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  1. I have a 2016 Full Gold Proof Sovereign Butler head - NGC PF69 if yuor interested. I was looking for £800
  2. Yes I guess mine does not meet your standard and I must have mis-read your request since you attached a pictures of a ms62 so i assumed mine would be OK since it is actually a + on the MS62 you listed so totally got confused. Sorry for sending mine since it obviously does not qualify as a beauty in your book. When I was looking for mine I came across a PCGS MS64 and they were asking about £9,000 and I was going to buy it but got offered another one for slightly less. I can check for yuo if still available. I did see the coin and it had exceptional eye appeal. IN NGC I think there are maybe less than 30 examples 63 and over so and since there are a lot of sov collectors that would love to have that coin in high grade, yuo may have a challenge finding one and if they come up in auction I will always be bidding on them. Good luck.
  3. I have just upgraded to a much higher grade so can let my other one go. The grade is not the best but respectable. Would be looking for around £4,500. If a lower graded one is what yuo are after then this may fit the bill.
  4. Sorry about asking for the coin in advance. Since you are overseas and new to the forum I think it is prudent for anyone to be careful. I have a long trading expereince here and have some references so 100% I would not cheat you but until yuo build up some trading credit it will be difficult to sell on this site unless yuo send the item first. I was put thru this until I became trusted. I am sure yuo are fine but why take the risk.
  5. Price reduction to £5,500 for quick sale. Please check PCGS verification site and the pcitures. This is a no claim and no return item so please check beore buying.
  6. Shame, since completing a trade with me successfully would have given you instant credibility. You may find it hard gaining people trust with selling unless yuo build up some selling credits. But up to yuo, is is not a special price so rather be safe and buy from someone I know and have dealt with before. When I first started on this forum a member made me send my 1989 set to him in advance of payment. which he kept for 3 weeks and had evaulated and then deemed it not good enougth for him so returned it as damaged. I then submitted for grading and the 2 pound and sov got 70 and the half got a 69 so I know the feeling of being dragged thru the coals. I would NEVER do that to yuo, just wanted to confirm my mate got it and 100% I would have paid yuo despite the condition. Needless to say I blocked that chap and hopefully will never hear and see him again.
  7. Can i take that please. I have a US address to send to. You do not have too much trade experience on this site so if possible would yuo please send to my friend first and once received I will sedn you an E-cheque against my wells fargo account. Sorry for the caution but new sellers need to build up some trading expereince.
  8. Am looking for a graded Lady Diana gold £5. Thanks.
  9. Fantastic. I bought 4 last year and 3 of them came back 69 so this year only bought two of them. Great results.
  10. I have met Adrian Gorky in Tokyo and can say that he is a extremely knowledgeable Numismatist and has an impeccable reputation. These small coins are actually very tiny in comparison to the value of coins he usually handles. 100% trustworthy.
  11. may i take yuor last set please
  12. The rooster is the key coin of the Lunar set, just like the Aston martin bond coin will be the key coin of the 3 coin gold Bond set and will probably jump up in price 3x's when things settle down. The other 2 will not get nearly the same price. Unfortunately with the Rwanda coins there are few collectors and very few in Rwanda has money to buy food let alone coins so limited market but the Rooster is diffuclt to get since everyone is holding out for a high price. They tend to be offered for $4,000 plus, but no buyers, since it is just too much for an African modern gold Bullion coin. That is the same cost as a Rhodesian 1966 3 coin gold set which is extremely rare since Mugabe's wife melted most down for bath fixtures. I am in no hurry one will pop up one day.
  13. Big 100 mm Steamboat Willie coin made of 1 Kilo silver 99.9% pure silver Limited edition collectible coin low mintage of 1.928 pieces worldwide. Issued by New Zealand Mint in 2015, $100 diameter 100MM, with box and COA. Design features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Country of Issue - Niue. Background & History Steamboat Willie Steamboat Willie has been at the helm of Disney animation from the early days, steering it forward through the seas of imagination. Released at the Colony Theatre in New York on November 18, 1928, Steamboat Willie was directed by Walt Disney and is considered the debut of Mickey Mouse. Through the decades since its release, Steamboat Willie has received widespread critical acclaim, not only for introducing one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters, but for its innovation. The film is notable for being the first cartoon with synchronized sound. It was also the first cartoon to feature a post-produced soundtrack using a fifteen piece band and the voice of Walt Disney himself as Mickey. £1,200
  14. The design of these coins is fantastic. I have a few of them in gold and would love to get the Rooster gold and am working on getting the Rat from a freind. If yuo have any Gold ones for sale please let me know. No idea why the dog got a 70 and the PIG got a 69. Maybe the grader did not like pigs.
  15. Jesus, these have really jumped up. I bought some from Sov Rarities and one from here on the SF on the 7th Jan '20 and paid less than £400 each and I bought some from a few others before that and only paid £266. I have sent 3 for grading so lets see how they do. They are notoriously bad for grading with most getting only a 69 or less this is due to no QC on the people that do QC at the RM so IMO the RM's QC is BS and would have been better to have bought from Coin Connection since they check all coins but they were sold out. I managed to get some gold ones and the chap I sold mine too has it listed on Yahoo for £70,000 which is many times what he bought it from me. I may send my other 4 siver coins in for grading if they are getting those kind of prices. Strange market place for sure.
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