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  1. We could split (10x 2018 +10x 2019 each).
  2. Hi, has the money that I transferred on Sunday cleared in your account? Thanks. Regards. Juan
  3. Hi, Buy a rare earth magnet (neodymium magnet) and test the rounds. You can get them cheap in a famous auction website. These are mostly produced in China. Check this video out: https://youtu.be/LqwkI8Jv51A Apmex is selling generic rounds at the moment for just over $21.26 on pre-order with free shipping for orders over $99 if you buy 20 or more.
  4. And rightfully so. If this would have been organised from the beginning and all coins sent at once to the UK and then a few coins distributed to each, buyers would have saved some £. it maybe too late now with the remaining coins left.
  5. You can get together with somebody in the uk that wants coins too and share the postage. It is not the same paying 1.62 per coin than 3.45 per coin. Once here postage of 2nd class signed for, for 2-3 coins is about £1.50. Worth considering.
  6. Hi, how much for the superman coins? Thanks. Regards. Juan
  7. Beautiful coins arrived today. Very well packed and all in excellent condition. Very easy to deal with and excellent customer service and communication. If you want a smooth transaction, this is the seller to go to. Very recommended-a role model of a seller. Nice to do business with you.
  8. @adamthetaller. He may have it.
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