than it's a good looking coin and my birth year
  7. I'd lick that cube if it existed
  8. Hi, Came across this the other day. Haven't really looked into it much but I guess it could save some money on bulk buys. Thought id put it up in case anyone is interested.
  9. Gorgeous Buddha statue!
  10. @silenceissilver thanks for the input. Only got into this market last October, still learning. Nah never mad, I always try to be respectful and if I'm wrong I'll hold my hands up. I'm happy with my decision not to buy the coin.
  11. @richatthecroft The negotiating in my mind was over with the initial response to me enquiring about the marks, which I felt was quite snide. The offer of £315 was very fair, but I was out by that point. Definitely don't think I made it obvious that I was talking about yourself, I didn't even say it was on this forum. As I said, no hard feelings. All the best. Thank you to everyone that put forward constructive feedback and educated me on acceptable standards. @Roy An offer was extended, you didn't reply or accept...no harm done. Tomorrow the sun will still rise, who knows what
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