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  1. The colour of the bar is what seems off to me. It looks like gold plate. Hope I'm wrong though. As a previous post says it could be mould on the plastic as plastic is susceptible to mould growth. But if its on the bar it could be the metal below oxidising. Best way to test is with an electronic tester. The Sigma Metalytics is a good one but they are expensive so I recommend asking a pawn shop if they have an electronic tester as they can test through the plastic.
  2. Yep, just a rough cut from the die blank cutter. You are lucky to got more silver. Sometimes when you see the opposite to this the edges or corners have a slight rounding off which is when the bar was over weight so they shave off the small amount. Tend to see this more on gold bars though.
  3. Hey, Hunter87 thanks for the link. Great reference piece. I'll use this myself going forward.
  4. I'm in agreement with Pete and HighlandTiger over the collectables. You struggle to recover the inflated prices on them and in my opinion they are just scams from the mints to make more money. They are for true collectors hobby enthusiasts not stackers. I see Proofs etc on here with scratches and dings and still asking for the inflated price. In my view if a proof has any marks or scrapes at all its no longer a proof but rather bullion and price should reflect this. Modern day collectables are for the hobby enthusiast as it will take a couple of hundred years before they reach
  5. Hi Pete, I was all gold back then in 2007 £350-750 an ounce or there about. Stopped buying in 2010 and then sold in 2011 when it started to slide. So didn't catch the top but did make a good profit. Didn't start buying again with profits until 2013/2014 and continued since. I didn't appreciate value of silver back then so only started buying silver from end 2014 when I saw the rise from 2011. Stacked it since. I've stopped stacking silver now as I want to see the next level breach before I commit more. There could be a major pull back to 14/15 and if so then I'll dip in again bu
  6. Pete, Great response and detail. I also stack Silver and use the EuropeanMint to get it VAT free but I wonder how many out there don't know about these kind of benefits. Yes, its far to ship and you need a lot of faith and trust with your first buy but all my shipments have been without issue and a lot cheaper than the UK VAT man... Yes, new to the Forum but I've been stacking since 2007 mainly through my gut feeling that something wasn't quite right with the economy...and boom it went. I've always held a stack since then. More so now for a retirement plan. That's why I look more fro
  7. Wow, Great feedback from everyone. Some very valid points raised in regard to collectors wanting to source dates or types. In terms of additional examples I would say the 1/10oz, 1oz and 1/4oz Britannia which I can routinely buy cheaper from Bullion By Post and they aren't cheap. QB's are also high on here from what I have seen and many are scratched. My purchases from main dealers have been in fantastic uncirculated condition with no scratches or dings (maybe I've been lucky?). In terms of time taken I personally took about 30hrs when starting out to check out the various dealer si
  8. Hi All, From the activity I have seen on this site I'll assume that this is going to be an ouch topic for most but I still feel it needs to be highlighted. Buyers - How much effort do you put into finding the best price for your gold or silver? I'm guessing not too much from some of the prices I see you paying on here. Sellers - How much effort do you put into reviewing market levels before posting your prices? Again I'm thinking maybe not too much effort due to the excessive levels I see. Not all, but most prices I see here are above market rates and I invariably fin
  9. I'll have to see if this is still available on the 23rd. (I don't get paid until then😪)
  10. Shame I don't get paid until 25th of month...😔
  11. Hi, do you have pictures of the Royal Arms? Thanks
  12. I agree with your view towards proofs and so called collectables in that you pay well over the odds for them and then struggle to sell for spot. They are a scam from the mints to charge you more. Even the mintage is high on them somthey arent even that rare. You'll need a couple of hundred years to pass by before they become valuable from a profit point, but who will be around that long to enjoy any gain? I agree that to make best buck from proofs etc. you'd need to catch them on release for lowest price then flip them quick when you see demand from the FOMO crowd. I only stack BU g
  13. Silver Heart received today and looks fantastic! Thanks to BYB for the auction and great customer service.
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