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  1. Still looking for 2019 China Long-Whiskered Dragon Dollar Restrike (Fourth coin in series) now to buy or swap as 2019 China Dragon & Phoenix Dollar Restrike (Third coin in series) now successfully swapped with @Ryan and @Derv on a 3 way. If someone has a different spare and is looking for another one, please leave a comment on the post as somebody else may have it (3 way swap). Thanks
  2. 2.50% over spot (£18.25) at the time I am writting this is £18.71 per oz or if you meant £2.50 over spot, then that will be £20.75 per oz. Either way, I did not intend to buy silver but at either of these prices, if somebody has silver to sell, please PM me. I haven't seen low prices like that for probably 18-24 months.
  3. juansanto7


    Or maybe he has several fakes, and keeps relisting them?
  4. Should be do 2nd class signed? I suggest to post the coin to Ryan first, once ge gets it, he can then post to Derv and once he gets it, Derv you can post to me.
  5. 2019 China Dragon & Phoenix Dollar Restrike (Third coin in series) & 2019 China Long-Whiskered Dragon Dollar Restrike (Fourth coin in series) wanted to buy or swap. If anyone has them, please PM me your price or may be able to swap, as I got 2x 2020 China Central Mint "Water Dragon" Silver Dollar Restrike (Sixth coin in series) spare.
  6. Hi, is this coinsold now?
  7. Hi, would you split and sell the 2 lots separately? How much for the 90%? Regards.
  8. £30 off the total if buying 2 or if buying 4? Thanks. Regards
  9. Hi, what deal can you do if buying the dragon and griffin? And adding lion and falcon? Thanks. Regards
  10. I would consider taking the 83.5% 50 Centimes and 1 Franc coins.
  11. Hi, would be useful to know how many ounces of silver you are willing to trade for a gold sovereign and how many for a 1/4 oz. It will save us to speculate. Regards
  12. Any spare long whispered dragon and also dragon and phoenix?
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