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    Cheltenham, UK
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Sovereigns and halves. Pre 1920 UK silver, modern silver bullion coins. Also 'classic' collectable numismatics - silver shillings speciality, hammered and Roman
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    All main types of shilling minted, apart from testoon and Cromwell.
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    Mostly pre 1920 UK silver, sovereigns.

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  1. Just joined after discovering this forum a few days ago, wish I'd found it years ago! Over about 40 years I've been a coin collector, on and off, and in the process of buying coins at auction years ago have accumulated a moderate amount of scrap value pre 1920 and pre 47 silver. Also I have a few sovereigns, one of which I won a few years ago, which was a nice surprise. One reason for joining is to see if I can buy 'stacking' silver (think that's what it's called) at a better price and in a better way than via ebay or the Bullion by Post type companies, as well as adding to my small gold pot. I like pre 1920 UK circulated silver as it feels good in the hand to me(!) and have been adding to it gradually when I'm lucky on ebay, I also like the 1oz silver coins such as the Britannia etc. I want to add to my small gold collection, gold being more liquid and a more compact store of wealth for emergencies, should the banking system go into meltdown or inflation eventually take off from the insane money printing the central banks seem to be addicted to. I'd like to ask members about selling some items I no longer want and if anyone has tips. I have a few pieces of 'scrap' sterling silver in the way of spoons and cigarette cases, is there demand on here for these or am I better listing on ebay? Also collectable coins - I'm thinking of liquidating my small coin collection (Roman through to fairly modern UK) to invest in mainly gold & some silver. Reason is I realise my children have no interest at all in coins and thinking ahead a few decades I don't want to leave them a cabinet of various coins they know nothing about and have no idea what to do with. Much better to leave them some discrete bullion which they are much more likely to grasp in terms of value. Do people list collectable old coins on here or is it better on ebay? I meant to keep this short but failed. Many thanks for any tips!
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