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  1. Hi, How much for the Tower Bridge bar and Chard year of the lion? Thanks. Regards
  2. Hi, I will check at home tonight and will let you know. Regards.
  3. Nobody bought at these prices but will buy 2020 Britannia coins at £22-£25???????? Some of the coins are below spot price today. Shame I did not see this before it was withdrawn. I would have bought the whole lot.
  4. Hi Chris, hopefully you get them all graded PF70. Good Luck Juan
  5. Could have sold the bar for £1595 as the last bid came in at exactly 18:00 but instead sold it for £20 less to the right winner. You don't see this all the time and some seller will sell to the last bidder even after the auction ended just to get a few more as I have seen a few times on this forum. The true spirit of this forum. A seller that keeps his (or her) word before profits. I am very impressed with this seller.
  6. @Safestacker if the auction end at 21:00 and you bid at 21:00 you bid when the auction already ended. To win you have to bid at 20:59 and 59 seconds as a second layer the auction already ended. It's not my auction but in my humble opinion @SilverSheriff won, hence I was not bidding but congratulating him.
  7. That is funny, with silver prices going up and down like a roller coaster I just realised that since the 22.07.2020 spot went up by over £2 and back down again (just when I checked) to were it was on the 22.07.2020. What a coincidence. and...…. FREE BUMP!!!!! to the front of the list.
  8. How much did you end up paying for customs, tax and excise? And is it straight forward to post stuff from USA?
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