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  1. thanks got it for changing listing. For the feedback I could not find that link.
  2. Seems things have all changed and I cannot change my listing from "fopr sale" to completed and i cannot leave feedback. Have yuo taken off these options? If so how do I remove my listing? and it is a shame i cannot leve feedback anymore. Deep shame that.
  3. 5 x 1/10th Britannia £10. Three are BU without boxes and 2 are proofs with boxes and coa (1992 x 2, 1988, 2005. 1988) some handling marks on the BU coins. As one lot for £900
  4. Great design, even better price. Can i take that please. Thank yuo.
  5. Yes you are probably the only one who thinks it is a child's art project and I think you should stick with DC comic type coins if you actually think these were designed by 3rd year students. .
  6. These are not released yet but if anyone has been allocated one and wants to turn a profit on it please let me know since I would like an extra one.
  7. Can I buy that please. Will message you re payment and shipping.
  8. 2019 silver Una and lion wanted for arund £750. Graded or ungraded.
  9. 2017 Rwanda luna rooster gold wanted. I have the other coins with the OX being sent for grading and now just need the Rooster if anyone has one for sale.
  10. 1937 sovereign NGC66* Cameo.
  11. Lovely coins, I try to get 50 of each of the series in silver and 1 in the gold. Still need the rooster
  12. 1837 William IV sovereign NGC VF25. Just back from grading. Was expecting slighly better so since I have an AU58 this one can go. £990. Postage included. Year KM # Marsh # Minted Proofs Minted Best Grade Value 1837 717 21 1,173,000 No MS64 Scarce
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