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  1. Cheapest i could find them was from RM. Cheaper than a 1/4 QB. Not far off cost of a 1/2 oz QB for 2 1/4 oz coins.
  2. Thats all ive seen. Lovely little coins though.
  3. I picked up a couple of those bad boys. Delivered today. Very nice.
  4. Great idea. Count me in. I have a starter stack so likely to be £30 PPFF/BT or a 1oz Silver coin. Good luck all.
  5. Purchased a couple of these. Pleasure doing business with you! Feedback will be provided upon receipt!
  6. Hi James. Interested in a MintID Buffalo pls.
  7. Hi do you still have these available? Im also interested in the nevada and new hampshire??
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